Should You Grow A Lemon Tree Bonsai, Part 2

Should You Grow A Lemon Tree Bonsai, Part 2

Great video as always! It is so interesting to follow your work on the lemon trees. These videos have inspired me to work a lot on the roots of my own trees. I even made a video on my own lemon tree root work. Hopefully they will develop a nebari as beautiful as yours! Love it 🙂

Now i’m going to start combing trying to get all these roots separated combed out flattened out sorted out i think that’s all the oats a little bit tangled this is the one i wanted to get out it’s i don’t know where it’s going there it goes i’m going to prune that kind of goes off a funny direction so i’ll put it off regrow something a little more radial another one here comes down just trim that off so you can see why i’m trying to balance the root system i’ve got like these really heavy roots on this side and then i had almost nothing on this side so these these are developing quite well it’s not balanced but it’s closer than when i started with the tree and that’s all you can do is you can improve the root system a little bit every time you repot the tree and that’s all you can do but if you do nothing you’ll never improve the root system that’s why you know i try and do as much to the roots as i can with each repotting and then you know slowly the root system gets better and better over the years until it’s something you’re really proud of and it looks really good got some funny roots here that are going off on strange directions there’s a stub here i can prune back and then i’ll prune these ones back shorter this one back now i gotta get this sorted out on the bottom here there are lots that need to be pruned off so here i go i’m going to prune all these roots on the bottom back trying to get a nice flat root ball on the bottom and the top it’ll taper from the trunk down into the soil that’s the goal okay i’ve got some more pruning to do here sorry this is kind of awkward because i my bench isn’t already set up for videoing in here [Music] so i’m just pruning away all the roots that are going down not pruning them away totally just shortening them dramatically okay this is getting much much better so i’ve pretty well got the bottom pruned up now flat on the bottom and why is important to do this well it then develops all your radial roots all your root growth goes in these nice radial roots and you get that nice flare at the base of your tree if you let all the roots grow straight down you don’t get as dramatic a flare and you don’t get the nice surface roots developing so i’ve got the root system pretty good on the bottom so i’m going to clean up here and then i’ll do the detailed root pruning of the top here i’m just going to wet my roots down to make sure they stay moist while i’ve got them exposed to the air here so that is good now i’ll begin the breaking once again combing out all these roots so i’m coating out all those crossing routes so i’ll be left with these nice radial roots on the system on the root system okay and now i can begin the root pruning so the idea is to balance the roots so all the surface roots are kind of about equal strength and vigor you can see i’ve got these really thick ones here that i pruned back before and now they were kind of hitting the edge of the pot so they didn’t really develop nice radial roots i should have repotted it into a bigger pot but however we’ll do it now so anything that doesn’t look nice in radio i’ll prune away um there’s one maybe here that’s crossing a little one there’s one growing up from the surface here and roots ideally should divide from one into two also just like branches i was looking for a toothbrush i just want to brush away this moss so i can see the roots so here’s the situation i’ve got this one isn’t very radial this root is probably the most radial from the trunk so i’ve got to get rid of some of these on this side so i’ll do that this is the worst one so i’ll get rid of that like that and then you know how i said i like to divide from one to two well here’s two good strong roots i could prune off some more over here i’ve got this i’ve got three kind of roots here i’ll take out the middle one like that keeping my two strong roots like that i think that’ll be quite nice there’s some more roots here i’ve got to remove like that dig out this one root here that’s kind of going underneath and that’ll fill in that space nicely there oh yeah that looks good that’s perfect now same thing here i’ve got you know here’s my radial direction coming off the trunk and i got some that are kind of growing off and i don’t like that so i’m going to get rid of those crossing ones just keeping my radial roots so everything’s going nice there i could prune a little more away from here like that that’s radial coming around here i talked about balancing the roots well you can see this one is really thick compared to a lot of the other ones so i’m going to prune this one off a little shorter and i always prune parallel to my soil level so if you come in prune parallel then you get all the new roots growing from the cut point and they’ll flow in really nicely if you just cut it off sharp then you got an awkward transition to the new roots that are growing in now here i’ve got a thick root growing on top of another one i think i don’t think i can do much about that i mean it’s kind of actually looks good just sort of separating them a bit i could get rid of some of the crossing ones here like that and maybe this one but yeah it doesn’t look bad i mean there’s lots of trees in nature that would have that effect to them okay so that’s that’s looking pretty good no complaints so far i’m going around just maybe prune some of these longer ones back like that still going around here so here’s that root now yeah i’m going to i thought about channel should i remove this one there might be some good roots underneath but the root plane is kind of up higher like these ones are up higher so i don’t want to have this side of the root base low and this side’s still high so i’ll leave that it’s quite acceptable just sorting out some roots here now here’s the radial direction i’ve got this part goes off on an angle so i don’t think i want the roots coming off this side of it i’ll get rid of those that will give more room for these roots to grow in there more radial roots okay it’s looking good now here’s a bit of an awkward looking root it comes out radial and then it’s got this this part doesn’t