Mame Bonsai Forest

This is a follow on from my lockdown collection from last year where I came back with a lot of seedlings and made this ridiculous little group forest planting. It was originally ment to be all hawthorns, but as some how turned into a mix of various trees, such as birch, ash, rowan and hawthorn.

Today we’re back with this ridiculous bonsai mini forest i started last year when we were all locked down if you haven’t seen that video it’s very dramatic you should go and watch it i took the seeds when they were really small so i thought they were all thorn savings but as you’ll see as the year goes on here there seem to be a mix of things this might also be because some died so i just went and found a few new seedlings to replace them now we have a bit of a mix so it’s more a beautiful irish landscape plant thing rather than a hawthorne forest [Music] this planting is still ridiculous but it literally has cost me nothing and i’ve put zero energy into it so just a fun experiment there’s definitely an ash tree in a mountain ash or ruin as it’s better known maybe a birch and there is still a few hawthorns as well it’ll be interesting to see how they all get along in this tiny pot [Music] and here in august i did the classic trick of thinking i’d press record but i didn’t so when i thought i’d press and stop i wasn’t now we all get to enjoy my empty table lovely stuff but you can see by september it’s growing really well some more than others the ash is going crazy so that might be a long-term problem trying to keep it in here but we’ll see what happens [Music] [Music] in october it’s starting to shut down for winter can see there is plenty of roots growing at the bottom i’m guessing it’s getting pretty crowded in there in november i was treated to a little shoe of color this was an actual developed planting this would be pretty awesome [Music] in december it’s fully dormant this lives outside all year and it’s just sat in one of the washing up ball pots so it’s roots keep trying to sneak into that pot seems to survive the winter i’ll be honest i can’t be bothered to repot it i’m just going to leave it for another year and see what happens in march you can see all the buds are starting to swell just slightly so they all seem to be alive and the buds are really swelling now so i’m going to trim the roots just the ones that are poking at the bottom and then i think that’s all due for this year and then we’ll see what happens next year [Music] [Music] thanks for watching see you next time you

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