Tips on Caring For a Brazilian Rain Tree Bonsai

A Fast Growing Brazilian Rain Tree

[WATCH VIDEO} Right, i think we are live now all right. Hello, everyone I hope you can see us here we’re going to share tips on caring for a Brazilian rain tree Bonsai.

We’re here. We promise this is the tree. We’re gonna be working on it today, so right now, this is previous. Let me go here if I can read your comments, um well welcome. Thank you for joining us today and we would love love, love always to hear where you guys are from so just write in the comments where you’re watching us from and would love to say, hi to you and we’re.

Going to get started soon with this fast-growing Brazilian rain tree so give us a little um details about this species. Okay, so Brazilian rain tree, obviously native to brazil. Originally it’s a very cool bonsai species.

It’s fast-growing, it is forgiving um the leaves close at night and then they reopen in the morning. So they are, they respond to light um, they do flower, so they have little white flowers that come out like a little puff and then another thing that’s, really cool that really only rain trees have is like they start to float like the Trunk starts to kind of channel and starts to create these grooves in the trunk line itself, so that’s very cool, very unusual, and that’s about all.

I can say about rain trees. The only downside on rain trees that i can think of is the thorns because they do have a lot of thorns. You can see them over here. They look violent um, but we’re gonna cut them in half yeah.

They’re violent; they’re, pretty violent. I mean uh. We’re gonna try to remove as many as possible today all right and I’m just gonna save some pillows right now. We have Ryan from San Diego, hey Jason Watkins from Georgia, hey your neighbor, where, where in Georgia, are you Carlos? How old is that Brazilian raintree that’s? A good question Carlos uh, I would say, say it is about 10 10 to 15 years old somewhere right in there about a five-year gap.

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I’m gonna guess, but let’s, not keep turning it, at least not on. My side now because the thorns are, are the injuries, yeah, but I’m trying to find the front of the tree actually study the tree all right.

Oh well, that’s, okay, so the first thing, actually that i asked jerome to do was to trim this tree back. So when we go ahead and defoliate and when we uh cut the thorns uh, we don’t have that much to do.

You know because it’s a lot of times time-consuming so go ahead and start cutting okay, and i’m gonna keep reading uh the comments all right. So i’m. Basically, just going ahead and i’m, doing like a perimeter cut, i’m gonna cut all the branches, maybe like five to six inches shorter than they are supposed to be because we know we’re, not going To start this tree all the way out to here, so we just brought it back in um, which makes it easier to wire.

We’re, not going to waste a lot of wire like this, and it’s, going to be a lot easier to shape the tree. Yeah. Let’s, hope that so we have this initial treatment. I’m, going to go ahead and the first thing i said: keep it there, give it that side.

Okay, my apologies! Oh my gosh, all right, so you guys saw it. You’re on truck, try to kill me on a live stream. Yes, so see that’s, how they say watch out for your significant others. I don’t know you watch too many you watch too many shows man.

I see this crying the commentaries that’s, that’s, how it happened anyway, so horrible. I have percy from cape town, south Africa, hi Percy. Well that’s, amazing um and i have um any from Trinidad Tobago.

That’s, amazing and um. Let’s say i have from Michigan i have nick from Michigan, hello, hello. I have ando also for trinidad. All right in the house. Sister says jerome, you are so cute, oh hello! There i’m sorry to do the point, but i’m thinking.

Uh then mike says hello from the gulf of mexico um and then our friend from from uh georgia. He’s in winter. All right. I think it’s like north north east uh. We’re all the way west. So because we’re far uh, then i have parlor from miami.

Yes, and i have another person from trinidad and tobago. That is amazing. Errol, how cool is that i have carlos from guatemala and a car from new orleans and christian from the philippines, carlos from panama.

This is amazing. Today we are very international. You know what i have feeling that these people, don’t celebrate father’s day on the same day, but that’s, probably right or if you’re celebrating you know if you are a father, happy Father’s day.

If you’re celebrating with your father, happy father’s day as well um. So let’s. Do some bonsai yeah! Do you celebrate in minnesota on father’s day? On the same day, i think so i mean switzerland is a different day yeah.

I think yeah, okay, yeah! Well all right. So i’m, going to give you a pair of scissors and i want to start to defoliate. So i’m, going to start to pretty much pluck off. All of the leaves in here and i’m, going to try to go ahead and also remove as many of the thorns as possible.

So we’re just going to cut them in half because, like i said they are vicious, and so we’re, just gonna cut them in half. Obviously there’s, always a few that you’re gonna miss, but you know all in all: we’re, trying to get all of them and so defoliating.

