My Money Tree Bonsai, The Bonsai Zone, Jan 2022


hi everyone nigel saunders here it is a beautiful sunny day today it’s been such a long time since i’ve seen the sun it sure feels good ever since i moved the tropical trees into the plant room here i’ve been watching this little spider and it’s been getting larger and larger through the months and last night it didn’t rebuild its web and i was very worried about it it used to have a web kind of between my ficus here and this cord and the web was all kind of destroyed by insects it catches all my insects and i was so worried about it i thought where’s the spider gone i hope it didn’t die or something and then this morning it rebuilt the web just under the ufo light here i hope you could see it there there it is a really nice web so that’s so good it’ll catch a lot of insects under there so i was so happy to see my spiders alive and doing well in a perfect location still catching lots of insects helping me out in the plant room here so there is a tree missing today in the plant room right down there it is my money tree i’ve moved it out to the greenhouse and today i’ll be repotting it and doing some work on it i’m out in the greenhouse now let’s have a look at the money tree here is a look at my money tree it’s growing really really well it looks healthy it’s thickening up it’s getting nice movement to the trunk and branches it’s developing quite nicely i can’t remember the last time i repotted it so i’ll go in and i’ll check the playlist for this tree and kind of uh refresh my memory on what i last did to it and when i went inside and i checked the playlist for this tree and i had to go back to the very first video on the playlist and that’s where i initially potted up this cutting and i haven’t repotted it since and that was back in june of 2016. so this tree hasn’t been repotted for almost six years now oh my goodness so you can see on here there’s a large root that’s developed on the one side so there may be some root balancing required there’s another root that kind of crosses that root kind of like a strangler root there so yeah it’s well overdue for repotting the pot that this tree is in i got it very cheap because it had some slight hairline cracks down here and i think on the backside too the pot is still strong it probably will never break apart but it’s not the greatest looking pot in the world because of those cracks in it but i think i think it’ll be fine i’m going to put it back into the same pot we had a cold night last night it went down to minus 11 celsius or in fahrenheit that’s 10 degrees fahrenheit so quite a cool night but the greenhouse stayed above freezing which is really good i had to put both heaters on at night so the little cube heater down here here and the radiator style heater stays on all the time so yeah this one it makes a lot of noise but it puts out a good amount of heat [Music] so i just have to turn it off when i’m making videos so it gets quite cool in here right now it’s sitting at around 10 degrees celsius when is that in well this one says up here it’s 13.9 degrees celsius or 56.9 degrees fahrenheit so yeah it’s quite cool in here my first step is to get the tree out of the pot and yes that’s snow back here the tray was outside so it’s kind of cold warming up all right let’s see if i can do this let’s see if i can get it out of the pot oh it comes out quite easily well it’s loose anyway okay come on mm-hmm i guess there’s a bit of a lip on the pot there we go forward a bit i don’t know looks like the root system is pretty one-sided here come on come on there it goes yeah i think if i come around here you can see this hardly any roots have grown on this side it’s all grown on that one kind of tap root there well that’s not the greatest but that’s the way these trees are they don’t get very many roots kind of like a very meager root system i’ll begin to comb out the root system what there is of a root system anyway now in the first video i said i buried the tree a little deeper in the pot just to make sure it kind of got all the roots in the soil so i might be able to raise it a bit with this repotting i don’t know there were a few dried up roots in the soil so i’m wondering if it like here there’s a dried up old root you can see it’s hollow inside yeah i don’t know when that happened maybe the tree was just too dry yeah it looks like looks like it’s a little dry over this side i don’t know maybe all the energy just went into this one big root these trees if you do give them too much water it kills the root system too little water probably kills them too so you gotta be very careful with your watering now it’s trying to be but so there’s the base of the uh this is called a codex or if it’s a trunk there’s my drainage screens down there yeah a lot of kind of some healthy roots and some not so healthy i remember yeah look at those roots are really healthy interesting [Music] there’s interesting drainage screen there yeah so you can see there’s the base of the cutting and the root has just gone off to one side and it’s really quite thick interesting it’s almost like a ginseng root well i think i’ve got most of the soil removed now [Music] down to just kind of the bare roots okay well i’ll take away all the soil and we’ll have a look and see what i’m left with here so here’s what the root system looks like it’s very one-sided and it would be easy just to kind of plant it again in the pot and uh let it do its own thing but you know we’re trying to get a balanced root system so i’ve got to do some root work today uh yeah i’ve got to try i i don’t want a root system that’s looking like this one-sided i prefer kind of a radial root system if i can get it now can i do it how am i going to do it is the question so i’m looking at this i don’t know if this is a crossing route or if it’s just like a bulbous section uh see how it’s like a ring it’s a ring that goes all the way around so i don’t think it’s a root that crosses this one so my first thought is to remove this top root maybe you know these ones will take over and maybe some of the ones over on this side i don’t know but this one is sticking out of the pot it’s getting way too thick and vigorous and maybe removing this one will stimulate some root growth somewhere around the other side of the tree it’s worth a try anyway all right here i go to remove that root and i think my my japanese saw is the tool for this this one because i think this is very soft wood so here i go i’m going to cut it on an angle like this yeah this saw cuts really well through it like that so that’s removed and you can see where the root was so that’s the first step to hopefully beginning to balance the root system so i’ve got two here they’re kind of radial but this one is too low so i’m thinking i’m going to cut it off i’m going