Japanese Maple Bonsai Pinching Shortcut

Here is a quick video to show you how to pinch out the centre growing bud on Japanese maples in Spring. This helps with building ramification, back budding and smaller leaves in maples.
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Video Transcript

g’day youtube welcome back to my channel bonzo works i’m david today i’ve got a very quick video that it’s important to show people in melbourne especially at this time of year um it’s when it’s how to pinch um maples in particular japanese maples as they come into leaf now this is only for display trees or trees in refinement if you’re growing trees to grow trunks et cetera hello if you’re growing trees to grow trunks et cetera and growing thicker this doesn’t apply this only applies if you’re trying to refine and get ramification and smaller internodes and smaller you know much more branching smaller leaves etc that’s what you want to do this is all about refinement stage so i just want to show you this is like a perfect time i’m probably just a little bit late if anything on on a couple of these but i saw this this morning and we’ve had some decent weather here in melbourne so things are starting to pop so it’s very important to try and show you what i’m talking about so i’ll try and come in with my hands and show you what’s happening i will come in closer with the camera hopefully you guys can see in this particular area i’ll try and use if you can see there’s this leaf here and this leaf here opposite sides okay so this is a branch it’s pushed out its first set of leaves now the second set is here it’s probably just a little late this set i pinched that out just showing you in chopsticks i pinched that it’s a bit too long i mean a bit too many but i’ll show you another one here so this one’s just put out first set out it’s actually it’s okay it hasn’t put a second set out i’m just trying to find one that’s got its um okay in here here can you guys see one two sets so that’s got that set and this middle one’s coming out i take that middle one out okay another one here is really good now what happens is you keep doing this and hopefully the inner buds see how the inner buds haven’t come out only the outer buds so again this one’s a good one this one’s a really good one here so one can you see that one oh hopefully you can see one two in the middle one oops take it out all right i’m going to go through the whole tree pretty much you go through the whole tree now i do this multiple times because at this that the start this is happening now right another one here you guys can see that i’m taking it all out another one here so this will always vary like now is the time to do some of them then tomorrow there’s probably a few more do that again and again and again if you keep on it and keep going you’ll actually get the ramification you know starting to happen and and getting things pushed back etc that’s more on this side different areas of the tree are going differently can you guys see that one so take that out just keep looking throughout the tree the sea you can probably notice oh i don’t know if you notice but the top it hasn’t really started to shoot they’re just the swelling so i’ve got a bit of time still there maybe in a day or two i’ll have to come back and do that but lower down looks like more the lower down ones are actually actually coming out earlier let’s have a look that hasn’t come out yet you’ll see just when it starts to come out that’s when you want to get them all right here’s a good one another good one so i’ve got one set just popping open there and there and see this middle bit see that middle bit okay so that’s that’s pretty good now i’ve got another japanese maple i do these two as well um but what i see with tridents they grow so fast that you probably don’t even have a chance to do this um but you can try you do it on tridents i don’t necessarily do it on tridents as much as i do it on japanese maples so he’s got a lot more there’s one there just cause trident you can just cut them back drill them back later in the year and they just shoot and shoot shoot so it’s not as big as an issue but if you want to you can do it on tridents um and how it works as well but i find japanese maples it’s a must to try and get the ramification and the bud back and everything like that smaller small loads into notes so just go through the tree um look through it and just keep going that’s pretty much the process hope you guys hope i showed close enough in close-ups and stuff like that but you’ll get the pair open on either side and then you get the that’s in the middle and that’s a bit you take out so it’s a good time of you now to check it for me anyway so i’ll come back every day and just have a look and see if there’s any more to do there so the more i do that the more it pushes to the inner buds and and the inner buds will start to open and you start to get back butting and in the inner shoots will come more alive so that’s the plan this tree’s in a refinement stage and that’s what i intend to do so i hope that helped you guys um especially now in melbourne um and probably rest of australia is probably happening the same thing too so japanese maples start to pluck start to pinch out the middle growth you can do it on tridents as well but i won’t show you that but i’ll do to some of my tridents um but not all of them because i like to trim them back sometimes it’s much easier anyway guys hope that’s a interesting video and you guys find some benefit in that but there you go see you next time thanks for watching

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