Radiata (Monterey) Pine Bonsai Candle cutting in Summer Melbourne SAME AS BLACK PINE

Maybe this is controversial but I treat my Radiata Pine the same as my Japanese black pines when it comes to Summer de-candling. I cut all candles off in Summer and get multiple bud in Autumn to bud select. This works for me but may not for others.
Please note: if you located in Melbourne, I provide bonsai services. Reach out to me on my email address at bonsaiworx@gmail.com if you would like to discuss you bonsai needs further.

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Grow Colorful Perennials For An Interesting Landscape

A garden consists of many important elements that add to its beauty. A well-designed landscape should have a perfect balance of natural elements and man-made features. Colorful flowering plants are one of the most basic elements and they should be utilized properly to get desired results. Perennial plants are best as they can be used to adorn any kind of landscape.

Home Vegetable Gardening: The “High Production” Gateway to Self-Sustainability

When you hear the word “high production” the first thought that may come to mind is some type of assembly line work, but what I am referring to is something far more important, especially if you are trying to achieve, or at least get closer to, self-sustainability. I once heard a quote, from which I honestly have no idea who the original author of said quote is, “If one can not feed oneself without help from outside sources, then one won’t survive for very long.” It got me thinking.

How To Take Care of Flowering Dogwood Trees

Flowering Dogwoods are one of the most sought after trees and people love them for their colorful blooms. They provide seasonal interest throughout the year in the form of flowers in spring, shade in summer, distinct fall foliage and interesting form in the winter landscape. All these qualities make them a prized possession in any kind of landscape or garden design.

Should Eggshells Be Included in Making Compost?

Including eggshells in making compost is a controversial question. This article gives positive and negative reasons for including eggshells in the composter.

How To Cat Proof Your Garden

The havoc created by cats in the garden is a constant cause of concern for many homeowners. Domesticated cats, neighborhood cats and even wild cats tend to destroy low-growing plants and shrubs in the garden. Most of the times, the damage is beyond repair and it is very disheartening to see your beloved plants die due to this reason. However, there are many ways of discouraging cats from entering your garden and by following some simple steps, you can easily cat-proof your garden.

Grow Ferns In Your Garden For A Spectacular Display

Ferns are beautiful plants that can transform even the dullest and lifeless areas. Fern plants are very diverse and they come in countless varieties. They can be grown indoors or outside in the garden. If you are looking for that perfect plant to accentuate your garden then ferns should be on the top of your list. These plants have been around for thousands of years and they have adapted themselves beautifully to the local conditions. You can easily spot them in the wild growing under huge trees and near rocks or streams.

Maximizing Your Hydroponic Nutrients

In hydroponic gardening, the nutrients are very important. Let’s take a look at ways to maximize their performance and grow the healthiest plants.

Ingredients for the Classic English Garden

The classic English garden has evolved over time and taken on many guises, from for formality of seventeenth-century styles, the sweeping parklands of Capability Brown to the wild natural look of the Arts and Crafts movement. But even with the popularity of today’s modern designs with their minimalist planting schemes, the simplicity and romance of the English country garden still typifies what we understand as the classic English garden. Bring together pretty fragrance flowers, culinary herbs, garden buildings and a peaceful place to sit and you have the ingredients you need.

Growing and Caring for Orchids

Orchids have long been a symbol of love. They generally have no scent, but their colour and beauty make them a much prized specimen plant. They are relatively easy to care for if you follow a few simple rules. Here is a guide on how to care for your orchid.

Hydroponic Nutrients Management

The big challenge is to make certain the nutrient solution is keeping up with your plant needs. At the same time, it’s necessary to avoid excesses or deficiencies of minerals, extremes in pH, temperature or a lack of oxygen.

Landscaping Services and Maintenance: What Are the Options?

Landscaping and maintenance services are important steps for garden design, re-design, construction of property to may better use of space. Line-up your requirements before hiring a landscaping and maintenance company.

Ball and Burlap Planting – Part 2 – Pre-Digging Holes and Soil Types

We want to cover the two main advantages pre-digging the holes for your Thuja Green Giant trees; How that effects productivity and how pre-digging can let you know if soil drainage is adequate. We also cover two disadvantages of pre-digging: Extra work to clean out holes if it rains hard, and risk of someone falling in an open hole overnight. We also cover soil types, watering schedule, and also the worst soil of all, pipe clay.

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