I want to show you how to make a coconut bonsai so yo can follow the steps and do it yourself and learn about the planting media that I use including: soil, river sand, Manure, cocopeat and rice husk. The media for attaching moss is simply a mixture of soil and water. The knife I use is just a simple PEN CUTTER.

I hope everything is fine today Today I will to make a coconut bonsai so you can follow the steps get a budding coconut seed then peel the coconut fibers be careful as to not damage the root clean off any remaining fibers that stick to coconut husks prepare a tool for sanding coconut shells do it until the result are subtle next, put it in the water keep the remaining dust clean prepare the growing media, mix it down prepare the pot and put in the planting medium put the bonsai coconut seed on planting medium measure the height of the coconut seedling from the top of the additional panting medium using as skewer get plastic carpets ready and cut keep your plastic rugs reatly glued together prepare sand for additional media fill up the sand rinse in clean water and let it is stand for 4 days 4 days later shoots already long after 4 days , do as I do 2 weeks later 4 weeks later 3 month later clean the fibers that stick to the coconut bonsai cut the leaves down to tidy take out that plastic carpet and clean that sand young roots cover with a colts cut a small root to tidy up let it go for 1 night it’s time we do the paint with the vernis repeat thrice until it shines for decoration I use moss for the adhesive i use the soil mixed with water and mixed up to thicken or they can be decorated and this is result good try good luck…… thanks for watching…….

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