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I dug these out from an industrial area where I collect moss and I pretty much just ripped them out of the ground about 6 months ago. They all seem to be doing fine. Not sure what they will look like in the future but free trees are great.

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Olives are for Sam what shimpakus are for you. His style is very different to yours, but he may have some pointers that would be applicable for those babies. I can’t wait to see how you work with these, and would love to see the last one in a workshop if we can ever leave home again! 🙂

Video Transcript

g’day youtube welcome back to my channel bonsai works i’m david today i’m sure you must be in shock if you’ve been following my channel for a while but it’s not a shimpaku you know how much i love shimaku junipers um these are a couple of olives that i to be honest i just dug out from i think a a parking lot somewhere i just used um like landsat and i didn’t i just dug them out didn’t know what to expect and of course olives are like weeds and they just grow like crazy in in melbourne in australia they’re just they’re just weeds almost down here um fantastic great material great but i don’t have much knowledge well i don’t really do much with olives i have one beautiful large specimen that i really love because it came out of my um parents front yard my dad planted it many many years ago and um i’ve still got that tree so it’s sentimental to me so it’s a nice big tree but these guys are little young olives but i don’t know what they look like all i know is they’re nice and shooting coming up the spring you know what they treat them like weeds almost so coming up to nice spring whether i should expect a lot more foliage growth etc but i have no idea what the roots look like i have no idea how many trunks i’m dealing with or whatever how much is dead how much is it so let’s have another let’s open up and have a look at some of these trees i’ll start with the little one over here hopefully that’s close enough i might bring the camera in have a look i think i just planted a whole bunch of little ones in here i don’t know we’ll see i don’t even know if i’ll find you to do it to be honest looks like i’ve got one two three three a nice little straight one nothing too special there i’ve got a little nice bent one nice these are nice little minis in the future so nice health look at that pretty much i don’t think i had any roots on these things i just cut them off and look at that just no problem this one looks really good a little fat little that’s actually quite nice i’m just going to give them i don’t know if you’re supposed to bare root them but i’m going to give them a little wash just to just to have a look at um a bit better in detail some of these some of these um look at what the root structure looks like i just want to clean up some of these see how these bits that i cut off that kind of did i want that i want the feeder roots there’s some young small stuff um so i’m just gonna i’ve got to leave that one but that’s not a bad little fat little guy see that little mini these are all nice little minis you know just put them back in a plastic pot clean up the roots and just grab them singularly and um see what happens so i’m just going to give them a little rinse and then you know see i don’t know what i’ll do with them but um for now they’re okay i’m just going to clean up find out where’s you know most of that’s alive it’s like two little two little top bits there probably cut off one i’m gonna keep the other one probably just probably for tape i’m gonna just move that one out you know just clean them up a little and now i’ve got some something some sort of structure something to build with i might leave them to help with the roots but let me go and give them a wash this is cute i don’t mind that one it’s a big movement this one so a bit more interesting this is probably the little winner in the whole group all right let me go give them a rent and we’ll have a better look at their roots oh all right everyone so that one’s pretty good pretty healthy nice oops nice root system i’m not gonna put them these are don’t don’t go into bonsai pots these go into you know just little plastic pots to grow on if i really wanted to or i might just sell these you know someone will give them away nice little trees this little guy unfortunately has got this big huge roommate at the bottom with taproot now the way you treat olives here you pretty much cut right through this i don’t know what you call it it’s like a bubble or i don’t know what the name was you cut through this bubble and it just shoots roots everywhere so i’m going to cut this right off i don’t really want this bit there’s no point having this off this here starters you’ll never never go with the tree in the future so you start with air but i’m pretty sure that you can just go shoot right through it right through this so someone put the word up if you put in the comments what it is um i know what it is but you cut right through it and it should grow on so i’m gonna leave that for now like that just let’s see if that shoots back and and grows on it’s a nice little tree if it survives um that’s dead that bit this this trunk is dead so i’m going to get rid of