Schefflera Bonsai demo – LIVE

Hello everyone is watching us tonight hello we’re gonna work on this chiflera today um so please feel free to ask questions to let us know where you’re watching us from we would love to hear where you’re from and we’re actually live on youtube and on tech talk right now so we’re gonna try to manage between comments uh or questions that you might have

so um yeah this let’s see what we have over here is anybody around let me know if you are with us today where are you from let me get them happy sunday everyone yeah we’re glad that you guys are here with us today and i’m glad that you’re here to witness this styling that’s going to go spectacularly um well have a dwarf cheflera hawaiian umbrella arboricola whatever you want to call it is the dwarf species and it’s a fairly underused species in bonsai however we really love this species because it is easy to take care of

the species is very forgiving you can grow it outdoors in full sun or you can grow it indoors by the window which makes this i mean a really good sized fish i love it and i love the the trunks are usually very interesting and they have aerial roots yes you guys can see this this is what we call aerial roots and it’s just so cool so the aerial roots are roots that come down from the branches and they go into the soil so when once we’re done with styling this tree this is going to look like a big banyan tree they also have very unique shaped leaves no other bonsai species that i’m aware of has leaf like this one and they also grow little berries so that’s very cool

yes i’m going to read a few comments from youtube we have luis hello my friend hello to you david segovia he said watching from dallas texas all right oh oh awesome and lulu she says um hello guys from california awesome and mark says watching from philippines wow cool that is great so i cannot sit on my hands any longer you know me yeah

so just let us know what you’re going to start doing and i can still say hi to everyone so i’m gonna start to defoliate the tree and what i do i’m gonna show you here up close so this is a leaf and i cut right behind the leaf and i’m gonna leave the patio or the stem behind for die back i have noticed that if you pull the leaves back like this and you pull off everything that die back can occur so that’s why i always cut right behind the leaves and leave the little stem behind the die back in a few days to maybe a week or two and those stems will fall off yes sir he’s gonna go ahead and defoliate this whole tree so we can see into the tree and come up with a plant for this and if you already are seeing something from this tree

you know like oh that’s looking like informal upright or i don’t know you have some crazy idea let us know and we’ll see how can we make it happen and let me see i see on tiktok somebody’s like he wants her it’s in his eyes and he’s nervous now because he knows she knows everybody we’re actually married we’re married couple okay so of course he wants me so much i have never been more confused than just now i’m not first of all i’m nervous however this is my wife she makes me nervous yeah i him i press for him so let’s say treeman says hello temple here all right that’s that and sarah kitty she said how do you encourage the area roots um the aerial roots is not something that you can really encourage you can kind of help the tree to create more what you need is a lot of heat a lot of humidity and in the summer time

what you can do you can actually mist water underneath into the canopy several times a day and that will create more of a humidity inside the canopy which then will help release aerial roots however aerial roots is not something that you really really want to force because once the tree is established in its pot and in the soil it’s going to toss out so many aerial roots you wouldn’t even you don’t even know what to do with all of them so there’s no encouragement really needed to be honest okay let’s just try to keep this section clean never i see a lot of leaves everywhere my room putting the wine please not in your mind my rule is if you’re not making a huge mess you’re not doing it right let’s just say so someone said okay vikki or vicky hello from san antonio yes rodriguez he says puerto rico puerto rico i guess it’s for me he’s asking like what part puerto rico i am i am i am from switzerland and venezuela um all right and then we have david segovia he says is it okay to defoliate and repot in the same year yeah um so i i do hear this a lot and this is mainly this question is mainly directed at junipers and pines where you’re supposed to do one thing at a time in the year like either you work on the foliage or you work on the roots this is a tropical tree you want to do everything at the same time so if i were to repot the street today i would rake out the roots style it defoliate it do everything at the same time that’s actually perfect to do yes um okay so then you have um do you use methods that combine small ficus okay so if i understand in this one let me see make last three in short time i guess i think he’s asking you how can you get a large tree or make the trunk thicker over time over a short time for a short time yeah the only way to really do that uh the fastest way to do that if i wanted to thicken i’m sorry if