Pruning Large English Elm

So here I am this monster M English yarn. I have an annual ritual. That means once a year it gets pruned. Can you imagine that all this growth is one year? I don’t know why I keep going it’s just that.

I’M fascinated by Big Trees like this. So let me put my gloves on in case. I cut my finger accidentally. So how do I approach a tree like this? The way I do it is simply turn it to the outline first, so proverbial beehive shape.

It’S quite amazing. How many of my students they can never see the Beehive shape when I asked them to do a beehive shape, they somehow cannot visualize it. So, as I always say, it is no more than doing two period like pouring a hedge or whatever almost do it. Pruning Large English Elm

In my sleep, finally, The Roots have not gone into the ground. It’S just that this is a massive tree with a lot of growth and, of course, when all is done all is said and done. I still have to look at that.

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One meter long fall in couple of months couple of months: yeah the roots have not gone into the ground. It’S just that it’s a big pot. I will put it in a bonsai for one of these days. I do have micropods large enough, so some person will buy it.

If you look around the world places like in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, of course Bonsai of this size – is made. So I have a lot of Wise Guys Who come on the nursery, so you must be mad. You know no one makes Bonsai this size, but they probably don’t realize what goes on in the Bonsai World.

Large bonsai are made and some of these large bonds, I’ve seen in Indonesia and Vietnam are bigger than this, especially with Fighters. So you can see the procedure I’m just getting in here, so that I can show you the trunk against.

Unless you see the trunk, it doesn’t start to be a body size. I think the Hedge cutter would do it evenly yeah, no you’re joking. We used to have that uh pruners. Isn’T it yeah to go around with that, but it just shows how quickly I can do it just with a humble pair of calico secateurs, I’m going to get most of it done you’re, seeing it in real time.

Nothing is speeded up because the beauty of all these deciduous trees is in the wintertime when they don’t have leaves they’re even more beautiful look. Only this was a desirable species. We’Ve got a lot of cuttings.

We would get out of here. Atoms produced from cuttings very readily very easily. Many people have asked me how come the English arm doesn’t get dacham disease. The thing is: if you grow it as a bonfire in pots, you can control it and it’s only the trees that are growing in the hedges and in nature that they get this touch-owned disease, although I don’t think the disease is so Rife now, I might need Another to get to the top – let’s see, let’s do the bottom Parts first.

Thank you! [ Applause, ], okay. I think I will stop it for a while. I’M gonna bring the furnace. Those are the parts that I can’t reach, so I’m getting Josh to use the electric hedge trimmer to trim it so we’re just doing a bit of hedge trimming to clear this bonsai.

The leader needs to come out to make sure it’s a perfect Dome, not triangle. So that is how Bonsai is made with an electric hedge trimmer. Look at that, so we’ve got the overall shape some of the bottom.

We can also clean up Josh the hanging ones go underneath it underneath flat, no and more animals. The on the left hand, side yeah yeah over there, [ Music ] and then, if you look at the shape a bit from this side on the edge there yeah okay, so that’s done and now I’m going to go in the tree and create some space between The branches this is the tricky part.

The overall outline is not that difficult, but creating the spaces. The tricky part what we have to do. As I said during the winter time when the tree is without sleeves, you can see it better, but I still can’t see what I’m doing these are such biggest trees.

Can you imagine the native terms going so strong? The Chinese Zone in a native country go as strong as this that’s why they have used so much help on soil world is full of Chinese, though very very lovely tree for making bonsai.

So you can see I’m creating the pads in here and then, when all is said and done, we have to show the trunk as much as possible. Let’S see their own devices, all plants tend to send a shoot vertical, but we don’t want that.

I’M creating the price we want to hold onto so anything going upwards like this here, going upwards, I’m cutting off. So I get this Flat Pad effect, [ Music ]. Now this tree will have to be lifted with a crane or with a digger.

There’S no way can it be lifted manually. Even four men wouldn’t be able to tackle it, see when there I’m trying to create some pads to get the space between branches, [, Music, ]. I’Ve got to bear in mind that I shouldn’t be losing the overall conical shape, so I don’t want to go too crazy, [ Music ].

How many times have you heard this tree paper only once yeah, only one figure about this time of year. So when you think that you prune only once here, there’s not too much to ask, isn’t it so this is my preferred front see what was Hollow has healed up.

So this is a completely hollow tree. It’S completely huge [, Music ] looks good I’ll. Give that guys: okay, that’s great okay, a little more [ Music ]! I remember what’s going to a village in Spain, I can’t remember where it was, and an old lady was telling me about Elvis.

They didn’t know that I was doing Bonsai. So I remarked about the tree. She said this is an Arab almost or something she said. They’Re toughest old boots, they’re impossible to choke. That was the reputation held entirely.

So someone wants a spectacular tree. This is the sort of thing to go for [, Music ]. Again, a lot of Crossing branches – you don’t know which is crossing and which is not Crossing, but eventually they all need to be dealt with.

So I think we haven’t taken more than like five minutes to do this street no more restored to normal. So we’ll do it again next year, can you imagine if you didn’t do it out of control? Perhaps you will reduce the size of the pot you’ll be able to control it.

That’S much better. So there you go. I might even carve the front again so trees like this. Give me enormous pleasure. I know that not all these things ever served, but you learn so much from doing here and I think knowledge and education in anything is more important than just selling a tree.

So there you go that’s another project, though, while we are here, let’s show you some of these oak trees in cinema fashion, in a lot of these trees that we go on native trees. This is an oak tree so again and keep cutting it back waiting for the trunk to develop.

That’S what takes time that really is a long process to show you the contrast. These are the Chinese arms. We grow them from the small to get big. So we’re not in a rush to sell these either you see Chinese zones as bonsai.

Look at the prunings that we’ve done all from One Tree. Amazing there you go so that’s a project. Look at the view from here. I think that’s a nice angle. Very nice angle: [, Music ]. I think we can probably reduce this a little bit the future yeah.

I don’t think we need that and I’ll keep it for now, so this tree has got a long journey yet totally restarted there. You go [ Music, ],

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