that that’s dead the middle one’s dead all right so that’s pretty good that’s what’s alive nice little tree look at that very cute you can imagine that in the future even if we just have that little bit as the tree or i’m just gonna put these in you know in a plastic pot with some nice soil and um off they go put that aside that can survive there for a while now we’ll rush let’s have a look at the bigger one again i don’t know if this is one tree or multiple oh it’s one tree not a bad little not a bad tree a lot a lot a lot of nice branching a lot of dead stuff too so we’re dying stuff i’m just going to try and remove some of this this top bit’s kind of dead but that’s okay well that’s not a bad little you know little tree there at all so nice little fat one probably got to do something with it um it’s a bit bland and boring at the moment but this is a type of tree that you could put in a training pot ready for you know some sort of styling later on in the year just let it keep recovering and keep putting out shoots you got to do something about all these but that needs some bit more powerful tools and maybe a saw to cut those down um this is a not bad trunk nice and healthy you’ve got nice foliage at the top nice and tall the problem is this is this is the fattest but it’s the it’s the it’s going to be the fattest but we’re going to have to regret the top if we keep it like that you could go clump style i don’t know those options it’s an interesting let me just go wash the roots and let’s have a look closer all right everyone this is quite a nice little root structure and it shows you i’ll show you the close-up see how the roots that’s a little root just popping out it does that oh there’s a nice new feeder roots no problem there those white ones looks really healthy it’s not a bad little tree this one has a lot of interest um possibilities include you know this is this is more a lot more dead wood on this tree to create something interesting uh let the tree recover there’s some nice little little um trunks in here that could offer something you could cut the tree hob all the way back to just those and create a little mini really fat little mini um but yeah nice nice little tree i’m actually going to probably put in a training pot um just to because i actually want to start to look at it and work on it maybe this year so it’s it’s kind of ready in a way because of the because of the growth and it should be should do really well so just a training pot but i’ve got this nice little brown training pot that i put probably put it in it’ll look quite nice um yeah not a bad little tree for free and i dug it up looked after for a season and um yeah that’s doing all right so i’m just going to prepare this pot and put it in there and um we’ll have a look at the finish when i’ve got all these trees done all right all right everyone so just um nice put them in little plastic pots to grow on these little guys you can see me a bit better now not too little bad little trees you know let that recover and give it a little trim give a little wire and come up like a nice little mini tree um probably in a bonsai pot one day but probably definitely on the sales tables or one of the shows definitely um these little guys look too bad it’s got a bit more movement on this little tree something a bit more interesting so again just cleaned up put in a pot and ready to go this little this is the little fat one it’s probably a bit buried but that’s important just bury it a little bit get the roots going uh get nice and healthy and that will be a nice little mini in the future you can have that in a very shallow pot i’m assuming um very small mini little olive there potentially really nice and then probably the best the best one was this one of course it’s got the it’s got a nice powerful base got a lot of work to do probably a nice little workshop tree once once it really fills out with foliage now i’m hoping the weather this year’s good and warm always love the warm weather and um really get this powering along and i don’t know what the fun is this that could be the front this could be the front i don’t know you know there’s always potential on both sides you know but you won’t know until you know you have a real close look the foliage is covered the tree’s strong so maybe another six months time we’ll have a look at working on this tree no rush at the moment just let them recover from the from the ordeal i guess i didn’t really cut roots i just cleaned off the old route i cleaned off the old soil put them in new soil bonsai mix nice open hopefully helps with the root development um and off they go so there you go guys some nice olives um to look at something a bit different these are collected just it was actually an abandoned site that i go to where i cook my moss i saw these olives and i go we’ll just dig them up and see what happens when they they survive you know you treat them pretty mean these guys and they just survive so really really good good news there these go on the benches just get watered um fertilized after maybe another month or so and if they go and we’ll see how they develop over the time so you know guys maybe hope you enjoyed that let me know what you think and we’ll be around soon see you guys bye

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