Basically what i do here. I just grab the leaflets and i just pull off on them. You generally want to try to leave some of the patios behind. Like i don’t know, if you can, you see this on the screen or not over here, [, Music ].

So basically it’s. The little stem that’s, holding all the leaflets in place. You want to try to leave that as much as you can, but when you grab the the foliage and you kind of just pull off like that, you see how i just did.

I just pulled back you kind of leave. All of these stems naturally, naturally behind the only thing you want to look out for is that you’re gonna get don’t get caught in any of the thorns, which already happened to me really yeah.

This is so annoying. I mean that’s, the only downside of rain trees, but did you know that they do have rain trees without thorns they do where they do. I know that in florida it’s very up and coming now rain trees without thorns.

They just i guess they just crossbreed them somehow, but that’s, pretty cool, but they do do not grow as fast as regular rain trees. I was told so i won those uh huh. Let me see from here. Oh yes, it’s, northeast [, Music ].

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Where are you from i’m from venezuela, venezuela in the house venezuelan in the house and she has below so yeah um. I hope whoever is watching you guys watching today. Either you have a resilient tree or want to get one of these trees uh and you’re gonna get the two side of this because jerome love, love, love the species and i do not yeah.

I really do they um they develop so fast. It’s, not even funny, so it’s. A great species to turn into a bonsai you don’t have to wait for years to create something cool. You know you can do it very quickly, so yeah in my case um.

Yes, it grows fast. That’s, a problem for me because it’s, so high maintenance and the thorns like this is just crazy and you know something that happens. I don’t know if you guys are the same but jerome when he trims the tree or when he wires or anything he does at the tree.

He just leaves this stuff from the floor, so i have had the surprise of actually stepping in some of these forms and they hurt very much why don’t you watch where you walk. I mean it’s, your fault. Of course.

It is so there we go plus i mean this process, the bigger against the tree like it’s pretty tedious, but you know for the love of it for the love of bones. I see what i have here so aaron says hi from melbourne.

Australia, oh cool. I love brazilian brain tree. I’m jet to find one here. Oh they don’t have them over there. Okay, that’s interesting. It was hard to find. Maybe it’s hard to find. Well, they used to be the same.

They used to be not. They used to not be available in the united states, either until um, some guy, i forgot. His name was jim moody, who brought it in uh by seat and started growing them, and that’s.

Why we have him now in the united states. I think it was jim moody from uh jupiter, yeah, okay, and that’s. Why? We now have brazilian ranchers. We didn’t have them before, so you could be that guy. That brings them into australia the breeder to break out jesus uh.

Then we have saludos that’s. The two commands argentina carlos. What part of florida are you guys in uh? So we’re, not in florida. We are not georgia anymore. Yes, we we moved uh and we are um west of europe.

Yeah you’re, just big anyhow, let’s. See we are in the state where justin bieber gets his peaches, [ Music ] on the wish list. All right, the brazil rain tree jason said is one of my favorite and i had to miss out in class.

Today, oh hi, oh yeah class was awesome today by the yeah. Everybody was so active and had so many questions yeah it was. It was a nice class. Well, the good news is that that happens once a month on the third sunday of the month.

So pretty much when we have our live demos um. So if you couldn’t join us on this sunday. We will hope to see you the next month or the following, and so on now something to keep in mind guys, which we may have not mentioned if you’re, not familiar with ray trees.

So since we’re cutting pretty much all the thorns in half they don’t regrow in the same areas anymore, so they just show up on a new growth and on a new growth. The thorns are flexible. Like you see up here, these storms are flexible and the new growth, so i can just remove the leaves like that.

The new little green, knee thorns don’t, actually sting you. So it’s very easy to keep this tree thornless. If you keep up on the maintenance and keep removing the new thorns, then you’re good to go. It’s, just the first time when you start on a tree this size and you start to style it that they can give it jason says: jerome is about to get um what happened here.

His kicked by home by me honestly, why? What happened? I don’t know what did i say. I read this a little later, so it might be. When you were about to murder me, oh yeah, yeah, a bonsai killer jerome will be called the bonsai killer.

If you ever get something like that, which you’re, not because i would be the victim wow, okay, that was worse than my justin bieber. Coming though that was horrible, does anybody else watches the crime documentaries or is only me that only means, like? Oh, i just want to watch crazy people out there.

