My Rescued Dying Ficus Bonsai Plant Get It’s First Styling

After this dying willow leaf ficus recovered, Jerome takes the next steps on its training.

Amazing how this tree has grown WOW! Great video Jerome, you have such a natural way of teaching! Great tree and great pot

Video Transcript

[Music] hey what’s up guys jerome here from the bonsai supply and today i’m going to give this ficus its very first dining so you may actually recognize this tree um we did a video earlier in the year of this tree when this tree almost died from a cold frost damage so if you have not seen that video you can either click here in the in the screen above and it will take you to this video or scroll down at the end of this video and click the link below in the description so this is a willow leaf fighters or a ficus solicifolia or silicaria whatever you go by whatever the name is today i still go by the a very old name by the willow leaf ficus so as you can see the ficus has uh recovered from the frost damage and now it is time to give this tree its very first styling so as you know what i like to do when i before i ever go ahead and touch a tree or think about even styling a tree i like to go ahead and defoliate the tree and remove all the leaves and so you know as i pull off these leaves it gives me a chance to get the noda tree and once the tree is completely defoliated i actually get to appreciate and see the entire structure of the tree which then kind of helps me to give this tree its a very best design so that’s why i always like to foliate my trees now on sundays we on our instagram account at the bonsai supply um we post our questions where you guys can ask us questions and we respond with pictures or we talk and i’ve gotten this question a lot lately where some of you guys say hey i live here there can i still defoliate my my tree or can i still repot it and so the simple answer to that very difficult question is tropical trees you can it really depends on your climate right so if you live in a tropical climate and it doesn’t get cold until let’s say january let’s say you live in south florida you can still repot and the foliage all the way until november right but if you live in a cooler climate you can technically still get away with it if you overwinter your tree properly so meaning if you have your tree in a greenhouse and the temperatures really never drop below 70 so you move it from the outdoors right into your greenhouse you can really repot any time of the year the key number to repot tropical trees and to really work them is when the night temperatures are steadily above 70 degrees fahrenheit all right so as i go ahead and now defoliate the rest of the tree i will catch you guys [Music] when we talk about tropical trees and when is it safe to work them and when is it safe to work them i have a very simple rule and when they actively grow say yes to everything with tropical trees okay so when they actively grow yes trim them yes repot them yes the foliage them yes fertilize them when they don’t grow however then leave them alone right and so when they continue to grow in your greenhouse throughout the year you can absolutely go ahead and safely repot them it’s just important that when you repot tropical trees that you keep them above 70 degrees fahrenheit now the best time to repot them of course will always be in the middle of the summer but like i said if you have a greenhouse or indoors and you know you can get away with it then you can technically repot any time of the year so [Music] all right so now that i’m done defoliating i’m cutting off the rim of the pot and i’m using my chopstick to kind of get rid of all of this black soil so i’m trying to bare root this tree completely and trees like ficuses desert roses those are perfectly fine and broken various to go ahead and completely bare root when you do your first pie and so basically what i want to achieve here by removing all of the soil i want to find a good front of the tree so i want to find the best possible front the best root flare or spread which then will help me to give this tree its very first styling so as you can see this tree has a really nice thick base already and so as i’m doing this i’m also cleaning up the root base so for instance we have this root so for instance this root here you see it’s coming right from the trunk and it’s fairly thin in comparison to the thicker one so this one will have to go and just for a statical looks i’m also going to have go ahead and remove all of these crossing non-interesting routes [Music] so i actually decided to just continue and just go ahead and repot it because this base is really huge i did not expect it to be this quite this large to be honest with you so i’m just going to continue and dig and actually start to repot and i chose this or i think i’m going to use this yellow pot which i think will complement it quite well because the leaves of the window leaf fight because they’re kind of like that light green and have a little bit of yellow in them so i think that would be quite a nice match and as you can see the root spread from once from this side to this side is so large it will almost fill out the entire pot which i think will look awesome so i’m going to go ahead now and continue to reduce the root ball and then we’re going to go ahead and pop this tree and then work on the branches [Music] all right so as you can see the tree is now fitting into the pot very quite well and i did remove a lot of the root ball but on ficuses this is perfectly fine because they regrow from very large cuttings so it’s super easy to cut them plant them and they will regrow so these are very easy to propagate so now that i have the root spread i mean the root ball reduced to a more manageable size i’m going to go ahead and pot it at the angle that i want with this root spread and then we’re going to go ahead and start to work the branches [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right so now that the tree is perfectly parted in its new pot i’m gonna now go ahead and start to reduce uh this mass of branches so as you can see once you go back and you re-watch this video you’ll see that i maybe had like three branches left on that we are alive and this is not even a year later we’re talking about like maybe four or five months after that i’m not doing this and you see how much new growth i had and that’s because i just let the tree come back push out and i just really focus on fertilizing and watering the tree and make sure that it’s really happy and so today i can go ahead and safely do its next styling so the first thing that i’m going to do is actually i’m going to start on one side and just remove all of the branches that i don’t need like for instance in here i have this nice thick branch but then i have a lot of really fine branches that come out of the exact same area and so the so those little branches i’m actually going to remove and the same from the inside of the canopy so all the little branches that i call suckers we really don’t need them in this design so i’m going to go ahead now and just clean up this entire tree [Music] all right so this tree is finished for today um as you can see i removed a lot of roots and i also removed a lot of branches and i always say you have to be very honest with the piece of material that you’re working with on the first day of styling and really remove everything that does not fit the overall design so i went here for a smaller size tree and i went for like a broom style design now all of these branches up here are placed really well but this branch down here i left it long and i’m gonna let it elongate a little more to thicken up some more but overall i’m very happy with the design and as you can see i have the main branches in place and already the secondary branches as well now the overall canopy i can see it being about this high this high and probably going out to about somewhere out to here that’s what i can envision and then hopefully i will get some aerial roots next summer that can then drop down into the soil and so that’s really it for today i hope that you guys enjoyed this video let me know what you think of this tree’s transformation make sure that you subscribe to our youtube channel and i’ll catch you guys next time [Music] you

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