i wanted to thicken that tree if i wanted to thicken this tree up i would put it into a really large shallow pot like something maybe half the depth of this one and probably this big and then i would just let it grow like take it out put it into the large pot fill it in with our good free draining bonsai soil and then just leave it in that pot and let it explode and not touch it again fertilizer exactly use a lot of fertilizer like fertilizer water well give it a lot of sun and you can thicken up this tree extremely fast if you let it grow out like if you give it that chance all right um then i have danny he says hi watching from new zealand way to go guys i love that new zealand um then gabriella says nice you have like said i have a puerto rican accent see you well certainly not me so yeah wow okay awesome and then we have hello from chicago that’s all right yes what’s up chicago in the house and i used to live in chicago by the way yeah and then luis said our camera looks blurry um we see we still find just here wonder if it’s like maybe a connection thing how many drinks did you have and are you wearing your glasses uh see let me go back on tick tock now just as i wanted to um say we are live on youtube and on tick tock right now so if you’re not following our youtube yet it’s we are the ones in supply and if you’re not following our tick tock yet it’s the bonsai supply so alex he says when you cut branches to come up in his place in my experience well i guess it’s not a question it’s like um yeah all affirmations when you cut branches to come up in its place in my experience oh yeah yeah if you cut one branch two more will come up yes um when you do a trunk chop on some species you’ll get like five or six milliliters and if you have a well-rampified tree you get even more than just two yes uh then i have ck from pakistan awesome work love your work thank you welcome back to us that’s awesome then we have jeffrey or jeffrey is here and oh and he said oh they might they’re the guy um that i was trying to understand the question he said might be asking about fusion trunks of multiple trees yeah you can do that as well um you can you can pretty much do the fusing with pretty much any specie the one that you cannot do it with that comes to mind would be a jade like a dwarf jade those they will never fuse but other than that i can’t think of anything that would not fuse right now if you know anything that does not fuse please let us know in the comments below but i do think that they all fuse now some artists refuse you know what i think buttonwood doesn’t fuse either and then our alex from tiktok says have you two lovely people made a video of why on wiring yet um [Music] i think we have finally like kitchen wiring if that’s um what you would like to see however this is what we’re gonna do right now he’s gonna wire and before you start doing anything what once we’re done defoliating we’re gonna discuss about yeah so i’m done defoliating uh right now i’m just looking at the tree and i’m cleaning up all of the dead spots like the the die back branches and i’m just rotating the tree to to to get an idea and that’s why i put this block underneath one side to kind of tilt the tree and see if that would change the angle make it more interesting so now that uh with the foliated tree we’re gonna pick up front right so what what is the front and why or if you guys see a truck uh front that you like um i think to me this is kind of the front right in here as you guys are looking at it um what i like about it a lot obviously it has this great movement in the front here um it has movement from the bottom all the way to the top i like that the tree splits down here you have a branch down here that’s very elongated and then you have another branch here which i’m actually now contemplating of turning this into like a maybe like almost like a twin trunk where we maybe tilt it a little bit and use the bottom branch as like the the lead direction to go into this way but use this branch as another trunk i think that would look really cool just at a slight angle like that so what style are you going for i think i think we’re going for a like a slanted um slender banyan style because i do want to leave all of these aerial routes and have them drop down i just think the the angle change just enhances the overall tree design and makes it a little bit bigger as well i think that’s what we’re going to go with okay so are we looking right are looking right now at the front no they’re looking at this we’re looking at the back let me show you let me get it approved by uh by the boss something like this so i’m thinking this one becomes another kind of tree trunk on the side and this is kind of like our focus the tree goes into this way okay i don’t think i like that yeah yeah i mean this tree i think it has two two fronts it doesn’t like the other side looks pretty good and looking at the camera it looks looks nice yeah yeah i mean this is this is this is a great material because like she said you have two fronts so mm-hmm okay so um what’s the next step i’m gonna start the wire yes okay so i have more questions for you while you wire um i have from tick tock hey ingredients from bulgaria do you have some tips for promoting new growth on fico spend gemini promoting new growth on