Turning a Picea into a Bonsai

In this video I take the raw material of a picea and shape it into a bonsai.

Special project that i’m doing for the staff of the museum of modern art in finland and 50 of them are going to do this on a zoom video conference with me i’m going to show them how to do this as a little christmas treat for the office staff so this is the tree that they will be getting and it will come complete as a kit so i will show them how it will be done so first thing i did was to take it out of the pot then tease the soil from the top to reveal the trunk i reckon if they can do it in about half an hour that is good but i will probably do it much quicker than that so that is the trunk there and now we’ll put a piece of wire all the way up the trunk so that i can bend it so the piece of wire is going to be like so insert the wire into the soil and we are going to coil it tight making sure we don’t trap any of the little branches and if i judge right see that’s just the right amount of wire okay once the wire is put on we are going to make it an s shape so the s shape is like stirring a pot that sort of action with the hand so that’s it we’ve got it now curled like so and now we’re going to thin the branches a bit so that we wire the ones that we want some of these other branches which are too close we may not need find two main branches i will be seeing what people’s trees are like so i can guide them so this is what i want to wire these two so i’m going to now use that was three mil wire then these branches we can probably use this is two mil two mil sometimes too thick but i think this should do take it around the back of the trunk and then you will draw these branches by way of tools all they need is a pair of secateurs if they have scissors okay but i think just a pair of secateurs to cut the branches is all you need okay so that is why now we should wash some more find another pair to wire we’re going to use a two branch principle always make sure we don’t trap these little side shoots i’ve been given by the bbc who are coming to film on the 3rd of november a challenge to do this in three minutes but i’m going to take a little longer to do this one but i think three minutes is possible i can certainly do it in three minutes okay i keep finding pairs of wires when i do that challenge i’ll all always have just the right number of wires around so that i don’t have to hunt around cheap wiring keep wiring see that’s the branches get thinner i’m using tenor wires and you’ll [Music] so let’s cut lots of them the whole point of doing this exercise is to show you how easy it is to make bonsai my style of teaching is to show that bonsai is accessible to any and everyone even a child could do this this idea for christmas time i think i can do it with sweetness just a few more the more you are the better the tree looks you can see the water doesn’t really little branches here we’re always wiring in pairs and then that’s done and then we just put it in a pot fill it with soil here press door that is your bonfire easy yeah i think three minutes is possible they definitely want me to do one on the television there we go [Music] you

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