Larch Bonsai From Seed. A or B Into Bonsai Pot?

You voted, I re potted. But which tree got the pot?

Some of you may remember these little notches from a previous video um when i asked you which of these a or b i should be putting into this little part that i had for christmas and uh it was almost 50 50 but in the end would be just um edged out a so um in this video i’m going to be putting tree b into this pot just to give you that just to give you that sense of scale let’s see how friends the drinks can um yeah this tree’s gonna need a good bit taken off the roots i imagine and uh some taken off the top to uh get it in this pot so soon we start the sooner we’ll be finished so bring in my little tray which is one of the most useful things i have around the garden at this time of year um certainly keeps a load of the mess together and it wasn’t very expensive i think i paid about a tenner for it um many years ago now probably probably five or six years at least so yeah the grand scheme of things money well spent okay so you can get this tree out of the pot give it a good squeeze [Applause] and uh let’s see if we can find some surface roots first of all [Applause] now i know many people say larch don’t like having their [Applause] roots messed about with too much but obviously if i don’t do something with this tree it’s never going to fit into that bonsai pot or any other shallow pot for that matter so [Applause] we’ll do what we have to do [Applause] okay so not the best nabari they really are to begin with this tree was grown from seed [Applause] and it had the taproot pinched out the first year which means it has grown some radial roots rather than a big tap root but effectively it’s got three main radial routes that are really usable but they are at least there now something so i’m going to have to remove some of this chunkier stuff that’s underneath otherwise the tree’s never going in the pot so my old cutters that’s uh very useful for root work that’s taken away not a big old chunk of root that would prevent the tree sitting quietly and flatly in the pot and actually i think i make another nibble there now that probably does seem quite a lot but we’ll remove some top growth to help help balance it and keep everything crossed as well i think it will be fine there we go now hopefully we’re going to stick these roots into a pot into the pot and the tree yes the tree is going to sit in there quite nicely the roots will fit splayed quite nicely too so okay so before i put it in the pot whilst it’s easy to handle i’d already decided this was my front and the roots are actually agreed with me we’ve got a nice root spread in that position and i’m going to remove that chunky piece of there with that to that like so i’m going to take off these pieces i’m going in this strange arc like so and also that piece that’s growing upwards [Applause] and we have a long piece there which i want to get rid of in fact i’m going to take that thick piece off and that can be a new leader for that branch and if i do that that branch can then come up to the side like so and then we can just trim up this back branch too long too straight cut that off this bud will then take over okay so that seems like quite a lot but in fact uh in terms of the amount of root i’ve taken off that’s going to help the tree considerably and uh we’ll get it into this pot now and that’s it pretty much set up for the spring shorten that slightly as well okay so let’s get some soil [Applause] in the pot [Applause] an old layer of soil some let’s see if i get it right this time controlled release fertilizer yay so i’m just going to mix into the top layer so the tree’s not set directly on it but it’s not at the bottom of the pot where it’ll just lose all of its um goodness straight through the drainage house and then i can set the tree and i’m going to set it a little to the right because the lowest branch is swiping across to the left and i know that’s conventional and i quite often don’t you know bother with the conventions but in this case i always think the convention is generally speaking right um you know rules do become rules for a reason even if that reason then ceases to be and the rule becomes irrelevant there is always a good reason for a rule or usually is a good reason for a rule okay so i’m persuading that route to sit down under and uh we will expose that in future years when it has thickened up some more [Applause] and that will give us the radial root spread that we like but sometimes it’s better to forsake that and those surface roots being on the surface for the first year or so setting up a tree like this so that you’ll get a better root spread later down the line okay so i’m quite pleased with that in a final potting i would probably go back a little more to the rear of the pot but actual fact to get that roots where i wanted them that wasn’t entirely possible but in a future repotting it might well be let’s get it on the turntable and give you a 360. around we go that’s wet weather and this turntable seizes up sometimes when it gets wet i’m gonna have to look to getting a new one at some point but i think this has probably got another year in it given that we’re hopefully going to have a nice dry summer and have lots of good sunshine and just a little bit drizzle at night so your trees can rest um and just the right amount of rain when you’re on holiday if we get holidays this year to keep your trees alive while you’re away so i hope you’re all pleased if you voted to be and if you voted for a it is a very lovely little um tree and uh i’m gonna find a pot for it if i can there we go there’s tree a inner pot um i found this little plaque dark gray plastic pot that i’ve had for a while i haven’t used um so i’m just gonna give it a little trim once i removed some of the root ball to get it in here off camera um but not a huge amount it’s a deeper pot than the cream one so i don’t need to take off a huge amount there we go there’s something about that tree um that speaks of the savannah to me again i don’t know why um go around there’s a base at the back there that’s crossing over another branch so we’ll just remove that and another piece there and there a little bit of tidying up that’s all the difference sometimes and there we go there’s tree a in a pot too okay so it’s the 22nd of april so a little over a month since i repotted these two trees a and b and uh i just thought i would do a quick shot to include at the end of the video as they are today once again thank you so much for watching please please do take care of yourselves stay safe everybody you

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