flight expansion miner yeah um so ficus benjamin is one of those ficuses that can be a little finicky um i do defoliate my bench of miners and they have always come back much stronger so like in the summer time i do a full defoliation and i have never experienced branch loss of on a bench of mine a lot of people tell me that there is a very a lot of die back i’ve never experienced that that’s what i do and when the tree comes back after the foliation is so much stronger like it’s really powerful packs a punch and that’s how you get more branches and you get a much stronger overall growth all right and i have um a question from sarah’s and she said have you ever worked with syriza one side i have um i have worked with sarissa bonsais in florida and a sarista bonsai to my understanding does not do well in florida which would explain why i failed at it it’s probably the only species i never had great success with but i think that’s because i grew it in florida where it was not supposed to grow beautiful species uh especially if you find an old flower flowers or something the little white flowers and the leaves are really cool too small and dark i mean so you’re very dangerous with this wire well you wear on your side this could be deadly you guys so i have to be careful um okay so i have gabriel you know he said i’m from puerto rico uh living in san for florida and you guys are open to the public i would like to go uh we are not open to the public uh anymore and we have more news about that um coming soon so sorry if she makes it did i make it after this video um all right so then i have this is uh bulletproof species great for beginners yes 100 another good beginner species is a chinese dwarf jade ficus is a good beginner species but this one is definitely on the top it’s very difficult to kill one very difficult okay so how long do we wait for a zoflera cutting to route it depends on your climate and it depends on the time of the year i mean if you are in southern florida in the middle of the summer it roots immediately like that you can pretty much pot it and watch it grow the next day i mean all right and where can i buy this bonsai table this is actually not a bonsai table this is a gift from a friend of mine it’s actually a cake table like they make this to put the batter on the cake but i love it so much works i really love it uh you could probably pick this up anyway really i really love this table because it works really well yeah and um all right and hello from montana hey that’s awesome and chiflera are great for banyan style no pushing what’s cool is that this type of tree as the aerial roots start to drop and as they start to thicken they will start to look like trunks so this will look like a forest like a big banyan everglade forest in a few years i mean that’s how cool they spread right so all right and i have a question from tiktok and it is should you defoliate upward to the current afro um a portion of carry afra is one of those trees that i recommend that you do not the folate until you get the hang of bonsai a little better the following adding a jade is a little tricky because you have to look out for the signs you have to dry it out enough uh so that you can do with the foliation successfully but the cool thing is about a dwarf jade if you just keep trimming it back like hedge pruning it there’s no need to defoliate it because they multiply and you know redistributes the energy like that so there’s no need for it but if you keep it alive for a few years then go ahead and give it a try on your least favorite treat please um yeah and i just wanted because i didn’t say this but this tree once is finished it’s going to go on our own online auction site so if you like this tree and you want to um bid for it um you can do that uh the bonsai supply dot com right up probably like 15 minutes before this video goes on so i can take a few pictures and put the posting together but we’re gonna start the auction um for this trip right after the big this video and how long is the auction on uh the auction is going to be uh for 48 hours right so two days okay um yeah so check it out uh after this video is done if you would like to have this this is only for u.s participants um so yeah we’ll ship it out to your home and if you win it and yeah let’s see also when you get this tree you can go ahead and repot it right away by the way and talking about reporting we actually have um a deal going on on amazon right now right yes yeah so our two quart bag of soil which is which is i would say it’s the the right size soil for this type of tree for this size tree um is a dollar off today as is our fertilizer so definitely take advantage of that but actually i mean it depends i’m gonna give you two two options that you have right now if you’re needing soil so if you only need one bag i will tell you yes go to amazon and like take um advantage of that dollar off and you get free shipping but if you’re needing a like more than just one bag then go straight to our website because we offer free shipping of for orders over 35 and the price in the in the website is actually 2 dollars off so it’s cheaper than amazon but it will depend on where you’re needed right now if you need more soil go to our website if you’re just looking for one um it’s gonna be cheaper if you