Yeah man, we’re, making progress with this tree and then i can’t sleep, the whole night yeah. That sounds good right right and then half ariel says i have nine brain trees, four of them flute very fast uh and the other five are the ones that takes a lot longer to fill yeah.

So there is, as far as i know, about this, they are in the mimosa family, from what i know is that there’s like three types, three main types that we use in bonsai, one that does flute, which is what this one is.

So it creates like these really cool, grooves and channels in the trunk, and then there’s, a rounded one which will never create these channels. And then there is a thornless one and the thornless. One also does not create these really cool channels.

And i wish i could show it to you better, but here in the top part of the tree like on the trunk, it is already starting to float. So for those who don’t know what is, what does it mean? Floating floating is like when the when the trunk starts to kind of shift, and it’s, creating these channels in the in the trunk that where you can actually slide your fingers along um, i guess it kind of deforms the trunk that’s, i guess the best way to describe it.

It deforms the trunk loop and creates these craters and channels which is very attractive. Is it that one it feels or no it’s not the same? No, they do peel the bark too, but not like look for instance in here.

You can see it like. It creates these grooves in the trunk. It’s very cool and the older they get the more that they the more they will create. These grooves, so that’s, something that that’s very appealing, i think [ Music ] and then i have jason.

Oh alejandro says it was an amazing class. There was, and then jason says when you cut the thorns in half and he dies back. Did you just cut more off until you have nothing left yeah that’s, correct yeah, so we just cut them in half and then let them die back and then the next time we come in uh the next time we defoliate the tree.

We cut those knobs back to nothing yeah it’s, always good practice on all of your trees to always leave a little dive back space behind what happened. Sorry, you have to leave a little space behind and you can tell that the branch has died back when it kind of turns that beige-ish orangish color um, that’s when he has died back that’s kind of what i’m doing here, i’m, just kind of cleaning up the tree a little bit, because i have a lot of this before you do anything.

Well, definitely gonna discuss the front, and you saw um a funny comment. I don’t know, it says congrats for the baby, not quite sure which baby are we talking about. Do i look pregnant is that is that what you’re, saying gabrielle, i don’t know i don’t know what to say over here and specify what baby you’re talking about you’re talking about the tree or the dogs, which we have four and they’re, not new.

You’re in hot. You’re in hot water right now. One’s. My friend um. Let’s. See oh, is that baby baby treat, i think, nice safe nice safe. What is it three like number three? So now i’m confused um. I’m from brazil.

Gabrielle’s from brazil and he says we can collect uh. I don’t know how to say this be to colombian, i guess, a specific type of slogan: yeah yeah seeds, all over yeah yeah, you guys in brazil the rain trees grow like wheats over there.

Most people actually hate them in brazil because they grow everywhere, long beaches and and in like city, trees and stuff like that and when they grow in the ground. The thorns get really really big, so people actually hate them because they get um stunned by that or pricked i guess yeah, but for us bonsai people.

This is a dream come true, because we can just go and collect all right. We need to start to talk about the frontier people, all right. Let’s. Do a 360., so you guys can see everything in the tree and we love to see in the comments.

Why would you like? What would you go for if this was your trip? You know, what do you see? What would you, which style, would you go for with this tree and we’ll see if we can please you or we go totally different route, which point you’re on most likely that’s? Gon na happen.

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That’s. What’s gonna happen, wow! Okay! So here we go. I guess, do you have a friend already me? Yes, do you want to say it already? Oh right now i’m, just asking them about a style, so this is kind of the front to me right now, um, which you know what let’s, pretty chapstick, because what? If i change my mind a little later, all right.

So this is the front room once just to go for what do you guys think? The reason why i chose this as a front is because i like the uh, i like the the branch movement there’s, a lot of movement in the branches up here, all the way up to the top, and here so that’S why i chose that as a front.

This side does not offer that same view of the branches, but this side definitely does yeah. I like this a lot. Okay, okay, what do you guys think? Do you guys this size like the size? Two or let me see let’s, see what you think come on.

Well, i go since he like this side right till then to the right. I’m gonna go with it back, which is tilting to the left yeah. So for your chapstick shots right or left, wood, stick or metal. Stick work.

Stick metal! Stick! So let’s, see let’s. Get let’s. Give them a little time to um. Take a sip of wine. I’m gonna pour it for you before it gets uh too warm, and then we’re, not too hot. I see already um right, left left, so right now left is winning.

Let me remind what is left. What is right? Oh left, i think i’m winning so far. Okay, this is left this yeah. This is our left. No, because this is their front. It’s, my left! No, but it’s. Gon na get complicated, okay, so wood or metal, wood or yellow, because right and left uh.

