Pruning and Repotting my Northern White Pine

I’m working on my Northern White Pine that I collected in 2015 as a small seedling.

The scientific name for this tree is Pinus stobus and it’s native range is from the upper east coast to the great lakes regions of Canada and the United States.

I like Pinus strobus. Most bonsai growers give up on them for some reason, maybe cuz P. strobus couldnt get to the traditional Japanese designs- internodes are too long and the needles are quite big.

Although, I have seen needles reduce half their size on P. strobus, like on my collected specimen, possibly cuz of the clay soil it was in. P. strobus is definitely not a tree for the impatient bonsai grower or who wants an “instant” specimen.

I haven’t, but I know vegetable oil is effective on the truck and branches, maybe on the leaves if you wash it off later?

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