order an answer come on let me rehydrate for a second all right and then we have from home that’s good uh somebody is asking for the bonsai table see i have to partner with a cake with a sonoma what is it called sonoma william solomon hi guys hey gene question how frequently water water the very small bonsai um okay it depends i guess what side like very small bond size like six inch parts in the soldering show um really depends on the soil as well as your climate as well as the species now if you grow your tree out in full sun and you use our all-purpose bonsai soil mixture you can water every single day and you your tree will be absolutely happy if you are growing a tree in black sword in the shade then water once a week perhaps i always do the sort check remove the top layer of the soil like a half an inch and see if it’s dry if it’s dry underneath you can water but once you get familiar with our soil you can spot it from a mile away if it needs water or not just by looking at it all right hope this makes sense let’s say um let’s see do you have any water jasmine not anymore no i used to have one a beautiful one well this store used to have one oh yeah the store is done he saw his dreams uh okay so let’s see um [Music] how long does it take for aerial roots to produce on this type of plant and this type of tree once it’s in good soil repotted and in full sun and it’s starting to actively grow i mean it already has area roots coming out the top this will touch the soil i mean it’s already like three quarters of the way it’ll touch the soil and product a week to two weeks and that’s actually where the foliation helps a lot too i have noticed that when you defoliate like ficuses and arboricola when they come back they come back with such a punch that they uh release so many aerial roots and you get like 30 of them right away um yeah so that’s why i said earlier you don’t have to really encourage them because they pop out trust me just wait for it yeah and i see i think a few of you guys are asking how can you contact us if you like if you would like to send us a picture or something we’re very active on social media so like follow on instagram you can send us pictures there also you can send us pictures to info at the bonsai supply dot com and we’ll help you out so just just give us a lot of information a lot of background where did you get the tree when did you get it when did you last repotted where do you place it how often you want what soil has like the more the more better yeah so it can actually really help you um yes and then are they hard to maintain no i think he was talking about the water adjustment because oh okay uh well yeah but let’s talk also about this one water jasmine’s super easy to keep this type of tree super easy to keep i mean you can’t kill this tree it won’t i mean it’s so difficult yeah of course you can kill it but this is such a strong tree i mean our very colors are very forgiving very easy to keep you can do anything to them defoliate them repot them trim them back hard they will not care they will continue to grow you show in love it’ll show you love right back all right and then um i have a comment from tik tok and he says you guys have any idea what could have happened i slip potted my two universe into your soil and out of nowhere one of them go brown and crispy basically die in a week or so but the other one is thriving so if it happened within a week then the tree was already dying before you repotted it because for junipers to show a sign of the stress it takes a lot longer than just a week so it happened immediately after yeah it was already going down the hill before you repotted it and when the tree is in distress um i would suggest that you do not repot it because you’re gonna stress out the tree more unless the soil is really really bad like really mucky for instance but other than that let your tree recover and then repot it yeah and our other friend from tiktok says hi i love you guys and we love you yes richard um how much wine have you met half okay but i think a little too fast okay so jason is a little too fast hello i just want to say i enjoyed your videos keep up the good work thank you so much and he said what type of tree is it i miss it i was late to it how dare you let’s so this summer is here so this is a dwarf hawaiian umbrella arbor cola whatever you want to call it it’s one of those yeah they have aerial roots which is really cool they come down from the branches they also grow little red berries which is also a bonus you can grow them outdoors in full sun you can grow them indoors under a grow light or by a bright window they’re very forgiving uh did i leave something out i think yeah the colors said everything and yeah i like that um that you mentioned about indoors because you know we get a lot of people wanted to have their trees indoors and even you know it’s we tried to explain the outdoors is always the best scenario definitely this tree like chef clara’s and jade’s uh if the window is bright enough they actually will be okay so it’s a pretty good option for those that do not have a backyard um they live in an apartment or just want to have the tree indoors um there we go we have one more let’s see let’s cut do you have to use good bonsai soil for trees in big training pots it will get