Neglected Huge Bonsai Was Almost Dead [HOW IT WAS SAVED]

Almost Dead Bonsai Tree Recovery

[WATCH SHORT VIDEO] This neglected huge bonsai was almost dead how it was saved at deaths door and is redefining pot bound it’s a big hemlock that probably hasn’t been repotted for six years or so

The matter of roots that i’m removing here must be almost two inches thick I genuinely don’t think that this tree would have survived much longer if I hadn’t done this repot with a fresh mix of akadama pumice and lava and lots of TLC.

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Signs are good that this majestic old tree will make a full recovery hopefully one day I can return it to its former glory wish me and the true luck.

Video Transcript

This is how your plants look like does it make you sad when you kill your house plants watch my new episode on anu kinosuke where i teach you how to revive your dead plants in case you want to learn gardening i want to grow your own food do subscribe to our channel my plan my baby on youtube and don’t forget to hit the bell button so you get more personalized regular updates from our episodes from our channel my plan my baby we’re also there on instagram with the name of nurturing green where we keep talking about plants and greens you can also be there on our facebook group called my plant my baby where hundreds and thousands of plant parents come regularly and talk to each other and learn about gardening hello plant parents i think this is our common standard this is how our plants look like a lot of times right i have known hundreds and thousands of new plant parents who have lost interest into gardening because they feel they have killed their clients right and i think a lot of you guys also must be going through this if this how your plant look like i can tell you most probably how you do it if your condition of the plant looks like this you know this is my ficus bonsai no you think your plant is dead right right this plant is not dead by the way right but this is how you guys think a lot of you guys think that this is how my plant looks like and this is dead and you stop caring about it so you stop giving water you stop giving nutrition you stop giving him the right placement and you’re planning for the dice when a plant shed the leaves it says to you that i’m not feeling well daddy you need to take care of me you know when your child is not well then what does it do energy of the air above me give me some medicine i’m not feeling well and this is where you have to be extra attentive you know so this is what happened to my ficus bonsai and this happened because i kept this plant in front on the railing in front of my ac unit so there was hot air coming in and if you remember my anuken usually on the third nuska which i’ll talk about the placement where there was a temperature shock this is what happened so there was a direct blow of hot air which was going on in and there’s a temperature shock which came into this plant and all the sheds all the leaves got shed but there was one more plant next to it i’ll show you which one it was yes this was the same plant so both of them went through the same condition both of them felt like they were dead they were not dead they were telling the daddy saying i’m not feeling well you know these are the symptoms the leaves went brown and they were burnt because of hot air and they start not getting any more leaves right and this is how you can revive your plant always make sure whenever your plant sheds your leaves or drupals down it is telling that there’s something wrong either in terms of the water in terms of the soil in terms of the food or in terms of the placement right and all of these i’ve talked about in the various cars which you can watch in the episodes and i have given the links below watch them carefully again and you will realize that all of these things have happened to you also and most of the times you know you have not taken care because you thought it’s dead uh and you made it further die it’s like joe plant um in a in a more simpler language and we don’t take care of of that person you know you know he dies and that’s the same thing with the plants you know whenever the leaves are shedding the leaves are shedding it’s the plant is telling that there’s something wrong in my metabolism there’s something wrong with me either in some part of of what you’re giving me again the food is not there there are bugs which are attacking me the light is too much fluctuating all the temperature is too much fluctuating all the waters you know you’re not giving me right either giving me too much or you’re giving me two less and these are the main things which are there right so in this one what i did was i just chopped the old leaves from here remove all the leaves so that there’s no food required for the current leaves they’re already dead and see this is what happened this is just 15 days when this happened right and you won’t believe this is more bushier than what it was earlier so in this one there are more than 20 leads coming in and i’m sure in the name there’s so many sprouts also coming in here you will see that in another month or so this will again become a ball on how actually it was earlier so that’s why nuska whenever your plant is shedding leaves don’t panic you have to make sure remember that your plant needs you more now it’s it’s a way of a plan to tell to their parents saying you know they’re not feeling well and hamarito is a help guru and that’s where you need to take care of your kids more you know so you either see what is wrong happening in it so as i again repeat either there’s a water fluctuation you’re doing so you’re not putting it right uh you