I think because look we look at the tree right. It’s, leaning to the left right. You turn it around for them. It’s. The right again now it’s still to the left for them. For us, i’m. So confused stick all right! Let’s, see what what oh yeah! Okay, everybody steamed your room.

What like lucky! Oh yeah! I all right: let’s, get started all right, so i’m, just gonna start to uh wire, the branches and, as i wire the branches out, i’m, also gonna place them at the same time, most Likely at least roughly and then do a final uh final, like perimeter, cut at the very end and also if you are seeing a style right now with this tree.

Let us know in the comments, if you see something here that we should go for, should go. Let me see let’s, see here um. I have oh hello from boston yeah. There are people. Turning in i have uh scott from north carolina awesome um, then i see [ Music ] carl says, will windswept look good on a brazilian ranger yeah.

Absolutely yeah i like that yeah, actually, that’s. What we were thinking when we got this tree at the beginning, that’s, absolutely what we were thinking when we got the tree, but now that i’ve watered it for a little bit for a couple weeks.

My mind has changed a little bit. Yeah and alejandro is saying it’s. Landing. Is this alejandro from the class today yeah? No wonder he thinks like me, so it’s landing now. You guys know what jerome is thinking about um but carl.

I’m totally on what you’re, saying, like i actually love, winslow and and this one does have potential wins. Wrapped are cool, but they’re kind of uh hard to keep the maintenance up just like a weeping style, because trees naturally grow towards the light towards the sky.

So it’s. It’s, a little difficult to keep up with the maintenance, but i do like these styles very much myself as well, so i agree with both of you guys, yes um, and so what i do here, even though i’m, not 100 sure which style or which way i’m, going to go that’s.

Why? I just start with the branch down here that i like it has. It is on the outside of the curve, and i like that, so i know i’m, going to keep that and incorporate it into the design. No matter what design i’m, going to turn this tree into.

So i’m just going to go ahead and wire this tree, this branch and then i’m, going to apply the same to the rest of the tree. If i like it, it stays if it doesn’t. It ‘ S got to go yes, so something we actually haven’t mentioned yet.

Is that the finished tree is going to go on our auction website, so these three um you can actually get it uh. We’re gonna, have it on our website, sale going on, so our prices on our website are already discounted and you’re, going to get an extra 10 for from those um prices.

You also get free shipping uh for orders, 35, plus and um that ends today. So, if you guys are needing soil um, it’s. Repotting season so take advantage of this sale going on on our website right now, the bonsai supply dot com and that’s.

I guess one of the things uh. We should also talk about um for whoever gets this treat like what is you know? The aftercare yes, so whoever gets this tree as soon as you receive it. I’d, recommend that you go ahead and repot this tree actually um.

Now, what kind of pot i don’t know yet because we’re still styling. But hopefully you guys will help me choose at the end to side of the pot together, but you can definitely go ahead and repot it and take advantage that we already defoliated the tree for you yeah.

So when you receive it, you can go ahead and repot. It right away in that nice butterfly pot you have and um yeah this tree is ready to go into a bonsai container by the way yeah and i’m gonna go over a few questions in the meantime fire away.

Let’s, see. Why do brazilian rangers leaves fold up in direct sun thought they liked it? Why do they fall up in direct, sunlight or indirect? Is this different? What does it say directly or indirect? Okay um? They shouldn’t fold up if they are in in filtered light now indirect light.

I’m, assuming you are referring to like indoors, maybe um. They are very light sensitive and they react to light. So if they are outdoors in a filtered light, they won’t close the leaves, but if they’re indoors – and they are too far away from the window or another light source like a growing light, then they will definitely close the Leech because they think it is night okay and i have um [ Music ], and then i have mike asking why don’t you pick a friend without exploring the root flair.

So you can, i guess, go again over the process of how do you take a front of a tree yeah that’s, a very good question, and generally i would go about looking at the root spread first, but this rain tree.

It is kind of on the younger side, and i know that once it’s repotted in a shallower pot, it will start to push out roots everywhere, surface roots and you’ll, get a more of an even spread. So at this point i’m, not too concerned about the root spread um, especially since they grow so fast, so that will definitely change over time, but i do know if this was any other species like a deciduous tree, for instance uh.

