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PERFECT TIMING! I’m very excited about a couple of my Jades – fed this broadcast hit at the prefect time to tell me all I need to know about taking care! THANK YOU GUYS!

Video Transcript

what’s up guys happy sunday welcome how is everybody doing today i’m doing fantastic ready to work on this jay where is my wife um how many in there all right all right we got the juices we got the wine hello we got the wine we got mario we got the tree we’re ready to rock and roll and i’m going to uh share this link on our facebook page for those that are following over there so everyone please give me a second uh and in the meantime please would love to hear where you guys are from so comment below and let us know where you are tuning in from even what time it is where you are and good morning good evening good afternoon thank you so much for being watching and let’s see and if you don’t have a drink already make sure to get yourself a drink because we’re about to have a fun time not too much for me because otherwise the styling is going to come out a little questionable but i’ll try my best too all right let me see here okay so i think we are in all right let me see so i have sam hilton from tennessee hey sam and mj say what you drinking from good old new york a very good question this is a a vintage moscato i don’t know about the vintage part but it is a moscato she loves uh sweet wine yeah everything’s sweet so it’s really good all right and jason is from new york awesome and um ando says hello the bundle supply from trinidad that’s amazing marco is from chicago hi from chicago that is amazing we actually were in chicago last weekend we had so much fun such a beautiful place um tiffany say hi from colorado and it’s five but she didn’t specify if it is am or pm oh sure is pia because she’s in the same continent but all right well let’s say she’s in colorado china right so mj says i style bonsai best with beer yeah my man i i do too that’s a good one but usually beer makes me sleepy i think it starts well and then it goes downhill yes that’s very true pretty quickly and neil says hi from trinidad now we have another friend from trinidad this is amazing rob happy trees from connecticut wow we have a very diverse audience today um rafa says hi from mexico where are you guys coming oh we’re in mexico it’s it’s funny that you mentioned because we love mexico and we have one of our best friends lives there and well two of our best friends and one of them is getting married next year so we’re definitely going to mexico next year yes um and yo how old is that jade it’s a good question um the jade this jade is about i would say about eight to ten years old and yeah it was uh entirely grown in florida for all this time all right it is actually quite a big tree by the way i don’t know if you can see that but yeah it’s quite big super nice so um for those are just tuning in for the first time uh the way that we do this is that jerome is gonna be working in this tree we have different trees every month we do this once a month and you guys can ask questions questions about what he’s doing at the moment or general questions and i’m gonna be reading them to him um while he works on the tree after this tree is finished and you guys have to give me like 10 to 15 minutes and i’ll put it on our website the bonsai supply dot com and it’s gonna go for an up auction um and listen to this because today we’re gonna go a little different this auction is gonna be only for 24 hours so this one is gonna be a quick one um and yeah so so that’s something different that we haven’t done before so it’s gonna be a really quick one so make sure you participate if you would like to win the stream and just really quickly to remember that the auction is only for us participants at this time we can ship trees internationally um but yeah so we’re excited for also the audience that we have internationally here and i wanted to give um and i think that’s a bag of soil over there let’s see all right yes so we actually usually do this the third sunday of the month but in this one since we actually had that chicago trip on the way we had to move it a week uh a week yeah a week so we’re gonna do a little extra for that extra weight and it’s that whoever gets this tree it’s also going to go with a bag of soil so you’re going to have the tree ready to be repotted to your soil with it awesome awesome yeah no that’s perfect because whoever gets this tree you can still repot it right now and you’ll still be perfectly fine which is actually what i recommend that you repot it into a different size uh obviously it can go right into a bonsai pot this part itself here is completely filled with roots and it is a little small for this size tree i think i will go at least with a 10 inch pot which puts you right around here and i think that would be a good size for this tree yeah all right let me just say a few more hellos before you start um so we have a high from germany i am but but it’s already like 1am in germany right now well depending where you are so thank you for joining us all right and hi guys from austin texas that is also michael um and beautiful tree hey from okc thanks for the session yesterday so you michael hey michael i’m glad you were able to join us and