Projects with Young Maples

In this video I show you how to use young maple saplings to create different styles of bonsai.

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Greenhouse Shade

Whether a professional grower or a hobbyist, you will find the need for a shade cloth to protect plants from getting too much sun. The shade cloth is available in different strengths to enable the grower to adjust the light input to the types of plants they grow. A greenhouse that is placed near trees will receive some shade if they are tall enough to the shade cloth would need to be of a lower strength if the plants need more sun than shade type plants. The internet is a vast holder of information on growing plants; doing some research on greenhouse shade cloth would be of the best interest of the grower before buying any.

Greenhouses Are Used For Mass Plant Production

Green houses are used for a variety of purpose from growing seasonal crops year round to the mass production of flowers and plants. They have even become attractive as a food production source for people living in marginal environments.

Having Greenhouse Plants

For those who love gardening, building a greenhouse on their property is a wonderful way to introduce new plants into their lives. Greenhouse plants are typically those that would not naturally thrive in the area in which the gardener lives. Whether you are shopping online or at a local greenhouse, information on the ideal environment in which a plant will thrive is generally easy to find. The key to successful greenhouse gardening is in finding plants who will all thrive under similar conditions.

History of Plumeria Frangipani Plants

Bob Walsh begins the history of Plumeria Frangipani plants with the Aztecs in 1522. He follows the famous botanist and explorer of the late 17th century who gave his name to the Plumeria, chronicles the arrival of Plumeria plants on Hawaii and concludes the history with the important part Hawaii played in making the Plumeria known to the world and contributing to its popularity today.

Florists Offer A Wide Variety Of Arrangements

Florists are specialists in the emotional language of blooms and blossoms. What ever the event or occasion a well staffed and stocked shop can help you pick out just the right arrangement to express you feelings.

Composting – Create a Compost Project Destined For Success

New and experienced composters often fall by the way-side because they lack one thing – careful planning. We all want the best for our gardens and composting is the way to get the best fertilizer, mulch and potting mix without huge financial cost, but it does take some effort. Good planning helps to create a project with no surprises, but which will be sure to succeed.

Fungus Gnat Prevention and Other Important Facts

Allow your potting soil to dry out completely between watering. But do not wait until your plant starts to wilt before you water it again. This is probably the most common and easiest fungus gnat prevention measure.

Garden Centers Can Help Keep Your Home Beautiful

Garden centers are businesses that carry plant and equipment to make you home a show place or statement of your neighborhood pride. These business carry everything you need including the knowledge necessary to make any landscaping idea a reality.

Flowers Offer A Variety Colors And Uses

Flowers have, over the centuries, become one of our most loved resources. They have displayed a variety of uses including the manufacture of perfumes as a beautifying plant and as a source of food and flavor.

Extend the Life of Your Garden in August

While gardens are busily producing vegetables and blooming flowers in August, there is much gardeners can do to extend the life of their gardens into fall. Deadhead flowers: Most flowering plants are full of blooms and bulbs. Remove flowers as soon as they show signs that they are past their prime.

Choosing Your Ideal Summer House

You may have set your heart on purchasing a new summer house for this summer, however before you go rushing out to buy one you should make yourself a checklist of exactly what features you require from your summerhouse, and most importantly write down exactly what you are going to be using it for prior to even looking at any models at all. Writing out a checklist should be an essential part of your purchasing process as if not you may be tempted to purchase a model that is unsuitable for your requirements and find that there is…

Attracting Butterflies and Moths to Your Garden

The dramatic decrease in the number of bees in our gardens and countryside has been well documented. However, there is also a decline in the number of butterflies and moths. These beautiful and beguiling insects not only provide a spectacle in the summer garden and country meadows but are a useful indication of the general health of a habitat because of their sensitivity to changes in the ecosystem. Here are some useful tips on how to attract butterflies and moths into your garden.

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