Stylish European Bonsai Video Collection

European Bonsai Video Collection Presentation

My name is Mauro Stenbergen. I’m, an Italian bonsai master and I want to welcome bonsai made easy to my Italian bonsai dream. See my European Bonsai video collection.

Welcome to my private garden, which is south of Munich, Germany. It is not a garden open for the general public. However, you can visit it. If you give me some notes in advance, it is densely populated, as you will see, and it is certainly overgrown at this time of the year and that’s on purpose because that’s.

The way i develop, my trees anyway enjoy what I do. My name is Harry Harrington and welcome to my bonsai garden. It’s garden that i built around 10 years ago and, as you’ll see it’s full of many specimen bonsai area empire are here to take you around on a quick tour and show you some of the specimens on display. So this this tree is a well-known tree.

Is the last prize first prize in orlando’s trophy this year and it’s, a taxus cuspidata, which is a japanese taxes. Ichi is a japanese name, and this was also made by masahiko.

This street is a that zamasu came from hokkaido and it was styled by marseille guimura 10 years ago. Around 10 years ago, it was published in a in a magazine and uh. What i have to to remark on this is that this was done, as people will remember the ones who saw the magazine with only one branch, with only one branch he was able uh to give it the sense that it was built with different branches, as it Is now and uh well, what i like of this tree is the proportion the scale it has, the movement that has, with this unstable hanging branch to the right, and even with that, it keeps a very good balance.

Hornbeam Masterclass

Well, we are in madrid in a small village near madrid called galapagos, and here is where i built my own little world, and i came here about six years ago, so i start building everything from zero.

It was uh, probably one of my best experiences in my whole life, because everything here is, as i want to be. It’s uh. It is better than exhibiting a tree in in an exhibition, because here i can express and display my way of understanding bonsai.

So my first idea, when i move to here and decide to build this garden, is to create a space for everybody to enjoy bonsai. So that means that everybody is welcome here. So doors are open to everybody who wants to to spend some time here, enjoying bonsai in a relaxing atmosphere.

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