all right greetings from wisconsin um washington another girlfriend from wisconsin denver all right in south florida awesome people from florida will always love uh huh so and your shohan mix is awesome thank you mj thank you i really love him show him max it’s so i mean i truly truly love and i’m so proud of the product it makes it so much easier to put smaller trees yeah it’s definitely uh you have smaller trees is so so nice to show him next you gotta check it out and then i think you are good to start with like what are we doing here what are you thinking okay so first of all this is a portulacaria aphra or a dwarf jade people in the bonsai community get really upset when we say jade even though we all know that we’re talking about the dwarf jade i want to put it out there that we are professionals here today and that we know that the jade is a dwarf jake and the jade is referred to the crosula which is not in the same family but we all know what we’re talking about just wanted to put it out there um before you start to style ah because as you might know they store a lot of water in the branches and out here in the leaves so i do recommend that you stop the watering for probably a week to two weeks before you go ahead and style the tree or do any major trimmings just to slow down the water movement which will then also prevent any branch loss so i just wanted to put that out there before we get started um this is quite an old tree and it has a really nice root flare down at the bottom here um so right over the back right um what do you guys think jerome should go for yeah i was gonna ask that yeah i mean i guess the easiest uh or i guess the most straightforward stuff let’s see what you guys think i’ll drink some more jerome will get drunk in the meantime let’s see so what do you guys think which style jerome should go for so while we wait for you guys to comment on the styles i wanted to mention that not sure if you guys know but they do actually flower and the flower is kind of like a pinkish light purplish color however they do not really flower in a humid climate they only fly a flyer flower in dryer climate such as arizona and such so you they do actually flower we do know of when one of her friends that lives in texas has a friend which jade is blooming beautifully and is in texas so if you guys in texas you also my flower your day my flower well actually the funny part about the flowering is that the first time we saw a jade flower a dwarf jig was actually in canada at the botanical garden again in the middle of the winter it was december and in the botanical garden they had one in the ground and it was completely covered in flowers and that was right before mario got us kicked out for filming oh i like that but nigel was uh nigel are you there not he was not here today but i’m sure he will be on my team well nigel was part of us getting kicked out nigel and martin can’t take them anywhere all right so i’m gonna read to you some of the um all right fire away i can’t wait so it’s landed style potential okay um up and out room style i like that too formal upright informal upright uh semi cascade okay wow okay and that’s so pretty much nobody have i’ve seen the same style yet everybody has a different one so i guess this tree has a lot of potential in different different styles uh yeah i mean that’s the options i’m seeing here so what are you thinking i mean i was thinking a combination of the first i think was the first three comments of like a informal formal upright room style kind of like you know not really putting the finger on one of those styles but kind of combining them because when you look at the trunk from this side it is leaning a little bit but it is fairly straight and i do think like an upward flowing fairly natural broom style type of tree i think that would look really cool so that’s what i naturally looked at obviously you could do the semi cascade too but then i feel like we would have to cut off a lot of the top here um and also change the angle um and then we would lose a lot of top growth here not a bad idea you can definitely do that um the top the branches have a lot of movement and they’re already fairly thick so i would probably not do that as my first choice so all right and just a quick question can you do a raft with that yeah actually i was talking to that uh to michael yesterday uh who’s also here in the chat um he’s actually creating a raft style and that’s something that also came to mind with this tree because as you can see most of the growth is very one-sided right on this tree and this side is kind of like well sparse there’s no other way to put it so you could technically lay it down into the soil and make these uh make this a wrap style you could absolutely do that this has also crossed my mind um yeah you can absolutely do that all right so let’s get to it okay um i also want to mention uh in order to thicken up branches on a dwarf jade the easiest way to do that first of all they like a lot of fertilizer so you can apply about three times the normal amount that you would on any other tree so if you use our all-purpose fertilizer use times three the application they like a lot of nitrogen uh they also like a lot of water especially when they grow and when the branches grow out like this and they start to