Making Bonsai Literati

Making Literati - Test for a Volunteer at Herons

I like to watch trees change that I probably won’t get myself . I had to back up the video because I thought I missed josh cut the branch off. Brave choice with that cut , really looks great when finished. Peter I might have left the last little branch out to the right by itself, but I like how it mimics the big one. Well done

so today is new year’s day so happy new year and i’m not dressed to the nines up to the nines but look at me in my old rags and my odd valley is still going strong but i’ve been working on new year’s day from half past 11 in the morning to 3 o’clock afternoon and i’m still working and josh has just turned up josh as you know is my cameraman and he’s also a volunteer so let me show josh on the video now if josh goes there in case you’ve never seen josh this is josh and we did several videos recently about literacy trees and we have so many uh pieces of raw material in the field which are useful for literacy that we’ve all become very engrossed and fascinated by literacy so josh is volunteer so he only comes weekends to help me out and he’s learnt a lot about bonsai so i’m now going to give him not a test but i’m going to give him a free hand as to what he’s going to do with this tree so let’s see what he has in mind so if i can ask josh to say what he thinks i’m not going to interfere if he wants any advice i will give him advice but he is free to do what he wishes with this piece of material this by the way is this happens to be a bhuvanensis point because the needles are very short but it’s one of these long lengthy dances and i’ve only pruned it a little bit but these have been on the nursery for about 25 years so it’s about i would say nearly four and a half five foot tall so tell me what you had in mind josh on this one uh remove this whole top section here remove the whole top yeah yeah in this section this branch bring down the top to the stem as long as i can get it and then make the top all right what’s left up here okay do i as you wish i’m gonna do it last in case i break this otherwise there’s nothing yes so there’s a lot of wiring to do yeah yeah okay far away [Music] i will just comment that those of you who are familiar with proper literati which really is a chinese style the chinese are very fond of tall literatis i have seen literati 130 140 even 1.5 meter long as literary so it’s perfectly acceptable to have a tall literary it’s like not thick enough you want to bend that this one yeah try it like okay [Applause] cheers comes so [Music] [Music] [Music] oh what do you think tell us what you want to do neaten this bring this down position that then position this problem okay so you’ve got a wire yeah while this okay all right do that one down yep [Applause] so oh [Music] nice so that’s important oh that is nice trust joins that one um so [Music] [Music] so [Music] so 21. let’s see the front that’s proper so so unfortunately we cut the branch off before i was ready so that is what the tree was looking like and josh in his excitement has cut it off so that’s it we removed that massive branch and this is we removed all that and this is the final literati which i think is a classic classic chinese literary and chinese literary are the true literary at that angle and we’re going to put it in an appropriate pot and i will show you the final tree but it’s all done okay so that’s the tree we’ve reduced it to which is the final literary shape it’s in the japanese training pot now we can put it in a bonsai pot it’s no problem so i will offer you some pots to choose from and let’s see the drum parts are the classic pots you can try it like that all right mind you that these pants have been planted in order mud so that’s the secret i’ll reveal it’s a very good okay so that is that if you can get from a low level okay then there’s another choice this sort of presentable shape or lotus shape this is also a possibility they’re all round parts mind you and then my choice airy pot gives a sense of flowing out of the pot you you’ll see how it flares out and that is a classic literati pot the chinese are very very fond of using this sort of pot and the root ball is perfect for this so what do you think it looks good this one that’s good yeah all right so we’ll tie the tree in now this tree is going in this pot but unfortunately they’re not triangles they’re very good points let’s see there’s just got one hole so we got to put a piece of wire across and do it that way i’ll show you what i mean for those who have not seen it done before all you do is put an anchor across so there you are there is no such thing as impossible so we can still tie it even if it has no tying holes that’s how you hold it piece of wire there we go we tie that in so we won’t show the actual plotting process but that’s what we’re going to do this tree is finished joss has done it and we didn’t know what to do with this one and i was telling josh that rather than cut it off we can do something with it as it stands it can fix this and that conflicts the line conflicts so you can either hide it and take it this way or i had another idea if we take it up like that and repeat the pattern that means don’t do the you and follow the same pattern you get this effect so we’re going to put a slightly thicker piece of wire and achieve that effect all right so we wait and see what happens is repeating that curve is rather nice gives a little more detail you could have done without it but i still think it’s nice to have it rather than just throw it away we didn’t really need it but i think with it it makes it more interesting like little baby literacy there so this has turned out really nice when you think that we had all that so much thrown out so we only use one third of the tree one third of the tree to make literally so classic case or less is more so josh has done very well this is his own attempt so he’s past this test with flying colors very nice you happy with it yeah now the back side is not so nice yeah that is the side that’s the side and once the foliage fills out it’ll be even more powerful looking but it’s the beauty of the line literature is about beauty of line and that’s what we’ve achieved so that’s that one done [Music] you

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