Then i would definitely look at the root spread first yeah, so that’s. Something definitely that you uh consider uh. But what else do you consider what we can also from yeah? So the first thing i look for is for trunk movement, and so this as a front and it actually, i wish i could show it to you guys, but there is a really nice route coming towards you right here at the front there’s.

A very nice route coming and then you have roots going to the side, so this is actually really good. As a front. I like to lean from this angle here, and i like that first branch, and so i also followed the trunk movement that’s kind of the first thing that i do um.

When i follow the trunk movement from this front. It makes sense all the way from the bottom all the way to the top, and all the other sides did not give me that same uh, that same nice trunk line. When i look down so something that i do sometimes with rain trees, if they do have a lot of thorns, i i use my my pliers to kind of help me sometimes bend the branches into place, which can be quite useful.

Actually, i mean probably with this tree will want to wear gloves it’s like those gardening hearts yeah, you could definitely wear glasses, but i like to connect with the tree, i like to feel the truth and get caught.

Yes, so i have, if you notch the brazilian rain tree, will the notch fuse back, not how i’m, not quite sure, if you notch, like you mean if there’s, a scar or because i know what a notch is, but I don’t understand what the uh try to formulate a little different error.

Sorry, i can go over that one um and then we have a good comment from one of our subscribers. It says to the person talking about their casino right. Three leaves folding on the phone on the sunday and he says maybe the leaf photo, because the sun has gotten too harsh um that’s.

What i was gonna say that’s, why? I asked about the indirect or direct you’re, absolutely right about that, but i think he said indirect right. The question is in direct. Yes, oh in direct, like direct sunlight, that’s.

What i said, oh i’m. Sorry, i have misunderstood. I thought you said in indirect, like indirect light, but it’s indirect, so it’s in full sun. Oh now i see yes, i’m. So sorry, okay, misunderstanding! So yes! So the reason why the leaves can fold up is because it’s too hot too much direct sunlight.

They actually like to have a morning sun and afternoon, shade or afternoon filter light um that’s, what they like the best. So if you can give it to them uh they will respond better too yeah. I’m. Sorry about that.

So and john says: mine are in full sun all day and don’t fold up. Is it getting enough water? So yours, isn’t sound and it does not have yellow leaves here. So what happens? Is that rain trees? It also depends on your climate right and i’m, going to give you a little example here.

So i have two range trees, my big one that you guys have all seen. I had another one, just this big, that looked just fairly similar to the one that i have and that one likes to be in full sun. But my reign tree likes to be an afternoon shape uh and they’re, the same species, but they do have different preferences as to full sun or not full sun, but also depends on your climate that was in south florida.

So if you’re, not in a tropical climate, you might not experience that leaf. Closure thing yeah and i guess you were saying at the end. The trees are kind of like people, so you have to like listen to them and we obviously there are general ways that things happen uh, but at the end your backyard is your environment and your tree is gonna.

Tell you if he likes it or not. No matter what like, as as we were saying, we can always generalize as species but, as you said before, um you told me that you have, you know the same truth: the same species and children.

They have different requirements in the same spot. They’re different preferences, and that can happen because they come from two different places. They can be grown. Different one may have been grown in the shade was used to the shade the other one was grown in four suns.

I was used to that. So it really depends on a lot of things and you’re. Absolutely right with what you’re, saying you can generalize, but yeah i mean they have personalities too yeah, like dogs, like us, everybody um, then i have when i repot brazilian rain trees.

I can defoliate prune and wire the tree all at once. Yes, so tropical trees, you can do that. You can do everything at the same time, if you have a temperature, you do not want to do everything at the same time.

You want to do it in stages, but here absolutely and coming back to the brazilian braintree situation, with the leaves somebody else is saying: um they leave fold clothes when the trees lack water. That, too, should happen too.

So when the, when the leaves close due to lack of water, that usually follows by yellow leaves so that’s kind of the next step and they don’t reopen anymore in the morning and that’s. When you would want to go ahead and make sure that you water them more frequently yeah yeah exactly and that’s, great, that you are noticing the things and the leaves absolutely that’s.

The way yeah! That’s. The way the trees talk to you pretty much the leaves um. I remember when you were doing uh the rosina rain, ranger class, the boot camp um. The crash course by the way, if you haven’t, take that crash board is, is amazing and it’s on brazilian rain trees.

It’s on it’s on our website too. It’s called online boot camp and it’s only five dollars and you get to have all the tips and tricks from jerome and bertina rain trees, and he goes over understanding.

The language of the leaves that’s. How we call them and yeah yeah that’s, a that’s, a big one in bonsai, learn how to read your tree and everything else will be so much easier and you can’t really generalize.