pretty expensive and so yeah i do suggest that you use good bonsai soil if you grow a tree in a large pot for a long time most likely you’re going to have it in there for a long time anyways so i would just do the investment because you’re going to develop your tree so much easier and so much faster in good soil versus black so you’re going to pay the price with black soil at some point regardless like you’re going to get root rot or you’re going to have a lot of aphids root aphids or something bad happening in your root system so that’s why i would just bite the bullet and just get it done over with yeah i always think about that because at first glance you’re like yeah the the bonsai soil is so much like more expensive than the black soil all the dirt uh but then is it because if your tree is gonna die or it’s not gonna develop or you then you have to spray away more for insects or whatever like you risk losing your tree that’s actually more valuable so over time you’re actually like it’s it’s it’s not expensive you’re actually using you know that the money that you’re investing is in there like with the black soil it’s a short-term quick solution but then you might be in big trouble i just had nothing but nightmare experience with black soil especially for a longer period of time always they end up getting root rot always or the insect infestation always something so that’s why i’m just and also to remind you for whoever uh wins the street this tree is gonna be on our online auctions on our website um make sure you repot it right like yeah i mean it’s a sleep pod or your show already uh if you live in a climate that’s warmer already like you live in a sunny or place i would repot it right away you can repot it regardless where you live just make sure that you keep it warm after you repot it so we’re already in april so if you repot it now when you get it and then you leave it inside the house by a bright window until may until it’s warmer outside and you move it outside that’s perfectly fine i will go ahead and repot it now and the ovary cola is one of those species where you can remove all the black soil it will not care it’s one of the very few species where you can just remove all of it and let’s just play a quick game if you guys have this tree this tree is yours what type of pot would you use would you use a rectangular an oval round cascade glaze english let me know in the comments what you see which spot do you see in this tree i would love to read what you guys are thinking about okay yeah i want to play well i’m gonna hear your your vision but after i i read them then uh let me see if i go over a question quickly before um somebody let me know [Music] um how all this type of tree can live for oh very long time very very long time this tree on the top of my head i obviously don’t know really uh but i would say easily two three hundred years easily yeah they can out like i mean i guess they can live as long as someone is taking care of them yeah i mean if you google uh how long can like let’s say like a cherry blossom lift uh google will tell you 20 years which can be true but at the same time it’s not it really depends on where it’s grown and how it’s being taken care of right if this tree is taken care of right it can outlive all of us all right for sure and i have a few um comments about pots let’s see joseph says english brown okay let’s run okay i’ll see you see ya like it uh then we have oval pot oval okay although we’ll give it a little more it’s an english glaze it’s a shadow um and then we have okay see cases a glaze of white oval pot all right so we have two two ovals and hopefully okay i like that then we have on glaze oval i think easy everybody says it’s a good choice glaze around glaze vicky says glazed oval here we go let’s set a round pop round um and then it says um okay so tan glaze similar to the trunk color okay just obsess on glaze gray that’s an interesting approach i actually like the the gray because the trunk is kind of grayish beige grayish so i do like that it would be a nice contrast it’s a good idea um and then oval let’s see so what will you use if it wasn’t i feel like i have to say oh well at this point no no i was actually thinking oval from the beginning um oval a little longer i think maybe something like this enough space for the aerial roots to drop down from the branches at this angle i think and have a canopy i don’t want the tree to be taller than this i want the tree to be this tall and have a canopy like this like an umbrella um shallow you can go like two inches deep and i mean i like unlaced um these streets grow in nature in florida so you could definitely go anglaise to match you know the earth colors i also like blue with these trees uh just because they do grow near water they like a lot of water so that could be a choice i also like red actually by the way red yeah because the berries are red so yellow always works nice too with this lighter green foliage i like that too or red i think yellow or red i would go i actually will go a ck a glaze of white oval pot yes actually i remember we had one at the store the the one at the store was in a rectangular white look great um yeah why off-white is honest it’s a good contrast too i like it yeah um lately i’m really into yellow parts i think they just