Nursery Stock Bonsai Design Viewers Critique

Implementing commenters critique of my hornbeam nursery stock pre bonsai material. Part 3 in a series creating bonsai from cheap nursery stock material.

I discuss points from various comments on the previous work done to the tree (link to part 2 below). Some points I agree with, others I disagree with. After weighing up the ideas, I re-design this pre bonsai nursery stock material.

I made a start styling this nursery stock hornbeam pre bonsai material today I’m going to take your feedback put some of that into action and we’ll finish off the initial styling of this material as always I read all of the comments that you write to me and I’d like to say thank you for your continued support on my channel it’s hugely appreciated so over here we’ve got a couple of comments that I found particularly useful saying thanks so much for those comments keep them coming in highly appreciated this was the planting angle and preferred front that I selected in the previous video so in this configuration the initial section of trunk is very vertical and it does have some movement but you really have to work hard to see the movement once we get past this vertical almost straight section of trunk the trees kind of leaning over and you know if this was a person you’d look at it and think oh you know they’ve had a tough life doesn’t look very comfortable look that looks like you know maybe the trees got a bad back and that doesn’t really for me that doesn’t really tie in with the whole story that we were looking to tower of an elegant graceful tree perhaps youthful flowing it just kind of looks like it’s had a tough life so for me there’s a bit of a contradiction in the story that we’re telling in this position please the alternative angle that we looked at generally it looks more comfortable if you like it it flows and it’s also quite balanced which ties in nicely with the elegant story we were seeking to tell with this tree so I do think that this is the better planting angle for this tree but having established that this is having established that this is the better angle for this tree I think it might be worth just having another look and another little play around just to see if we can’t enhance further this lower section of trunk is quite perpendicular to the viewer but looking at it in the flesh from a different angle we can see that there is some nice movement in that base so let’s just tell a play around and see if we can’t tweak it a little bit and get even more value out of the movement in this trunk I found it I’ve made a decision let’s have a look this is the angle that I’m going to go for it’s the front or the preferred front that I’m going to choose so the reason is we don’t have any vertical lines anymore through the trunk we’ve enhanced the movement in the lower section we’ve still got background to foreground movement to give it depth and the tree now appears to be flowing or you could even say maybe even dancing instead of being oh you know I’ve got a bad back this is what I’m gonna go with then so let’s just rearrange some of these branches make some choices in that area and I think we’ll be good to go I want to talk about the option of going for a windswept design or whether to create a more balanced tree to consider a windswept design for this tree we’ve got quite a lot of branches in positions that would lend themselves quite nicely to that sort of prevailing for that prevailing flow or the prevailing direction insinuated by the wind but wind is also a discussion of environment and if we’ve got a windy environment and we just don’t have the features of a struggling tree anywhere else except the position of the branches in this particular we don’t have like gnarly taper we don’t have contorted shapes we’ve got flowing graceful lines that speak more of youth than struggle so with that in mind I’m going to move forward creating an elegant youthful image rather than a windy struggling image with this particular tree we’ve got quite a lot of branches in this area here so let’s come in close and have a look see if there aren’t some decisions that we can make I think this one could be quite versatile because we can quite easily bring it into this space here or we can have it on this side this branch here is in quite a nice location it would be quite nice as a back branch you can fill in some of this negative space it’s quite useful also being on the outside of this elbow this branch here is as it is it’s a bit awkward but I think it will fill in some of this negative space quite nicely in this region this one however I think is prime to be removed it would look too awkward bringing it around here but it’s jostling for position among these other branches I just think it’s going to make the design look more cluttered so I think we’ll start by getting rid of this one take that wire out of the picture [Applause] all right the next thing that’s on my mind is the negative space that we’ve got here and I think the first move that I’ll make is to bring this branch around here and then this piece which may not be kept long-term we will so we’ll bring this branch into this space this little ones peeping around here which we are trained like so so let’s start looking at some of these branches then let’s come up a bit more down here that piece can start to occupy this area this branch comes into play up here okay so I think this piece can now come up a bit more like that in the upper region I don’t like the way that this piece is completely vertical now I like the angle that we’ve got coming away here but this one’s dead straight I’m not massively keen on this line at the moment but let’s deal with this piece first see if we can’t do something a bit better okay I think that’s looking a bit better okay so now we look at this piece I like the fact that it’s not vertical but the movement isn’t really doing it for me at the moment so okay let’s come down just a touch back up here and then back down this way yeah that’s much better so this piece out towards the back of the apex we can just tweak it like that a little bit and then it’s a bit too tall so we’ll cut it back to there so that just leaves this branch that looks a little unnatural so I think we’ll try and let’s come out just a little more for the first move and then after eyeing it up I think what we’ll do is let’s cut the wire and then we can take this piece out nicely and here and prune that one off there we’ll continue the branch from that piece so now I’m going to let this one stop growing in the spring and we’ll see about doing a ground layer to bring the base of the nebari to where we want it and implement this angle once again I hugely appreciate every single comment that you write for me I’m super dead chuffed with the way this trees come out and it’s because of your help that we’ve got that so thank you so much and keep up the good work thanks for watching I’ll see you next time

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