Pruning My Snow Queen Hibiscus, The Bonsai Zone, Nov 2021

I’m pruning my “Snow Queen” Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) after it has grown all summer. This could also be the “Fire and Ice” variety, as it seems to have lost it’s white on the leaf edges.
Today’s update is my Holiday Cactus (Schlumbergera).

To see previous videos on my Snow Queen Hibiscus, click on the playlist here….

To see previous videos on my Holiday Cactus, click on the playlist here…


Why Soil Aeration Is Important for Healthy Plant Growth

Soil aeration improves plant growth. Soil structure lacking in air spaces does not support a healthy root structure. Alsocompacted soil does not allow favourable microbial activities due to lack of oxygen.

An Approach to Buy Quality Topsoil

If you wish to give new life to your garden then you must get topsoil. It is not just the soil your garden needs but also high quality topsoil to keep your garden healthy. There are many such homeowners and gardeners, who have no idea about its existence.

Planting Your Rose Bush: The Simplest Guide You Will Ever Need!

Growing a rose bush in your own garden can be a very pleasant experience if you follow our four steps for easy planting. This is the simplest rose bush planting guide you will ever need… and it works.

Raised Bed And Container Gardening The Inexpensive Way

Raised bed and container gardening is an easy way to enjoy your favorite hobby without the requirement for lots of space. Knowing where to find materials cheaply is the best way to create your own backyard garden without overtaxing the budget. I explain where and how I obtain the materials I use in my own garden without spending a fortune.

Organic Practices

First we define Organic Practice as a form of agriculture that involves the use of techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost and biological pest control as a means of maintaining a living soil and for pest control. It a system that begins to consider potential environmental and social impacts by eliminating the use of synthetic inputs, such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

The Powers of Mushrooms

Mushrooms – an excitement in the spring time, when morals pop out of the misty forest. A pleasant meatiness added to your New York Strip. A worker? A world saver? Yes.

Adventures In Backyard Gardening

Many people love gardening, but not everyone has adequate space for a full fledged plot. At the same time, some people are unable to get down on the ground to dig in the soil. I have found a way to solve this problem and still enjoy getting my hands in the dirt.

Polytunnels – Providing a Year Round Growing Environment for Your Fruit and Veg

As the New Year comes upon us, we should all start thinking more about our health and losing the pounds put on over Christmas. Don’t just turn straight to the fruit and vegetable aisle of the local supermarket, consider growing your own. A polytunnel can help you do this!

9 Advantages Of Proper Tree Mulching

Most people love to see trees and plants. Trees give off an aura of serene and beautiful community. Where trees abound, shade, fresh and cool air follows, fresh fruits even are abundant. Trees are essential for our survival and therefore we must protect and conserve trees by properly taking care of them.

Commercial Growth Medium For Mushroom Gardening Vs Mushroom Growing Kit – A Simple How To Method

Mushroom gardening is very easy if you know exactly what you’re doing, and it’s not difficult to learn the different steps involved in the process. A good many people think that growing shrooms must be something that is very difficult to do, and this is actually quite a serious misconception. Most things these days have been made exceedingly simple and mushroom growing is not an exception. Shroom cultivation may be more important to your health than you may think. The key to successful mycology farming is really the environment that you maintain, and the nutrient mix that you use.

Beginners Guide To Planting Your Own Healthy Vegetable Garden At Home

A lot of people these days are looking for guidelines on how to go about planting your own vegetable garden. There are a lot of advantages to growing your own garden such as you will be producing your own organic food and will save of lot of money from buying vegetables from your grocery store. Below are steps a beginner gardener should take when starting their own garden.

Is Your Garden Soil Healthy?

Taking some simple steps to prepare your soil is key. It will make or break your garden. Every living thing needs a healthy environment to grow in.

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