fall down like that that’s when the tree starts to thicken up because when you let these branches grow out and they start to hang like that that adds a lot of weight to the tree and the tree needs to automatically thicken up in order to support all of this growth so having said all that what should i use our my regular bond sizes or etsy bonuses i use them both whichever okay all right let’s get to work so the first thing that i do is i clean up the inside growth so everything that grows on the inside and everything that doesn’t fit hey it’s me anthony and so florida on my wife’s computer yeah i tried to make it oh it’s awesome you’re here anthony um how about a windswept i haven’t seen any jay in winslow style you could absolutely do a windswept uh that’s actually something that she told me at the love uh james winslow in fact it’s funny because we have a video here on youtube of fj that we also different option like a year ago and we went for that we went uh for the windswept so if you’re curious to know how it looks i would definitely recommend you to go to our website that was supply.com and see our youtube options and you’ll see that’s one of our first treats that we ever did it looked pretty pretty cool and over there you also see like the link to the youtube channel that we youtube channel the youtube video uh then we did with that tree there was styles of winsor yeah it looks pretty pretty cool i like it very much i like windswept in general it’s just kind of hard to keep up the maintenance yeah yeah same with whipping whipping yeah we’ve been in cascade weeping and winter i think are the two most difficult styles to upkeep even if you choose a cascade style style you can root that part it will make a beautiful tree yeah absolutely no you’re right about that you can definitely so jades are the easiest torches but the easiest trees to pop propagate you just take a cutting and you stick it in soil and it’ll start to grow so if you went ahead with a cascade you can absolutely root the rest and you have two trees okay and i love this comment because i know this was coming they’re saying what no defoliation [Music] so i’ve gotten this uh quite a lot lately that people are like oh my god jerome unifoliated all the time i do i love the foliage right but i only defoliate each tree once a year really and that’s uh usually in the summertime uh deciduous trees they like to be defoliated in the summer dormancy because it not just only improves the branching and restores the vigor but it also helps with better fall color just saying putting that out there so yeah when i usually work on trees i like to defoliate just because it helps me see the entire tree this jade however i don’t really defoliate j’s that much so and since it’s kind of sparse a little bit it’s not really necessary but yeah yeah so the js are naturally with small leaves and then you you can see the canopy with it too so yeah one time we did defoliate the big j that jerome has yeah and that was like a two hours job oh my gosh it was it was a lot more than that it was it was a lot it was a lot i think that was the first and last time yeah i mean my big jade that i have i only defoliated it once um jane is really one of those trees that you really don’t have to defoliate like because they respond so well to just trimming them back hard yep that is let’s see what true have here bean jade’s so tender how do you wire without cutting branches you mean without breaking branches and some right without cutting branches um so what i do is i like to let them dry out for about a week or two before i actually start to um style the tree but here’s another little tip on on a trees that have brittle branches like this one for instance when you place the wire like the branch if you give it a slight twist as you place the branches that also stops the branches from breaking so that’s a really good tip especially on a deciduous trees and j’s works wonders yes and have you guys ever tried scoring the trunk with a knife vertically to make the barn look more fisher bark like fisher yeah yeah i mean i’ve heard of that before i’ve never tried it before the thing is and i think that’s i guess more like a personal preference whenever you do anything to the trunk uh like you create that wood yourself or you scar the trunks or whatever it always kind of looks man-made i feel like so that’s why i don’t do these types of techniques but yeah i guess what he’s saying is you can take a carpet knife and just slice into the into the into the trunk and follow the trunk lines like that and that will create like a fissure type look but um yeah i’m not too fond of that to be honest and i have a friend david from florida hello hello i’m glad you made it and let’s see cutting breaking so edward was saying breaking the branches okay so i was thinking about the foliating next year being in new york when is a good time to defoliate up here in any climate tropical trees you want to defoliate them in the middle of the summer uh really summertime when they actively grow it’s a great time to defoliate them repot them trim the wire and everything at the same time um temperatures like the city also in july like summer dormancy but those you obviously do not recall at that time so can you guys start critique series where we can share our trees see