I mean you can, but then it depends on so many things. It depends on the the depth of your pot. It depends on climate, it depends on the soil, it depends on the house of health of the tree, so it’s a little difficult to generalize.

But okay, then we have high from rome, italy all right that’s. Amazing. Is there any deciduous that can go full sun during during summer and no greenhouse during winter um, full sun? Yes, um there’s, a lot actually um heck berry can go in full sun um, but you need to have the two things like full thunder in the summer and no greenhouse during the winter.

But i was gonna get to that. The the greenhouse thing, if you, if you have a mild winter, you don’t need a greenhouse like we don’t have a greenhouse. We’re in georgia, so we just put our trees on the ground, cover them with a straw and that kind of takes care of that now in terms of full sun.

It also depends on your climate. I know in italy, but there’s. A lot of different climates in italy, so in general oak trees like live folks are good to go in full sun uh chinese hours are good to go in full sun, [, Music, ] hack, berries, definitely um.

Those are kind of the ones that are just coming on top of my head right now, all right and then team is saying what about an up and out movement for that first lower branch, this one yeah you could you could absolutely do that.

You could absolutely do that um. I just placed the branch uh, just kind of like rough, just kind of give me an idea. I haven’t, really decided yet um still not on where i want to go with this tree. I just know that if i remove what i don’t like – and i keep what i do like the tree is kind of going to style itself but yeah.

You can absolutely start with an upward movement, a downward movement completely up to you yeah. So jerome’s way to approach. This is usually just to wiring the tree and then going with the movement on the branches.

The whole thing, but yeah that’s, a great suggestion. Um then jason says martin needs the bottle to live with. Jerome tonight cheers to them all right: jason, you’re cool like definitely to do a meetup or something in georgia, cool people, poopy, um, okay, so arrow said again the question: let’s, see now, if the trunk or the branch is Too thick it’s too thick to bend and you cut the trunk or the bridge a few times then put it into position.

Will the cuts fuse together to hold the band in position um? I know exactly what you’re talking about uh. I would not try this with a rain tree. No, because rain trees are so prone to die back. If you did that on a rain tree, i think you’re, going to kill it immediately.

Have i tried it? No am i going to try it? No, you want to use that technique on species such as like photocarpus pines, uh ficuses, like trees that have a lot of sad movement uh a lot of it. You do not want to try this in the range, but i like what you’re saying.

So he’s. Basically saying you take a saw and you make little nudges and then you kind of pull the tree over and over and kind of over overlap them, and you change the angle of the trunk yeah i don’t suggest it with this species yeah.

I’ve, seen those cool videos. I guess we have to try one of these days, but now what did you know whatever? No, which piece species? Would you try this with um? You can definitely try this with pines um put a carpet.

You can try this with um [ Music ]. I need to think a little bit. I think conifers would probably be better at it um. I would try. It probably would like to try to make, but i could see that happening.

The only problem is, if you don’t line up the knot just perfectly when you do make the bend and they start to overlap, then it’s, going to look really ugly. Once you take off the tape because the the plates are gonna shift so to speak and yeah it’s, not gonna look very nice, so that’s, a difficult technique to master, but you have to try it and practice In order to master right it’s.

True uh, then i have beth the new culture, [ Music, ], so beth said hi, mary and jerome. Did they defoliate your tropical trees? Every time you repot, for example, competition? Yes, um, so we actually defoliate everything when we repot as long as it’s, not a corner for such as a juniper or pine um, or like an azalea that’s like an evergreen uh.

You don’t have to re you don’t have to defoliate those, but everything else, tropical and deciduous yeah. Every time you repot the foliage. It just takes the stress away from the leaves from the roots i’m.

Sorry from the roots, yes, then i have mike says: did you start your large brain tree for from pre-bonsai material, or did you get it with training and if you started from raw materials, how long did it take to get a showable stint? I started it from a tree about this exact size that you guys are looking at.

It took me about five years of just thickening the trunk and what i did. I actually took it out of this container and i piled it into a huge tub that had drainage holes and i left it in there for five years to thicken the trunk, rain, trees and most trees in the first year after repotting.

They don’t thicken up that much, but then in the second or third year they start to take. They start to thicken up very quickly and so that’s kind of what i did repotted into a large pot left it in there and then just trained it and added to size in terms of showable, size or age.

