The Glass Greenhouse – The Bonsai Zone – Bonsai Made Easy

A busy few days moving the new “Rogers” glass greenhouse to The Bonsai Zone!
I also head to the community orchard to do some work on the fruit trees.

Bonsai Made Easy

I have been busy the last four or five days taking apart the new greenhouse it’s very noisy in the neighborhood we’re getting new fiber optic lines put in the neighborhood i’ll show you what they’re doing [Applause] so the greenhouse is all taken down now i’ll show you a montage of clips taken over the last four or five [Music] days do [Music] so [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] it is a beautiful day today i’m out here in the community orchard it’s thursday so i got the truck out here with the dorman oil loaded in the back we took all the wraps and the burlap the chicken wire and the burlap off the cedar trees and they’re just looking beautiful they survived the winter really nicely here’s a close-up of one you see there’s they’re nice and green very little die back so that’s exciting so i’ve got all the chicken wire and the burlap loaded in the back of the truck here so we got hand sanitizer here dorman oil so we’re just doing the trees kathy’s just about finished her row here kim and shelley are out from the spiral orchard out there neil was here earlier helping out too so it’s great to have the gang back together now we are on lockdown in the province so we’re only allowed groups of five or less outdoors so we should be okay we’re just keeping our social distance yeah so it’s great to be working out here last week it was snowing cold miserable this week i’m out here in shorts after i’m finished here i’ll be heading back to work in the greenhouse once again this afternoon so [Music] so [Music] well the last trip home with all the greenhouse parts so there’s the roof peak all the frame for the bottom the base plates all the rest of the pieces so that’s it we are done over there we’re going to give the lady who gave this to us a present we’re gonna buy her a little tree for her backyard the greenhouse was a gift to the bonsai zone she wanted someone who would put it to good use so i think i fit the bill i’ll need to get a cement slab poured for the greenhouse so that’ll be coming later this summer i’ll put the greenhouse somewhere in the middle of the bonsai area here and then i’m going to design all the benches and gardens all around it so it’ll be sort of the showpiece of the whole bonsai zone it was nice to have the greenhouse all done and to be able to take a rest day today to just admire the beauty of the trees we’ve been getting some really nice weather lately it’s been staying fairly warm at night and really nice in the daytime so i’ve brought a few tropicals out to the greenhouse here just to make more space in the plant room and if it gets cold at night i’ll bring them back inside some of these trees with the really large canopies they can block a lot of light from getting to the other plants in the plant room that’s why i brought them out here into the greenhouse i think the tropical trees will really like it out here in the greenhouse getting that natural daylight and darkness cycle i think it’ll be really good for their health i’ve also brought up a few trees from the basement my pamela seedlings here and a lemon tree they’ve been in the basement all winter and they seem to have done really well so it’ll be interesting to see how they react to suddenly being outside in the warm weather hopefully the lemon tree will flower i want to thank linda for her kind donation of the greenhouse to the bonsai zone and that’s all for today i’m nigel saunders thanks for joining me in the bonsai zone

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