The Hate and Joy of Bonsai

This time I worked on a Japanese black pine, not to my taste, but enjoyed styling of special European beech.

Beautiful tree and great work.

“Thank you for answering my question about the branches construction Please can you show how to make volume and clawd construction For the fagus I think the shape of the pot is ok but I think it will be more beautiful with a smoller one (just an opinion of a debutant”

I know how hard it is to find a good beech. congratulation !! A dark coloured pot, for sure. Think the tree is still feminine so roundish, not round – ….got it : octagonal”

Two bonsai trees are on their way to the new owner the new project in our studio is this japanese black pine bonsai welcome to new episode of torah school online [Music] the crown on this spine needs to be cut a little bit and i will put on a new wire but let us begin with the standard procedure the cleaning and cutting the needles [Music] the first branch is wired maybe you are wondering why i did cut this one off well without it the bottom of the branch and the line is more visible than it was before now there are some more things to improve on this tree i’m wondering how i will fill this space here well i will try my best this crown is still very young and there are many things yet to be improved but let us wire the rest of the tree [Music] do [Music] if i’m honest with you i didn’t enjoy working on this type of bonsai tree tree this spine is not to my taste but sometimes one must work also on such trees this tree is far from being presentable but it did a step forward luckily enough we can move to the next project this is the next project european beach fagos sylvatica special tree with unusual cascading branch i collected this tree five years ago in our mountains the tree is still much in development as you can see the tree has its old leaves on the branches with that old leaves beaches protects their butts during the winter the fagos grows the buds only once in the year so the protection is much needed but because of that also the development of the tree is really slow because of this protection i always work on beaches in late spring so now it’s time to cut the old leaves off and start working on the tree [Music] do [Music] do so there was a request among the comments the other day to show the structure of branches a little bit closer here is the shot [Music] i must say that i enjoyed work on this tree much more than on the pine so the fungus is ready for yet another season of refinement but it also crying out for a new pot so let me know your suggestions about the pot in the comments below thanks for watching this episode of torah school online and take care [Music] you

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