Stupidly Simple Large Maple Air Layering

In this video I revisit a large maple air-layering I did a couple of years ago, you can see just how healthy it is in 2021.

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awesome! can you please show us how you work on your jade plants? thanks!

Video Transcript

many of you will remember this airline i did in september 2019 which is almost two years ago i separated this uh alien from its parent tree and this is supposed to be the largest ever airline of a japanese maple that i have ever done and although it is every bit i would say nearly 12 feet tall i had to cut off 10 foot of it so this must have been over 20 feet tall i took cut off 10 feet to fit this greenhouse so over the past uh how many months like 22 or 23 months let’s see what has happened and we will show you we will take it out now because we put it in a bigger flowerpot from the sphagnum moss root bowl so you can see how we’re trying to maneuver okay so josh is holding the camera and we’re going to drag it out of the back greenhouse okay it’s easier if you hold the pot is heavier okay and we’re going to take it out of the greenhouse watch it what’s it okay now we’re clear we’re clear okay i think it would have been easier to take it pot first anyway let’s take it we’ve got that far whoa whoa no i think we’ll have to do it pop first let’s go out this way and then come up and back that lays one back down all right yeah all right okay hang on come as you can see it’s a job and a half takes three strong man there you are and now we’re going to put it in these big flower pots so these are the choice of flower pots we have and they will easily fit in there and the next thing is to find some compost in fact let’s take it out of the pot and see what’s going on light on the side and knock it off don’t lift it sideways sideways okay and we can look at the roots look at the roots look at the roots the root ball is still covered in plastic there you go the original root ball this is the sphagnum moss we had paint in there as well peter yes so this is where it laid we got some thick roots so from that air layering it’s more plastic there i’m not going to take it off in case i damage the roots okay now we’re going to stand it into the pot in fact if we okay do it again that way okay look at that so that has been earlier it took six months to earlier and over the last two years we put it in that flower pot and we have that great big maple ready to sell to anyone who wants to buy a nice garden tree and the rest is just putting compost so i hope you’ve enjoyed this little episode and i will show you how we finally pop it up so we’re just pouring compost in and the roots will soon fill this i would say in the next two or three weeks i’m sure this pot will be completely full buds on the old wood yeah so just josh has just pointed out look at that old wood there and it is budding there so the new shoots coming from very very old wood so they produce shoots from really old wood so no problem with causing uh worry about it not sprouting now we’ve got to tie it against something because if you let it walk about the roots will get damaged so we’re just going to tart against the fence you may have to move the cedar tree buddy okay fine for now just make sure it doesn’t obstruct the gate when it opens because by the end of the autumn when the leaves have fallen we will probably move it again does it follow the gate all right okay we’re just secured to the fence so this tree is in place and we’ve potted it up with compost and now we’re putting some of our secret fertilizer and we are now in early august so by the end of the growing season i think that’s enough there’s plenty it will have generated lots more growth so there you are and if we wanted to we could area more but i think some people like these big trees so there’s a market for these big trees for landscaping so there you go the biggest airline we have ever made which was i think in excess of 15 feet when we severed it but it’s now cut down to about 10 or 12 feet depending on how you measure it the ends are certainly 12 feet there you go the trunk you would say is about five six inches diameter yeah easy okay so that’s another interesting episode [Music] you

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