flow the greatest i’m gonna remove that totally i just don’t like that there’s better roots underneath that flow a little better and again i’m dividing from one into a few here i’m gonna get rid of that upper one this one comes off at 90 degree angle get rid of that always looking for flow lines nice flow lines always pick your best roots to keep get rid of the ones that aren’t so good another one growing at 90 degrees there so you can see that root flows a little better now i’ll just brush off the moss you know it’s not perfect it’s a little bulbous looking but you know you try for perfection in bonsai and if you get anywhere close you’re doing really well yeah i don’t like that one coming from the bottom here i’m gonna get rid of that one this one’s gotta go okay now there’s a bunch of fine roots here a bit of criss-crossing going on i’m going to sort those out a bit a bit of a crossing route here i can get rid of there’s one here going up funny direction that’s all pretty good there now here’s the radial direction of this route i’ve got a few that are kind of encroaching on these other routes so i’m going to take that one off take this one off shorten these yeah there’s one up here i can take that one off it’s kind of redundant brushing here okay so we’re back to the beginning i guess that is about it for the roots that’s about as good as i can get them i mean they’re not bad i don’t like this bugs me they’re all radial except for the one that kind of crosses over here it’s i don’t know i mean it’s not the worst in the world but maybe i leave it maybe i’ve just got to take the one off here give a bit of separation sometimes you got to keep them separated just to give the roots a bit of space so they have room to grow that looks better okay so the next step i’m ready to plant the lemon tree i picked this as the front of the pot the glaze is a little nicer on this side the glaze has a bit of a line there so that’ll be the front of my pot i’ve got my drainage screens in here i just reuse the other ones and i’ll get a base layer of soil in the pot so here i go and this soil mixture is the same that the tree was growing in its half perlite half safety’s orb or fuller’s earth and a bit of pine bark thrown in maybe 10 to 20 percent pine bark it’s actually fur bark i think reptile bark it’s not decomposed but you know it eventually will over the years so i need to mound it up you can see here’s where the tree will be and i’ll offset the tree you can see the top of the tree goes to the right so i’ll have to have a look let me just do that now let’s uh try and position the tree in the pot here’s a look at the tree in the pot so you can see how you know the upper canopy goes more towards the right so i think i think it’s got to go to the left the tree to kind of look more balanced and i think actually it’s in a pretty good position in the pot right now it’s kind of just slightly off center towards the back a bit i could maybe move it up a bit and the height it could come up a little bit in the pot but not a whole lot so i’ll add a mound of soil under the tree [Music] now i can wiggle the tree down and get a good planting height and i’ll raise the tree up a little bit and then i’ll mom my soil up and i can always rake it away later then so the tree’s sitting a little higher in the pot now i’ve got to get my front so i’m thinking maybe somewhere about there rotating it a bit that way my branches are flowing out nicely the height is still too high in the pot so i gotta twist it down a bit more i think it could come over a little more central in the pot i’m thinking that’s pretty good i like that position just get my roots sorted out i’ll comb them out once again making sure they’re nice and radial so you can see how it comfortably fits the pot the roots spread out almost to the edges but not you know it’s got room to grow certainly got room to grow to the left and the right which is the most important to give you that nice flare from the front view okay i think everything’s looking good i can start filling it in with soil so here i go like i said i’ll pile it up a little high and then when the roots are established i can rake it away and kind of expose the surface roots that way you know everything’s securely under the soil okay now i’m just gonna make sure the soil is in between the roots so i’ll just gently come in and make sure i’ve got no air pockets in here make sure that soil’s settled down so kind of a strange time of the year to be repotting but my sunroom is getting really good light in there so it will be like spring for this tree to suddenly come from 10 degrees celsius up to warmer you know 15 20 sometimes 30 degrees celsius in the plant room so it’ll be it’ll be nice the tree will like it it’ll uh stimulate it to grow and i think with this new pot with lots of room for the roots to grow i think the tree will grow really well this summer now generally you know i’m still working on sorting out the roots when i do get a nice radial root base if you want to grow a tree large that’s the time to do it once you got the roots sorted out then you put it in a larger pot and let it grow freely and you’ll really develop all those nice roots you develop will thicken up and develop really nicely if you have a one-sided root system and you plant it in a big pot well that one-sided root system will just get worse and worse as the tree grows so that’s why you know it’s important to get your radial root system set up first then if you want to grow it into a larger tree then that’s the time to do it once you got your surface roots all set in position and looking good okay it is time to water the tree all right here i go with the water [Music] here’s a look at the tree in the pot now so you’re kind of looking at the front view i think it’s looking quite nice i think it’s really going to develop to develop this year really nicely looking forward to the summer coming so it’ll go in the plant room now where it’ll warm up and it should stimulate it to grow it should get all kinds of new growth coming out on it the roots will start growing in that new soil and all should be well let’s fly in now for a look at the tree there’s the upper branch structure it was really nice to get my lemon tree all pruned up the roots pruned and repotted ready for the summer growing season and that’s all for today i’m nigel saunders thanks for joining me in the bonsai zone [Music]
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