Quick Lesson in Tanuki Bonsai

Quick Lesson in Tanuki

Thank you so much for yore work it gives me peace in this crazy world

Well i’ve just been spending the last four or five days over christmas and new year doing these points and we pruned off these little bits that were wired you know the famous peter chan trick if you turn on you’ll find them everywhere and you can see how i keep the wire on the tree and it bites and after a while this is what happens to the trunk exactly like that and the ones you cut off if you can peel the bark you get this very nice natural gin now that is not a collected piece of driftwood but this came from this literacy that i worked on two days ago so let’s go and show you where i got this from there’s another example that was a tree that had wire on so we removed the box so that’s what it looks like and this one was this bit of gin that was growing there but i thought it wasn’t appropriate for the style of this tree so i cut it off and i was about to throw it away when my volunteer josh said let’s make a tanooki with it i’ve never made a tanooki that small but there is always a first time for everything so let us show you how we can save little bits of driftwood like this i dare say those of you who live in different parts of the world maybe even in california or san diego or whatever i have so many fans all over the world you can find little bits of driftwood like this and if you can find little juniper cuttings and wrap it around you will get a beautiful little tanuki i don’t need to show you in detail too much because it goes without saying that it’s a ready-made tree so this is a cutting this is a three-year-old cutting of etoygawa that we make on the nursery and uh let me show you what we can make with this one i’m going to wrap it around the correct way otherwise it won’t work let me just see as i say it’s always like curve fitting fitting the curve fitting the tree around the curve there you are see that fits beautifully that fits beautifully like that and i’m not sure if the cable tie would work i think it will work okay that fits there can you see in detail how nicely that little stem of the cutting fits in there i must say i don’t like working with these thin small fiddly things i much prefer bigger trees as you know i love my big trees so small trees like this i find a bit annoying in fact i need a little bit of wire rather than cable toys and i can’t guarantee you in two years we will have a beautiful little tanooki so something that had a very thin scrawny trunk by making it a tanooki it can make the trunk look much thicker i think i may have to use another cable tie up [Music] so [Music] it’s what we call fiddly very friendly just afraid of breaking it so whenever you prune your junipers save them for cuttings they’re ever so easy to propagate so i’ve got that going i’m just going to wire the branches so that it gives you some idea as to what this tree can look like i can assure you it’s almost ready so let’s find a branch two branch principle and i’ve only put one piece of wire and already it’s looking quite uh credible as a bonsai i’m just going to tie the trunk a bit tighter [Music] two pieces of wine the third one for the crown and hey presto how about that tanooki with a bit of gin from another tree so that looks credible i can plant it lower and there you go small tanuki and then these are sort of cuttings that we grow we don’t let them grow fast we like to keep it uh oh so this cutting would be at least three years old you see how so you can see you can make a small show hand with this look at it beautiful little cuttings and that is a more mature one that one is thicker than a pencil but that would be like a five year old cutting we don’t grow them fast we grow them really slowly so there you go and then if we peel the bark of this if you were here you would have had it free and so all these pieces you can go and practice your tunnel key with so this wasn’t driftwood this is just a bit of odd gin from another tree that i uh rescued so quick lesson in tanooki small size tanooki [Music] you

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