Potting Bonsai Seedlings in the Rain, The Bonsai Zone, Nov 2021

This will be the last warm day for a long time. I’m potting up my future bonsai seedlings and planting some new ones!
I’m planting Montana Fireberry Hawthorn, Plane tree, and Hornbeam seeds.
I’m potting up Monkey Thorn Acacia, Coral Bean and an unknown species with root pruning in the rain.

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Bonsai for Beginners: How to Pick a Tree

The art of caring for and growing bonsai trees has been around for centuries. Having a bonsai tree in your home adds to its style and elegance, that’s why more and more people starting to grow their own. Growing bonsai trees may be a challenge especially for beginners because it is quite different from growing traditional plants in your garden. But once you get the hang of it and you’ve successfully grown your first bonsai tree, the feeling is beyond rewarding. So if you want to grow your first bonsai but have no idea where to begin, start slow and learn about the first most important step in growing bonsai – what type of tree to pick.

Do You Keep A Gardening Calendar?

Perhaps you received a blank journal or calendars for Christmas. January is the perfect time to start a gardening calendar. Any type of journal or calendar you prefer will work but there does need to be room to write notes and observations.

January Is Time For Gardeners to Prepare for Spring

January in Southern California is a time to keep landscapes looking lush while preparing for the spring growing season. Plant Winter Flowers: Perennial plants can look worse for wear in January. Give your flower garden a fresh look by planting cool-season annuals such as pansies, snapdragons, calendulas and linaria.

Nature’s Guide Places a Focus on Saving the Earth

Have you noticed the fact that there are a lot of companies skimping on the details within their websites? When you are looking for products to feed your plants and stimulate the growth of your landscape, you need to be cautious about what products you are using. The reason so many companies leave out important details on the website is because they don’t want you to know what they are using in their products and how it is affecting the planet.

Plants Breeding and Their Types for the Guidance for Every Human Being

Growing plants and maintaining them are very important for the owner as well as the history of these new herbs. For them a professional help and guidance is needed, an expert advice is needed as for these new breeds their care and existence is a must.

A Short Guide to Pruning and Shaping Your Bushes

A short guide to pruning and shaping bushes in your garden. Simple instructions that will allow you to change your shapeless bushes into works of art while relaxing and enjoying time outside in the sun.

Help Me See The Light

There are so many different options when it comes to choosing lighting sources for your everyday needs. How do you know if you’re choosing the right one? Why are there so many different lighting systems, and light bulbs?

Add the Wow Factor to Your Lawn With Skilled Landscape Gardeners

Summer is generally popular for its fun and festive mood. However, it calls for some gardening job as well. Remember, a well-furnished and well-decorated lawn leaves a positive impression on its onlookers.

Bonsai, the Art of Manipulating Nature’s Creation

This article contains a brief explanation about the Japanese art of Bonsai. The creation and development of miniature trees that have all the characteristics of their full grown brothers and sisters. It is an art that was orihginally developed in China and has passed through centuries producing beautiful miniature trees for your home.

Compost and Plants May Not Mix

It is a well known certainty that utilizing creature compost as a manure in your arrangement is a resource for the dirt. Agriculturists and natural plant specialists have been utilizing excrement as a manure for a considerable length of time. Did you know, on the other hand, that some compost won’t just smolder your plants yet might likewise slaughter them?

Worm Compost As An Effective Organic Manure To Improve Crop Yield

Worm compost is completely organic manure that not only improves plant production, but also enhances soil quality. Unlike, chemical fertilizers, these manures are eco-friendly products.

Is Your Shed All Set For Winter?

Winter is here but is your shed ready for it? It could be that you are taking a risk and are thinking, “I will replace it next season”, but if that is your line of thought then you could be taking a very big risk indeed as the past two years the United Kingdom has been hit by some of the harshest Winters since modern records began.

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