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Learn from leading Bonsai experts from the comfort of your living room! Our carefully designed online courses are available from beginner to advanced level.

Each online course we offer has free lessons available:

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Video Transcript

Master the art of bonsai with our easy-to-use, step-by-step video tutorials. All our online courses have free previews available. Well-known bonsai experts guide you through the unique content, full of practical advice for beginning and advanced students. We teach you the essential techniques and skills needed to begin your journey. Simply pay once for unlimited and lifetime access to the entire course. As a student you can watch at your own pace – play, pause, and watch as many times as you like. And if you have a question you can ask the teacher directly – we’re here to help! Once you’ve grasped the essentials, our intermediate and advanced level courses offer in-depth content, That will help you expand your knowledge, and truly master the art of bonsai!

The NEW Bonsai Made Easy Handbook

No matter what level of experience you have in Bonsai, there's a 139-page fully illustrated publication I highly reccommend from a Bonsai Academy expert covering everything to do with Bonsai. Discover the Best & Simple Way "How to Grow Healthy Bonsai"

Bonsai For Beginners

Want learn about Bonsai from the real experts? This new publication is the ideal place to start for beginners covering everything from A-Z in this popular hobby and profitable business. Watch some of the videos or get all the information here "Bonsai For Beginners"

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