For those of you who are watching this video. I hope you will be healthy and successful. Today I will paint a coconut bonsai using clear gloss so watch this video until it’s finished okay … so this coconut bonsai is mine show the roots and shells 2 weeks ago and I wrap this with a wet cloth and I will paint this and we need to clean it up and we need to tidy the roots of the fibers I have prepared a brush and we clean the roots and shells we brush okay … after like this then we in the sun for about 5 minutes and for the root fibers that are less , we trim and we paint the conditions that the roots can be painted are old roots and usually the color is a little darker if the young roots will be white and the massage is still soft if this It’s hard okay … after it’s dry like this. then we prepare the clear gloss, I usually use the Propan brand, this is not an endors or promotion, yes … but because I usually use this brand , I will paint it with the brand I usually use, I usually use a smear tutorial, my friend and today I will practice the spray like this so we spray it, it’s easier and faster this product is usually available in a building material shop I bought it for Rp. 28,000 for each different area, okay. Then ….. on the ground I give paper or we put a tissue like this and wrap it in plastic on the leaves, then we spray it with clear gloss Propan, after this we dry it and we repeat 3 to 5 layers and we dry like this when it’s dry, paint it again, okay friends friend, I have done this 3 layers of painting and the result is like this the result is more shiny and looks cool, okay … that’s all for my video, hopefully v This idio is useful for you to look forward to the next video wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu greetings as a hobby

Exactly How to Make Coconut Bonsai

Bonsai is one of the fascinating decorative plants. Bonsai is a tiny mini plant of the original plant type. Sorts of bonsai additionally vary, several plants are decreased by the method of trees or crops.

Plants or trees that can be bonsai for example is a coconut tree. Coconut bonsai plant has a distinct form, and also is suitable to be house design. There are also fascinating branched coconut bonsai with a more special form.

Bonsai coconut.

Fairly a great deal of rate of interest in the market of ornamental plants, particularly bonsai enthusiasts.

Of course all viewers believe, exactly how can a plant as large as a coconut tree converted into branched coconut bonsai that has a little size. Certainly the viewers wonders. Well, Listen this article to finish to recognize exactly how to make coconut bonsai branching.

Exactly How to Make Coconut Bonsai.

Define Coconut Type.

Initial stage to make coconut bonsai. There are several sorts of coconut that can be bonsai. Such as red ivory coconut, coconut milk cream color, as well as albino coconut. There are characteristics to understand the kind of coconut.

For red ivory coconut has a yellowish red shade. When it ends up being a red cream color coconut bonsai will be distinct and also very attractive. For the therapy of red ivory bonsai coconut is likewise fairly troublesome.

The most hard in dealing with the red cream color bonsai is to keep its red color. To keep it we need to make use of a lot of fertilizer. Due to this plant when the lack of substances contained in the fertilizer, the color of plants will go back to eco-friendly.

When it comes to milk ivory has a white shade and this plant grows in lots of subtropical areas. In addition to bonsai, this sort of coconut is also utilized as a substitute for palm trees to be positioned in the park.

The type of coconut albino has the same color with milk coconut is white color. Of program when it ends up being bonsai, this kind of coconut is special and really interesting.

Well, viewers currently know the sorts of coconut that can be bonsai. Following pick the visitor suches as or according to the preferences of visitors to be bonsai.

Picking a Coconut Seed.

Coconut seeds need to be chosen the best, if the origin of the choice might not grow well. The best coconut seed for bonsai is the old one. As a result of the old coconut will be faster to expand new shoots.

It would be much better to choose coconut seeds straight from the tree. When the seeds that have actually dropped, may be seedlings will certainly grow with a much less than best shape. When dropping, or it might also coconut shells have actually been delicate or damaged due to influence.

For seed size, select the dimension of the covering that is not too huge or little. However it has powerful and also huge origins. When the shape of the stem later on, seed startings with tiny coconut coverings will certainly additionally help with.

Determining Coconut Shell Position.

The beginning area for the development of coconut remains in the shell. So it is necessary to establish the position of the covering according to the desired bonsai pattern.

Initially, location seeds that do not have buds on soil that has a great deal of water web content. Plants will expand shoots around roughly 1 to 2 weeks.

Placed the coconut covering in a vertical position, coconut covering will certainly be surrounded by roots. Or it might likewise be positioned flat, later on the coconut bonsai form will be like a snail’s residence.

Cleaning the Coconut Coir.

Coconut husk newly cleaned when coconut shoots have actually appeared. to saturate the coir can by peeling with longitudinal cuts around the covering.

When reducing the covering, it is required to be mindful not to worry brand-new shoots as well as roots. After slashed, can straight peeled off all coconut husk attached to the coconut shell.

Cleaning Coconut Shell Fine Furs.

The following action after the coconut husk looks tidy is to clean up the fine hair on the coconut covering. The great hairs can be removed using a knife up until the coconut covering is tidy. Can likewise after tidy of the feathers, crushed shell again making use of sandpaper.

Preparing the Media to Plant the Shell.

Offer a pot with a dimension proper to the size of the shell, or able to suit coconut coverings. Load the pot with a blend of water, manure, as well as soil, with a measurement size of 2: 1: 1.

If the pot is filled, following is to prepare a bottle of mineral water to be made use of as a cover of the coconut shoots. why coconut fires shut? The factor for it to expand quickly. Bottled mineral water was reduced the top of the bottle with an elevation of roughly 5 cm.

Planting Process.

Coconut shell grow can be straight put into pots that contain a mix of water, dirt, and manure. The coconut bonsai farmers branched off gradually.

Forming the Coconut Bonsai Bar.

This phase is important enough to make coconut bonsai. What is done so that the bonsai form remains little, it is necessary to make syringe in the older shoots.

Just how to filter coconut bonsai?

When the seeds have expanded to 15 to 20 cm, it needs to be slashed under of the shoots. For young shoots do not reach the incision so as not to rot. Penyayatan done a day at the very least 3 times or more for optimum results.

Taking Care Of Coconut Bonsai.

The last stage of making a branched coconut bonsai is looking after bonsai. Caring for it is very easy enough, readers only require to sprinkle the bonsai once daily during the early morning or evening. If in the dry season, the strength of the lawn sprinklers extra typically.

In addition to watering, coconut shell bonsai likewise require to be provided fertilizer. Stipulation of nutrients in bonsai plants can likewise accelerate your fruit bonsai container be productive.

This is the procedure of making coconut bonsai, so if I may be truthful is very exhausting but all this paid off with the outcomes I obtain


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