Repotting Silver Maples Bonsai

The final part of this series, performing the first work on my seedlings so they can begin the long journey to become bonsai.

I’m repotting Silver Maples, pruning more seedlings and repotting a Japanese Black Pine seedling.

Darn I missed the premiere, oh well, Nigel I could honestly watch you repot a tree every day it’s the most relaxing thing to me

It would be better to make the silver maple seedling as a clump style bonsai, perfect age and size to do it

We used to sell Japanese Black Pine trees at the first nursery that I worked at in the mid-70’s. They were probably my favorite tree at the time. Even though the largest were at most only ten feet tall, they had those marvelous crooked trunks and contorted branches. They weren’t cheap, as tends to be the case with most slow growing plants. When installed as a focal point, their sculptural presence alters and enhances most any landscape.

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