Pruning My Portulacaria afra Forest, The Bonsai Zone, July 2022

10 Milestone Moments of Your Baby to Capture on Camera

Watching your baby grow can fill you with wonder and amazement, especially during the first year of your child’s life. As your baby learns to smile, grimace, grasp a toy, crawl around, or even wave a bye, you will want to cherish these adorable moments forever.

Green Thumb Versus Black and Blue Thumb

If you came to our parsonage, you would discover all over our property, plants and flowers. Just don’t ask me to identify what they are. I can tell a plant from a flower, but that’s as far as it goes with me. That is not true with the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. She gets all the credit for all the plants and flowers on our property. She knows them all by name. But, of course, I’m not sure if she’s making up those names because I couldn’t tell one plant from another plant. Walking up to our house, you will see right next to the door a pineapple plant. I never knew exactly what it was, but my wife kept telling me it was a pineapple. Then this year, the pineapple actually developed. It took several years for it to get to this stage. It has grown quite a bit during this year. Looking at it, you would think you were in Hawaii. When she first planted it she asked me, “Did you see my new plant out front?” I did not, but I did not want to tell her that I did not.

What Would Life Be Without Mistakes?

Let me be clear from the beginning. I have made a lot of mistakes during my life. I have made mistakes that I don’t even know about to this day. Even the ones I do know about, I cannot remember very clearly. Mistakes are a part of life. Unfortunately, some people believe they live their whole life without making any mistakes. That’s mistake number one. I am where I am today because of the mistakes in my life. I have learned a lot from my mistakes, except I have not learned not to make any more mistakes. If somebody has not made mistakes in life, I would have to give that award to the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. Perhaps the closest she has ever come to making a mistake was in marrying me, but that certainly was not my mistake at all. Marrying her was the best choice I have ever made in life. I suppose she does make mistakes, but she knows how to fix them before anybody notices them. I wish I knew how she does that.

Choosing the Right Windows For Your New Home

House hunting is just like any other shopping expedition. If you identify exactly what you want and do some research, you’ll zoom in on the home you want at the best price. These eight tips will guide you through a smart homebuying process.

Luxury 1 Bedroom Apartments

Come and inspect today, this beautiful apartment has been designed for modern living. No expense has been spared within the Jade complex, with all current occupants enjoying the Luxury 1 Bedroom Apartments and facilities in Australia.

I Don’t Believe in Karma

Some people believe in karma, but I don’t. Some people believe what you do will come back on you some way or the other. I do believe that everything you do does have consequences. Sometimes those consequences are small and insignificant and sometimes rather large and unbearing. Recently, my truck was in the garage for about six weeks getting a new engine because the old engine had died. That was the longest time I’ve been separated from my truck in, I don’t know how many years. It was either get a new engine or a new truck. The engine was a lot cheaper. While my truck was in the shop, I used the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage’s van. Believe me when I say it was a challenge to drive that little van. It was difficult for me to get in and out, and once I was in, it was hard for me to move about. I had no choice. Either borrow my wife’s van or walk.

Life’s Dessert

When you are blessed to have a child enter your life, it is good that you adjust your habits around him or her. A child needs much from you, all that you have. What you get back is priceless, and it can be everlasting.

The Epitome Of Boredom

I have never considered myself to be boring. I may be boring to other people but not to myself. As you get older, you find out that there are many boring things in this world. When younger, I can’t ever remember being bored except when my father was lecturing me on how I should behave. I’m not sure he was very successful at that. I wasn’t bored with anything, and I always found something to gain my attention. This was back in the day when there was no Internet, cell phones, or anything along those lines. How some people today live without cell phones is something I’ll never understand.

Adoption Single Woman

Adoption is open to any boy who is ready for it. There is no restriction as long as you are ready to love and care for the child. The numbers of single women hopping to adopt a baby is increasing tremendously. Some people may have believed that it is only the married men and women are supposed to adopt. That is not true when you are sure you can fend for the child, then you are eligible to adopt. The very truth is that so many single women of all ages are in search of a child to adopt.

Pativrata Anusuya

The name Anusuya means “free of jealousy “. Devi Anusuya ashram is located in Chitrakuta,Madhya Pradesh near the Mandakini river where she lived with her husband Atri Rishi and her children. She is one of the seven Pativrata wives.

Love and Relations

LOVE usually refers to an experience one person feels for another.Love often involves caring for,or identifying with a person or thing including oneself. A person can be said to love someone, object,principle or goal to which they are deeply committed. Psychology depicts love as a cognitive and social phenomenon.

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