Visiting the Biggest Bonsai Nursery in the US

Bonsai Made Easy Biggest Bonsai Nursery in US

[WATCH VIDEO] Bonsai made easy – I have quite a few trees from Brussel’s…All are Pre-bonsai material. This year alone I bought 2, 8 year old Tridents, to sit beside a 5 year old I got from them last year, as well as 2 Shimpaku. Nice trees, just waiting for someone with the talent, vision and knowledge to move them to what they could be….Pretty cool seeing the place I buy most of my stock from. Thanks!

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You must be kidding about getting a Satsuki….yes! Hopefully there’s one or more in the van…nice gift for Luna…. Great video. Glad you got out and away for a break in your routine and loved seeing more trees! As a matter of fact there is a rare Satsuki named Luna….just sayin…my grand daughter”s names are Magnolia and the one arriving in august will be named Rosemary…and yes I do have several bonsais of those same names…again..just sayin..have fun!

I was just at Brussels a few weeks ago. There were a fair amount of jumpers landed on my cart. Their bonsai dogs are not as cute as your puppy. Congratulations on your new baby.

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