It took me probably about 10 years what i would consider show ready, but i still haven’t shown this tree anywhere um and that’s. Just for a number of reasons. It’s hard to transport. It doesn’t, fit into anything no van because it’s so wide and she won’t help me carry it, so i already did when we moved yeah.

That was the one one time and but you said, if i took it to a show, you wouldn’t have to carry it or not exactly, but there you go yes, um, and that of course, was in florida’s where trees Grow a lot faster too.

What i achieved there in five years would take you like in new york, like 20 years, yeah um, so they’re asking this. Is i don’t know how to say this um cynthia sosa from brazil assassin? No, this is, it is presilobium, but this is a piezologium, a distinction or this.

However, you say that i’m, going to say this tissue, this tissue – maybe i don’t, know how to say it, but since it’s, latin and my language is close to latin. I’m, going to go over to stick him yeah uh, and then i have another great person from trinidad and tobago all right.

This is awesome. This is and sorry tree’s. Appearance is improving. Yeah isn’t. It little by little, if you keep removing what you don’t like your tree, can only end up looking good quarter. Wall supported by jerome, um alejandra asks so you have mentioned.

Filter life is great for brazilian rangers. So how do you recommend to do that? So the filtered light is when you have a tree outdoors, um, let’s say you have just a tree with a bigger canopy, and this tree sits underneath that canopy and you get like these little dots of light.

These little beams that come through the canopy that’s. What’s called filtered light and so rain trees, love filtered light. They do like full morning, sun and then filtered afternoon, sunlight. If you can find that for your tree, that’s, the best case scenario, every rain tree i’ve ever grown.

They love that it can be a little difficult to find because you would have to face east so that the light can hit the tree in the morning and then get shaved out in the afternoon. So it’s kind of difficult.

You could achieve that, maybe with like a cloth if you put a cloth over the tree in the afternoon that could be achieved with that too, like a shade cloth, yeah all right and just some warning already passed in 45 minutes.

Are we really yeah, but uh yeah, all right that’s? Her way of telling me to hurry up time flies when you’re having fun that’s right? Well! Those are these great questions. They are very questions. Um and before i last branched people less branches, okay, so as a reminder, this tree is gonna go for an option of auction and i’m.

Sorry, second, second time that you try to murder me jerome, i don’t know what are you talking about, so this is getting out of control. At least i have proof you are in the raintree’s way so um. I was saying that this tree is going to go in our website for our online option.

It’s going to last 48 hours. So if you like this tree uh the finished tree, you can bid for it and get it, and also today is the last day that you can get an extra 10 percent off of our bonsai soil mix and aggregates in our website.

The bonsai supply dot com. So the discount goes automatically at check out you. Don’t need to put any code or anything like that, but it ends today. So if you are needing soil, it’s, repotting season um.

You should not miss this yep and, let me go now mike says you said you didn’t, have a greenhouse where you live. So what do you do with your tropical trees in the winter um good question? I take them inside and we actually keep them in the living room um by because we have windows all around the living room.

So that’s where we keep them and they seem to be just fine because we only have to keep them indoors. For about three months three to four months and then we can slowly move them back outside, but we also have a section in our garage that we kind of designated for some tropical trees and that has worked actually quite well right, yeah uh and then somebody else Is looking for the site to buy some soil on your website? Where do i go so i just typed their website.

It’s, the bonsai supply dot com and there you can get this soil, and then i have luis friend from orlando florida, hello, liz and aloha somebody else and somebody from brazil too. So still people tuning in.

Thank you for watching being with us for in the last last details of this brazilian rain tree. So we’ll, see what jerome ends up with no pressure and as a reminder. Whoever wins this tree. You can go ahead and repot it in a nice bonsai pot uh.

In fact, we can discuss what options will we go with? Yes, obviously, we’re gonna stay slanting in terms of style. I’m. Just i’m just place starting to place the branches, but we’re, definitely going to go into a slight slicing slanting the sign today.

Yes, and i guess we’ll go with that oval, most likely, or at least what would you put this on? You know i don’t know yet still not not designing. Um oval is always good, but you could also um pot.

It into like a semi cascade and have it lean a little more, i kind of like that too, but the oval is always a good, safe bet. Yeah yeah, i yeah like oval shallow yeah, that’s. What i was gonna say shallow for sure you wan na shout with this tree right, yeah, absolutely and uh.

Beth is actually saying what size spot. Are you thinking question? I think this spot is like 10 inches right. So i would say i would say, maybe like a 12 inch pot. I think that’s pretty safe. But what would you say and what about glazed cotton guys? What do you think i’m thinking english, but if you guys like glaze, what do you, what what colors do you think um with rain trees, so they have white flowers? So i think that, like a white or beige part would be quite nice.

