Kimura Masterclass – Trailer

Kimura Masterclass - Trailer

In this Masterclass you’ll learn from world-renowned bonsai master Masahiko Kimura. In his first ever online class, mr. Kimura teaches his unique approach to Bonsai design and he explains the techniques needed to achieve results fast. Enroll now at:

The Masterclass was filmed inside the workshop of mr. Kimura and consists of two long-format case studies. Each case study starts with a discussion of aesthetics and design options after which all the applied techniques are explained by mr. Kimura. The techniques covered in this Masterclass include setting the main structure of a tree, wiring, shaping the apex, pad creation, the importance of negative space in Bonsai design and moss cultivation.

The Masterclass consists of 14 lectures with over 4 hours of video tutorials and comes with lifetime access. Make sure to watch a free lecture at:

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