Mango Tree Grafting and Bonsai

So i started growing a mango seedling a little over a year ago, planning on grafting a good quality mango tree producer on top of it. However, with my limited space, i’ve recently decided to turn it into a bonsai. I’ve cut off the apex 6 months ago but realized i did not do it quite well. Attached is a picture of how it looks now. What should i do? should i cut diagonally right under the tip to get rid of it, or should i just leave it as is?

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I was wondering whether or not i should cut the tip off, since when i first did it i cut above the nodes rather than below. Which is why there are leaves at the very tip of the plant. Is that okay? or should i remove the tip? Does that make any sense?

IF you want to develop this into a bonsai, you have to first develop roots & trunk. THat should be your main worry. This stemy is nowhere near large enough to balance the size of the leaves.

IF you are after creating a bonsai, my guess would be: Grow a trunk that is at least 10cm thick before thinking babout anything else.

I know that the main concern is to thicken the trunk, and establish roots, but you do have to pinch off the top to promote branching and halt vertical growth right? I just want to know if what i did so far looks right. Or if the very top of the tree looks funny.


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