to cut it off here leaving some of it another one back here [Music] like that and then i’m going to cut this one off on an angle i’ll keep that root actually and we’ll like that so now i’ve got some kind of a root system at least it’s flatter maybe something will develop on this side we’ll see so i’m ready to plant the tree now here’s a look at the one crack in the pot so it goes across the top and down the pot to about here and then it stops and it was like that when i potted the tree six years ago so i don’t think it’ll crack any further there’s another crack on the other side here it again starts at the top goes across the lip down here and ends about here and it’s never gotten any you know the crack hasn’t developed any further or anything so i’m hoping it stays together because it’s a nice size pot for the tree i just did a video yesterday on cleaning pots bonsai pots getting them ready for shows this one desperately needs cleaning it’s got calcium or lime all over it from the fertilizer and water but today i’ll just give it a good rinse off and then we’ll get potting up the tree i’ve rinsed the pot off it’s fairly clean i’ll cut some drainage screens all right in goes my base layer of soil now i gotta check what height i want the tree in the pot so here yeah i think right to the bottom so a very thin base layer of soil and i’ll plant the tree so i think somewhere about here in the pot i can fill it in with soil all around the trunk then so here i go i’ll get some more soil around the back here all around the tree help hold it up okay um i’m gonna check if the tree will stay up by itself i don’t think it will oh it just does i better put something on this side of it while i this over here okay that’s good there’s always some kind of technique that works best for each species of tree with the money tree what i found is you let it grow you get the branches get woody like this and then you hard prune it back and then you get sub branching coming off of that let them grow get woody and hard prune them again just keep repeating that process and eventually you get branching and the tree starts to look pretty good so today i’m going to be cutting all this top foliage back trying to get it more compact that’ll make the tree lighter on top also so it won’t tip over in the pot quite so easily i’m going to start by defoliating the tree and then i can go in and see the branch structure it’ll ease the burden on the roots until they get established once again i am starting to see the branch structure now it’s looking pretty good too okay last last leaf and there it is there’s the tree i may adjust the planting angle i’m going to stand back and have a look at it it’s kind of hard to see how to plant the tree with all the leaves on here is a look at the tree in the pot and you can see the trunk kind of comes off to the right and all the weight is off to the right hand side almost like a slanting style tree i think i should try and straighten it up so the balance of the canopy is more directly over the root base i’ll try it anyway see how it looks okay let’s remove our our pruners here yeah i think i like the angle of it like the rotational angle but i think it needs some straightening up in the pot almost more like that i think let me have a look that’s quite an angle change but the tree is definitely more balanced yeah it won’t tip over in the pot now it’s very stable let’s stand back and have a look at it here’s a look at the tree now a lot more vertical quite a change for the tree i like it though i think it gives the bottom part of the trunk a little bit of movement the tree looks very balanced in the pot the only thing i’m thinking now is that this main trunk here maybe comes a little too far forward i’ll show you it from the side view here’s a look at the tree in the side view so i balance the tree from the front view and now i think i’ve got to balance it from the side view too i think there’s too much weight coming out the front of the tree here so i’ll tilt it back just a little bit i think that looks better it looks more balanced let’s have a look at it from the front once again yeah it looks better from the front the tree looks very balanced from all views which is kind of what you want in a lot of trees it gives a a peaceful look to the tree it looks settled uh if you have a tree off balance it um makes you start thinking about life and death of the tree the forces of nature the cruelty of nature it’s a different feeling a tree that’s really well balanced and has a nice canopy it gives a peaceful feeling to the person viewing it because there’s no dynamics happening there’s no a drama to the tree it’s just very settled and stable which is a nice feeling i am going to do some pruning to the tree so you can see there’s a leaf scar here so if i wanted a branch to come out the front i could prune it just above there there’s a leaf scar at the back at this level and basically nothing else on this branch at the back here which is really tall and straight i’ve got a leaf scar here which is in a good spot one at the back up here and basically nothing else so this is about my only choice so i’ll prune above there leaving a bit for die back so here i go like that this one i’m going to prune here the other two branches here i want them fanning out also so i’ve got a leaf that was coming out here or one here i think this one is a more radial direction so i’ll prune above there like that and then the one at the back i want it fanning out the back so i’ve got a good leaf here so i’ll prune just above that one that way all the new branches that form in will be fanning out from the trunk and that’s i think about it for today other than i have to water the tree here’s a look at the tree after the pruning it still looks quite nice it looks very tree-like and it’s got some nice movement to it it looks kind of like a miniature succulent type tree so i’ll give it a good thorough watering now all right here i go with the water hopefully the tree will like this new porous soil that i’ve got in here and that is it here’s the tree i’ll pot it up i’ll spin it around so you can see it from all angles so here’s the front view coming around to the right side to the back view to the left side and back to the front so i i think it’s looking quite nice it’s uh i’m looking forward i hopefully it recovers from this repotting and starts growing once again and maybe someday be a really cool looking money tree it seems like just yesterday that i was potting this tree up as a cutting that was six years ago time sure has flown so i’m hoping hoping it recovers well from this repotting maybe starts developing a radial root system i don’t know and that’s all for today i’m nigel saunders thanks for joining me in the bonsai zone

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