your point of view it will help us to interact better that is a super cool idea i really like it in fact we’re trying to do that already but on tick tock so youtube the platform is not really um too friendly to do that uh however tech talk if you guys any of you are on tik tok you can make a video and tag us um also on instagram but i would say tik tok is the one that we can respond the quickest and make a video reply of your video and we can help you out so you can make a video saying i don’t know what do you think that i should go with this tree what kind of style or my three stick like how can i you know bring the tree back and tackles in the video and we’ll help you out so right now on tik tok we we can be found uh in jerome’s account which is jerome underscore bonsai it’s the same that he has on instagram but i would say tiktok right now is a great uh tool for for you to do that and we can reply to you with our thoughts about the tree that you are making the video off see and enjoy thanks of course is there any way to grow the tree faster i just bought a j tree and i’m super excited to have a big tree already yeah um so they grow they respond extremely well to um high nitrogen fertilizer so if you use high nitrogen fertilizer and adam you water your tree a lot like i water my js if they’re in a good bonsai so every single day actually so every morning when i come out i give them a little splash of water and that’s when they start to really take off and like i said at the beginning of this video let your trees grow out and once the foliage gets to a certain er extensor a certain length outside of your canopies let’s say out to here and they start to either hang or they start to swing sway in the wind your trunk naturally has to thicken up to support all of that extra weight so the more you let it grow out the faster your tree will start to poop yeah they sure do so tiffany you picked a gray specie because this is probably one of the fastest growing so just be patient um and you know paralyzed for these trees they grow fast anyway yeah do not worry you’ll have a nice tree and no time yeah but the trick is really to get it into good bones i saw right off the start and then not repotted too fast again so wait maybe two to three years and then just let it thicken up let’s see hey guys i got a vitax at those hellos all right let’s check it out now i think they’re watching our youtube videos for a great deal i bet is it too late in the summer to do mayor pruning and repotting uh repotting it really depends on what kind of vitex you have because if you have like the return defolia which is a tropical or a semi-truck i don’t know that one unfortunately um so hear me out um if you have a tropical or a semi-tropical one you can still repot it now if you’re a tropical climate and if you have a good overwintering plant otherwise i would wait for the spring so mine the returning folia has like rounded leaves and doubles i repot that tree in the summertime and it really loves that so and you can always do a sleep party if you um i’m not sure i’m glad you’re here absolutely you can do a split pony yeah any for those that might not know what a sleep party means it’s just when you pot the tree without disturbing the root system so you pretty much want to use a pot that is bigger than the one that you already have and you kind of just transfer um yeah pretty much yeah let’s see you nailed it water in the tree every day wouldn’t that cause root rot especially winter coming um so now not only so here’s the basic rule of watering your bonsai tree if it’s water if it’s water if it’s growing yes water it a lot a lot more than you think because what we see a lot is that people just get their bonsais wet you really want to water them well and if they actively grow like for instance this chain as you can see it was actively growing water it every day that will speed up the growing even more because an actively growing jade needs more water to support all of this growth and that’s with all of your trees if they don’t actively grow so once you go into the fall and they start to slow down on the growing slow down on the watering as well i hope that makes sense and we have hello from australian house what is your your guys recommendation for re-pots do you water right away do you let it sit full sun shade um i’m assuming that question is strictly for jade um so jade i like to wait about two weeks before i go ahead and actually repot just to slow down the water movement after a repot i then wait another week uh i put mine right out of the full sun but here’s the thing to note i am in georgia now where it you know the sun is not as strong as if i was in florida so in florida i would probably leave it in the shade for a week and then water it for the first time and move it out but up here in georgia it’s not that hot so you know i can’t put it right on the floor yes and my j branches tend to drop when they elongate what can i do to thicken and harden them they drop you mean like the oh you mean like they they fall down like this like they start to kind of slouch or weep i’m assuming um what you can do is actually uh use some wire and just gently wrap it around the branches and you can bring the branches back up that are slouching but when they slouch down like that um it adds so much