The Easy Way To Make a Coconut Bonsai

Today i am going to make a coconut bonsai – join in the fun and why not do it yourself, the kids will love it!

It’s so simple…So you can follow the steps the planting media that I use is

1. soil
2. sand
3. Manure
5. rice husk

The media for attaching moss is a mixture of soil and water. the knife I use is PEN CUTTER.

I will make a coconut bonsai Firstly, take the seeds of grown coconut

Then peel the fibers clean Next, prepare sandpaper and sand the coconut’s shell until smooth

Then clean / dip in water to make it clean

Prepare pots and planting media

Put the planting media into the pot until it is full and hose with water

The mixture of planting media is soil, husk, sand, manure The mixture’s ratio is 1: 1

Prepare a carpet of plastic gutters and cut it as I did

After that, put the coconut seeds into the pot

Then hose again And put it in the shade after 1 week

After a week, do as I did

after 3 weeks cut the fibers covering the new leaves twice a week

make cuts like this regualarly after 2 months after 5 months

Then after the age of approximately 5 months, the coconut bonsai can be dismantled and moved to a nicer pot

When moving, we replace the planting media with a new one After moving, clean the coconut shells And wrap it with a wet cloth for a week

Then after a week in a wet cloth wrap, open and clean with a brush cut the root fibers visible outside the pot to make it neat

Finally, we painted the coconut shells with wood varnish

And give sand or moss decoration on the media to make it more beautiful

This is the result Hopefully my Vidio is useful for you  

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