can check about the water on anukinosuke is episode one uh second it’s their soil or a food problem so you haven’t given the food for a very long period of time so you can check about the food again i’ve talked about it the third is the placement maybe the placement is wrong in my condition the placement was wrong everything was right the placement was wrong and it was in front of the ac in it and the temperature was fluctuating uh very fast so there was a blow of hot air coming in and that hot air was increasing temperature and making the leaves burn so placement you should check uh is the plant getting the right light uh the lux levels for the indoor or outdoors are right or uh is the temperature not fluctuating if it’s fluctuating too much again it’s going for a temperature or a light shock right so these are the reasons which you should talk about uh keep that care more and you will see that your plants will get revived you know if there are no new sprouts coming in your plant uh like in this one because i haven’t still pruned it and feeded it more once i feed it again because this was again due for feeding when this whole incident happened so once i feed that this one is feeded actually and this one is not treated the right one is not treated just as we did and i haven’t even removed the lead so what you can actually do is uh be brutal don’t feel bad just remove the leaves and cut the chop the the top part of it at least in ficus and you will see the new sprouts coming in now different plants will have different actions happening i’ll show you another plant which is there with us sure 100 of you guys will say that this is dead right this is my beautiful fan you will not believe this how it was actually look like you know it was completely bushy you know there were more than 50 plus leaves all around looks too healthy you know as you can see in the picture there was leaves all around very beautiful uh floors and color leaves coming out of it and looks so refreshing and this is how it looks like you know it seems all dead uh right now but um you know this happened in summer actually so i had so much of plants i couldn’t bring my plants indoors and my son uh in our balcony the sun is too too strong and uh summers uh ferns can’t take daily summers you know it goes beyond 45 47 and ferns like humidity of 60 70 and temperature should not go beyond 30 35 you know uh but you know as soon as the july came in humidity went up the temperature went down this is what started to happen to my plant and this is the same plants happened the same state there’s so many new sprouts coming in can you see that so this is where you can again revive your plant right in this case what happened was one was a temperature shock which was primarily there which actually just went beyond and also the humidity was a issue this is a tropical plant just like palms phones also grow in a similar scapes you must have seen them in the mountains or near the the the oceans basically so you will see them having the like high humidity around and they don’t like too much of heat and june gave just the opposite of it and this is why this is what happened so this is my again second case whenever your kid is not feeling good and showing the symptoms don’t throw it you know i’m sure i think 80 percent of people right now watching this would have thrown this right and but the plant inside here it’s doing good it’s fine it’s still life you know so you can still revive it but you need to take care of it right now the plant is telling by these look at them you know these are all the burnt leaves all these leaves you can see they’re all burnt so this is showing that i’m not feeling good you need to keep watering me again so that i can sprout it again uh i can give new babies back uh and uh you need to give them the proper uh conditions which it requires again in terms of the water in terms of the la uh in terms of the food and soil uh in terms of the placement where the temperature and light is there uh right and in terms of placement basically uh these are the things which you have to take care of them and this is how it will again be come out i think in the next another month month and a half i’ll again see this completely full and i’ll again do a video and show you that how the phones again look like so so that’s that’s my nose on checking if your plants are dead and how you can revive your plants by you know doing those uh three to four things which i’ve talked about in the earlier newscast and you can revive all your plants trust me i will never let any of my plants dry even with the single stem i can grow a whole jungle and this is i think you guys should also learn and start doing it don’t give up on your plants uh they’re like your kids they they want uh you to be with them uh they tell you whenever they’re not feeling good they can’t talk to you uh they can’t speak and this is a way of talking to them talking to you you know by shedding their leaves they tell you that they’re not feeling good and do something about it and this is something you can do you know you can take care of them nourish them more and you can grow really healthy and green your babies so uh thank you so much for watching uh anuk nosuke keep watching these episodes and if you like them or if you have any feedback for us do share your comments below i would love to hear what you guys are talking about or when you want me to talk about any particular topic or any particular plant and i would love to talk about those thank you once again for watching my plant my baby keep growing healthier and greener babies bye bye do subscribe to our channel my plan my baby on youtube

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