weight to the tree and that will thicken up your tree even faster so slouching is not necessarily a bad thing oh and by the way says can you please show my name i’m a big fan of you guys and i i’m i’m just i’m already i’m gonna apologize in advance because i’m not sure if i’m gonna say your name right but the thing is i’m gonna give it a try you have to no but you said ahmed i said ahmed that’s the difference anyway thank you so much for being with us today sorry for butchering i guess we both said refi we hope we set it right somehow right and otherwise i’m so sorry because i have a very complicated name and i hate when people say it wrong but at the same time i know it’s complicated so so for those who don’t know my name is nom maddie you know that’s my nickname here it comes in i love it you can call me marty all the time uh but my name is marian yes anyway let’s continue um what would you do with the root ball if decided to make a rough style jade um so if you have the root ball like this and you lay it down and the root ball here is kind of sticking out you can just take a chopstick and work it down the roots are kind of flexible and then i would just kind of lay them down like that but if it was a different treat that had like a a nicer base for instance like a nice fruit spread i would totally show that root spread so it actually shows like that the tree fell over and you know the back came out of the ground i think that’s very cool oh well he’s like good enough well we’ll try so of course sorry about that um let’s see hi multisupply i’ve read the roots for dwarf j are very delicate how do you develop a good nebari for these species without damaging roots so what i do with dwarf jades the first time that i repot them let’s say this is a pre-bonsai right well we don’t have to say let’s say this is a pretty bonsai and i want to create a really cool root spread so what i do is the very first time i repotted jade i really worked the root ball so i removed the center section spread out the roots right i get it j’s like to be in deeper containers right so this is probably a little bit too deep i will cut it in half but then going forward i will not reduce the root ball as much anymore i would just kind of reduce the sides and the bottom slightly and then repot it back into the same pot or up pilot especially if you want to get it bigger i put it each year and touch the root ball as little as possible and that will really help to develop a really nice fruit spread oops and you know one of the things that i tell everybody all the time things like a nice root spread or like small leaves or something like that you really can’t rush the answer is really time right letting your tree thicken up by letting it grow out elongate trimming it back letting it grow out again that thickens up everything so actually in my collection mario always tells me oh i think it’s time you go ahead and trim your treats because i let them grow out so far that she tells me when to cut her back if she wouldn’t know they would let them grow out even more yeah i kind of always want to see them pretty but i understand the process um i love you guys accents where you guys from you go first ladies first so thank you so much i love love my accent now jerome he thinks he doesn’t have an accent because so i’m glad that you bring this up so i’m from venezuela and i am from switzerland now let me tell you a little story okay i’ve been here for 13 years now and i spent most of my time in florida nobody ever asked me where i was from so i thought i lost my accent as soon as we moved up to georgia every single person i meet at the grocery store and home depot wherever i go there was oh my god where are you from you have such a thick accent so now i got a little self-conscious about that uh let’s see what’s up guys on the channel bought bundles of of your soil love it thank you so much thank you just got my hands on a ball cypress can i windstand the winter in new york being outside and how much water does it need in winter so that’s a very great that’s a very good question i actually don’t water i really don’t water my trees in the wintertime in georgia because it does rain at least once a week here so i don’t really have to water them i would still check the watering at least once a week just to make sure the ideal temperature for a bonsai tree that’s a tempered bonsai tree over the winter time is right around 26 to 28 degrees fahrenheit so um and that’s really the ideal temperature so that you don’t get any branch laws etc etc so what i do here in georgia i i cover my pots with mulch or pine straw i set the tree on the ground no wind gusts to it that’s probably the most important that you have no wind touching a tree set it on the ground covered with hay and then you can let your trees go down to about 20 degrees fahrenheit and that works quite well um see michael says i’m late to the party welcome and j lovers also check out little j bonsai channel david that’s a great suggestion and we definitely want to give a shout out to little j bonsai um he’s a great friend from texas and all he does is jade and his work is so amazing and he’s so creative so definitely check his channel out his instagram he’s great and besides all that he’s just a wonderful wonderful person yeah we really like him he’s