look great everything has to be he goes through faces have to do with this but everybody looks pretty good calling me out i can’t believe it um okay so on glaze definitely glaze oval earth tones um mean you can always change it right i mean you can go with one like an unlaced one and then cut a year later or so switch it so and then i have um somebody said glaze turquoise i actually like that idea that is that would be a cool pot those are actually that glaze is hard to find turquoise i love turquoise and it’s great yeah um yeah and then let’s see what i have over here oh when i come back to my our friends from tick tock um how do you encourage branching yeah um so you can encourage uh branching by wiring your branches when you wire your branches and you kind of crack the cambium a little bit you can encourage new branch move new branch growth or just by the foliage so this tree for instance i would let it grow out uh i’m sorry once you get it i’m very excited once you get it repel it let it re let it come back let it grow up let it completely push up let the new growth harden and then i will cut it back into the shape that i wanted to be in you know and just by cutting it back and letting it grow you’re already encouraging new branches new growth and then i would defoliate it once a year like in the summertime i will go ahead and defoliate it and watch it come back and explode all right and our friend from about the juniper remember the two universe one of them died if i do replace a juniper what other species of tree will you recommend is he care uh texas okay um if you’re growing outdoors what would i recommend tropical trees uh chip flare up chef paris yeah i’m trying to think i mean texas if you’re living in the higher part of texas tropicals j j it’s ficuses chinese elms are great uh bougainvillea deserves yeah brazilian rain tree if you live in a little bit of a cooler climate i would recommend deciduous trees obviously so kind of a mixture depends on where you live yeah well i mean i remember of jay because we had um the the interview with leader j bonsai which is in texas and he was saying how that species just does so great in there and that’s what he does and his trees look amazing so yeah i think i will definitely suggest you jade so that’s already out for us um yeah and let’s see a couple more questions before we um end the live brian says what diameter is this current nursery pot and what size bonsai pot do you recommend um i would say that this is about a 10 inch oh wow very pretty that’s a 9 inch pretty good it’s a 9 inch um i would say 12 to 14 inches so this is 12 to 14 inches this is actually 14 inches right here um i think that would be good or go into 12 which which would be right here i think a 12 inch shallow that would be really nice and you can go as shallow as two inches i would say outside measurement i think that would be really perfect and once you actually start to rake out the root ball like once you take it out of the pot and you break down the roots you’ll probably find a really cool root structure in here this tree is root bound this tree is ready for a repot so i think okay so for whoever gets this tree um what are the next steps let’s remind you so um we ship the street to your home repot it right away uh keep it warm make sure that the temperatures don’t go below 60 fahrenheit so if you keep it outside during the day but it gets cooler at night just move it back inside now if you get it and you have to like find a pot first for it let it grow out first let it completely push out order your part once you get it i would then repot it in about three months yeah so if you get it within i would say within two weeks i would say you’re good to go ahead and repot it if it starts to push out i would probably wait and you want to place it outdoors if you can or outdoors very bright window or use a grow light indoors and you also what else do you want to fertilize once a month that’s a very good question yeah definitely wait uh until the new growth has pushed out and has hardened go ahead and use our all-purpose fertilizer also you want to start to spray this tree for insects all of your trees spray once a month just as a preventative once a month every month and that’s really it there’s not much to it but and we’re always available um to help you out like if you have any questions about street or anything looks different you notice something feel free to email us at info at the bonsai supply dot com and we’ll help you out yeah and yeah i think um yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so this is actually flaira we’re gonna go ahead and take some pictures of it and some measurements and in about 15 to 20 minutes i’m going to have it up on the website and we’re gonna have a quick friendly uh beating or option so you can check it out and and participate yeah so thank you so much to um to everyone that connected with us this sunday um evening for us and we hope you have a great rest of your sunday yeah whatever you said and now we have to go um let’s see so you you have to take us out of their life bye everyone bye thank you so much how do you stop this i don’t know how to stop this let’s just hang out for the next two seconds until you’re on fingerspell [Music]



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