Um yeah yeah – i’m thinking still, but i think that’s, that’s. Yes right about. I think english would be better. Okay, okay, let’s! Uh! Let’s! Uh! Let’s. Take a vote. What are you doing right now? I’m, doing a little um guy wire over here and bring this branch down with a wire that i’ve attached to the branch and to the pot, because this branch up here is a little thick and i don’t want to risk to bend it and then have it break off, especially since we’re live.

So i’m, going to use a guide wire to help me bring this branch down a little bit. Her things are down going down there: okay, so that’s, a guy guy wire guy wire yeah – and you know the funny thing is that i always thought this was a spell guide like [, Music ], but g-u-i-d-e.

Actually, you y, like a guy like a guy like the guy, so this is a guy yeah. Look it up on. Google is actually quite um funny. Well, especially since when uh english is not our first language, that’s, just what we understood but the same for me, but it also makes sense because it’s, guiding right in the trees but yeah.

I think whoever is let’s, reach out to wikipedia yeah um. Then i have someone from washington dc awesome. Welcome and carl asks. Can you propagate lamps um? You can um. Yes, you can so i have never been successful at rooting range tree cuttings myself.

I have tried it and apparently you can just stick them in some soil and they will grow that’s. What everybody tells me, but i have never been able to do it successfully myself. I don’t know why that is and for the person asking do.

I need a code for father’s day discount. You do not um the discount. Will be applied automatically at checkout, so you don’t need any code and for those that are just arriving, we are having to sell an extra 10 off on our website, the monstersupply.

com for our bonsai, soil and aggregates, and it ends today. So you can go ahead and grab if you need some soil for the repotting season, which is here and let’s, see what are your thoughts on pure nf brazilian rain tree? I like them.

I, like them very cool um. It’s kind of like a flat top style, so to speak. It’s like where you have no lower branches, but uh a large like umbrella canopy, like some people, would consider my rain tree as a pyrenees.

Uh it’s, not a style. No, it’s, a type of style. The it’s, the type of bonsa well, it exists to. I think the pyridine style is what you see in like africa. A lot yeah, it kind of looks like an informal, upright broom style kind of yeah.

Something like that. I like it, you can absolutely do that right, um then alejandro said white pot and handle set on glaze, so we got one of each steam all right. All right, yeah white is that is a good choice.

It goes well with everything it’s. Crazy, like it looks good. I like that uh then alejandro says: lindo, trabajo saludo says argentina, where’s, library for job hello and let’s, see. Where are you guys? We are in georgia and beth says: how long should the wire stay in place? Should the guy wire play as long as the branch wires um, the guide wire is going to the guy wire is going to stay longer than the branch uh than the wire on the actual branch.

So once you repot this, i would reapply this guide wire guy wire, and i would once you remove the wire see if the branch stays in place. If it doesn’t, you’re gonna have to reapply the guy wire guide wires, usually in general they have to stay on a lot longer than the rest of the wires.

So let’s. See. Do you also get 10 off of the 20 quarts back? Yes, you do, and that is a deal eventually if you are needing more soil than just a bag or two a small bag or two. You want to go for the 20 quarts back um.

That’s, definitely the best deal and you’ll, get the extra 10 percent off and you also get free shipping with those bags. So it’s. So you can only win here. Is that one of the best choice? Um, let’s, see okay, couple on youtube! Thank you! So much you made our night, so i think amazing.

I think i am finished here – people, yes all right, so this is kind of my end design that i came up with um where to start where to start so this is kind of my apex over here uh. This is my leader, my crown of my tree as i envisioned i do like how it’s, leaning a little bit.

It’s a little bit of an informal, upright slanting style. I would call this style, so it’s slanting a little bit, but we still have this branch over here. That gives us counter balance um. So this looks like the tree is completely falling over.

So we have this nice count the balance here um. This is gonna, be the apex the crown of the tree here, and i would envision a tree to be something like this when it ‘ S finished like this big, and so now that i’m finished, i would say, like a 12, 14 or even 16 inch shallow, really large pot.

You can pop this tree onto off center to one side and have it kind of lead across the pot. I think that would look really cool um yeah i don’t know what else to say. I like it a lot because it has that big tropical canopy that i’m forming here.

So i i do like that. A lot yeah it looks great um and actually beth has a really good question.

The Difficulty in Repotting a Very Large Oak Bonsai Tree

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