great and david said that was a great coffee talk you guys had with him yeah we had so much fun with him and do you have any new coffee chats planned soon yeah we actually have um one coming soon with jennifer price so i don’t know if you guys well you should like if you don’t know about jennifer you should know now you should google her now or something like that because she’s great and she’s an amazing woman representing and bonsai um and yeah we’ll have we got a chat with her and working on releasing that soon and let’s see well yeah david let us know if you want to see somebody specifically then we have an interview and we’ll try to make it happen and what would michael ready for the party let’s see all right i think i’ll cover most of the questions or all the questions at the time so the pressure is on jerome i’m just uh trying to bring this top over a little bit but i think we’re getting there it’s looking nice to see all the patches and is it too late to foliage foliage i guess defoliate maybe a tiger bark ficus in florida no you’re fine um so i’ve gotten these questions really a lot today on our uh weekly instagram uh you know ask bonsai questions and you get our answers if you don’t know what i’m talking about every sunday we post uh on our youtu instagram story where you can ask us bonsai questions and we’ll respond now i’ve gotten this question all day today like oh it’s wrong is it too late to defoliate my tree this and that really depends on your climate as well as your overwintering um plants right so if you have a greenhouse for instance for your tropical trees and you even if you live in a colder climate but you go right from this climate into the greenhouse you can absolutely still defoliate but if your fall like let’s say you’re already in fall or everything starts to slow down then you don’t necessarily want to go ahead and defoliate this time of year and just wait until next year oh and i’m loving this because nigel is now in the chat all right nigel we’re actually talking about you nigel because jerome is saying that thanks to me we got kicked out that time in canada of the botanical garden i think it was a botanical thing so was that because of me i remember that very vividly so we want to know was it because of me or because of germa or because of you uh let’s say some some love for nigel i love this um jerome makes wiring look easy i do it a lot a lot of practice then we have where can i get your soil in canada oh my god so um we have this soil available in canada now on amazon so you can get now on amazon canada our soil prime free shipping so yeah check it out on amazon we’re now in canada too and and um i guess i mean if you’re looking for a link do we have a link somewhere i could get your link real quick if you let me sit there yeah i mean i will say it’s actually very easy if you go to amazon.ca you type in bonsai stuff i think we’re one of the top like we’re in the first line so lionel like so you can find us like that you can also just type in the bonsai supply and that will also get you there wait on amazon yeah um say j says please interview dave from dave bonsai on a coffee talk oh do you know do you know him he’s not ringing a bell where jay where can we see see him like it’s him on instagram on youtube or facebook go check it out and let’s see nigel i should have gotten a video permit my fault thank you for taking the plane um so no for those who are getting a little late to the story we went to canada what a couple years already 2019 yeah a couple years already a couple years so a couple years ago we met with nigel and we um did our video we interviewed nigel and we just had so much fun in canada and we go to this botanical garden that we wanted to make a video inside and we quickly were kicked out so because of nice one because of night no night i wouldn’t we also had a really fun uh squirrel encounter yeah and sergio says i’m sorry i didn’t i didn’t hear what you said about defoliating can i do it in the summer yes why are you screaming but yes i’m excited all right so stop and check me um yeah everything can be defoliated in the summer temperatures in the middle of july and tropical trees as soon as the night temperatures are above 70. okay and can the residue of the burnt grass will help as a soil mix for bonsai it’s a while over there i’m just trying to process what i just heard christian that’s too much of experimenting no burnt grass the head of earth grass that’s i mean i wouldn’t say no because we might we just haven’t tried that before all right but now that we know uh let’s see i think jerome should eat a petal like nigel did no i’m giving this thing a chemical fertilizer so i’m not gonna eat that all right i think i’m done here today with my very first styling nice so let me put something in here well actually you can see this this is my front of the tree um i do like it a lot uh especially if you look at the outward line we can make a very nice uh almost like a deciduous kind of canopy here but in the future i would like it to be more kind of like an umbrella shape and wider at the bottom um so basically what you want to do with this one to fill it in now put a lot of fertilizer when it starts to grow start to water it and it’ll start to fill in and push growth and once you start to trim it back all of these sparse sections will start to fill out you can actually make this tree fill out before the end of the year still that’s how fast they respond because right now this tree is in growth mode so continue that or repot it right now so what are you thinking for pot uh for pogba you said um just oval and like i would even go larger if you can like the size of the canvas i said minimum minimum 10 not smaller because this is like hey so that for minimum 10 i like the larger what do you think glazed unglazed what do you guys think if you have to put a pot here what would you use um yeah and i have a few other comments really quickly are you guys opening an in-person nursery in georgia being from tennessee i will absolutely visit and buy trees oh brandon i mean that’s a great idea in concept uh for now we are focusing more in the online outlets so we do have like warehouses um in texas and maybe in georgia soon but it’s not going to be like a nursery that you can go it’s more like just a fulfillment huh filming place however we’re working and some other cool stuff we might have some in-person classes you know maybe next year when things are even better and even a bonsai retreat so just stay tuned we’ll have some opportunities there and let’s see dave’s from minnesota we have to check him out on nigel and remember the squirrel yes how to forget that was the best squirrel ever it was awesome um so quickly here if you try to thicken up the trunk it’s best to just let the pore continue to grow wild yes um use the the simple like way of thinking of how to thicken up a tree or a branch it’s kind of like thinking kind of of it having like if you want to have long hair what do you need to do to get long hair you need to let it grow out right the same concept applies to trees you want a thick trunk you want a larger tree let it grow out and actually i like my i let my trees grow out in the spring so this is my tree and this is what it is being overwintered at in the spring i gotta grow up from here to about here and then i usually trim the top back first to kind of keep finer branches in here but the bottom branches i still let them extend even further before i cut them back just once again it’s a simple method of the tree needs to get bigger to support all of that extra weight and i see i see a glazed blue pot as an option i like that that would be amazing actually something that uh i have discovered a couple years ago my favorite dwarf jade combination is actually a yellow pot i know it’s out there but if you have a jade at home put a yellow pot in front of it and it’ll be life changing because you have a little bit of like that light yellow light green in the on the inside of the jade leaf so i think it matches absolutely phenomenally all right and i’m going to read this quickly so i can wrap it up one npk fertilizer are you using on your ports um so i use our 18410 fertilizer our all-purpose fertilizer on all of my trees uh doesn’t matter what species it is but that’s what i would definitely use for this all right andrew and marty how are you guys hey jay we’re good thank you for coming in and have you ever tried the leaves from the j i found it really them nice no you know i’ve never had the desire to well i i like to pump my trees with a lot of chemical fertilizers so you know to really get them to grow so therefore i don’t want to eat the leaves because i use so much chemical fertilizer and um your visits uh says anthony um yeah i mean we’re always available for that we can a schedule ahead of time and try to work yes are you guys going to have any show entries for option um yeah i mean we have had it before maybe we’ll try that and also um if you guys are following us on tick tock uh very soon we’re gonna start making videos um where the trees are also gonna go for up auction and those are gonna be most likely in the smaller size so you can also check that out and beth looks great and she is saying uh maroon oval pot okay that would be great yeah really every color goes with this well i mean you do have those red the red colors in the new growth so i kind of like that actually yeah i think nobody likes my yellow huh it’s okay put a yellow pot in front of it and tell me where you have to show them how the yellow one rock okay yeah i don’t have a yellow one with me right now but you know what very soon i’m gonna rock a yellow pop sure it looks hot so i’m gonna go ahead and take pictures of this tree and put it on our website the bonsai supply dot com and you can go on their youtube options um so in about 10-15 minutes it’s gonna go live and it’s gonna go for 24 hours only okay so make sure you participate today or tomorrow before the time it’s just a night and um make sure that you’re in the u.s because it will be for u.s participants only at this time for the tree and we’re gonna add a bag of bonsai soil as well so yeah i guess i’m gonna leave you for the goodbyes yeah so thank you guys again so much for spending you know yours better half of your sunday evening with us we wish you a great week and we’ll catch you guys soon yeah and let’s see everybody some love some more ideas for pots bye nigel thank you for being with us today too thank you nigel for clearing this up for us and whose fault it was all right bye

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