How to think when making Bonsai

Technically speaking this is a trailer park you have one side by translation the literal meaning between apartment it’s not really one side what makes our bonsai is its resemblance to a victory on a small scale this looks like a bush very healthy tree very strong tree but it is not very easy to figure out how we create this intro bond sorry I know you’ve brought this for workshop and you brought it as a challenge to me what did you have in mind PJ for this tree what what do you think I have no idea taking the position okay now there are several ways of treating this tree I could simply do I have freehand but mind you I don’t give refunds now it’s obviously too big so the lesson that comes over you be priceless if I simply cut it back you know trying in the chip you have clearly watched all my youtube videos simply cutting back into a triangular shape is the first step to making this look like a bonsai now one would be tempted to say that all this God what are we going for is it being wasted no nothing is ever wasted because one of the tree is growing healthy like this we’ve made the tree strong we’ve created a very strong thick trunk because had it not go on strong like this it would not have developed a trunk as nice as this but when it comes to making a bonsai we don’t need all this it’s done its work all the leaves have fed the tree and made it a very healthy looking tree but we can’t leave it like this to be a porn site because this is not far away this is a points out to be so a lot of cutting although it’s a bit late you can start for it if anyone wants to know how to make cuttings are explained to after I’ve done this because we can propagate from cuttings quite easily from users don’t need a ladder [Music] [Music] back in the 60s and 70s when once I was in its infancy there were a lot of people both commercial people and the amateurs all they ever did was prune it in a bush shape like this and put it in a pie dish or something and called it a born Sun a lot of people thought they were very nice-looking well that’s one way of looking at it but once I has developed a lot since so you must admit it looks different doesn’t it very just doing this and if you put it in a nice big bonsai pot you get away with it but when it comes to a bonsai there is much more to bonsai than just that the trunk is the most important thing of a bonsai it’s like the human body if you have a beautiful body on a trumped-up date that’s what defines the bones are you look at this tree what is beautiful about that it’s the trunk there so with this this is the trunk which is nice you could get away with you if you’re not very fussy I want to fold it put it in a bonsai pot it will look like a tree but when it comes to the classical shapes in one side this fork here is what we call a form we can make a twin trunk tree there are many bonsai here which have two trunks but when you have a twin trunk it starts from quite low in the pot by convention but that is only convention if you like a full tree I would leave it but if you want to be purist and what a single trunk tree single line you would need to do more than that I would then consider this to be the trunk just this bit forget the back bit cut it back there and this is your trunk we’re probably here cut everything off and you just get a little stick like that I don’t think you would be very happy with that that is being absolute Pierce I think I think your wife would kill you I think that got it because I actually like the two in trunk okay I bring everybody saying that I know that any should even further down I respect everyone just go absolutely you could I leave the package yeah but let’s not go down route I know I think I’m just amazing yeah okay just dream this looks more like a bond size so if you want to have a full tree then let us do it that way okay if you want that then we will analyze the tree and see where there are certain improvements to be made I don’t like to call them false they are just improvements like this branch here this branch here it’s crossing there and see I would get it can you see it this one coming back on itself so because it’s crossing I get rid of it I take decisions very fast I do take decisions fast okay I got rid of that okay and now this one is crossing as well can you see this one this one’s coming back on itself that’s going to the back there also this is a funny branch like that doing that you don’t do that get rid of that another one which is crossing is this one don’t worry you still have some tree left see it’s thinned it out a bit now and this is usually what we call a sacrificial branch although it’s low by having branches law at the bottom it feeds back into the tree and makes the trunks well at that point so this is a sacrificial keep it and it will help to thicken the trunk faster if you removed it the trunk will not taken as fast so that is why I left that now how long did that take if I have not been speaking I would have done it in three minutes are you happy with that if you put it in a large one side part we have some very large ones you may have seen to be absolutely safe what you should do is probably wait till February when you can take it out and really tease the roots and rearrange it and cut it but if you are impatient you can put it on pot like this or a pot like this and you would get almost an instant looking one side when it is eventually made into a bonsai the Pope doesn’t need to be so big it can be about this long and wide but it can be only about this deep so you can get it down to here so just by pruning you see we’ve got a very reasonable looking tree not a perfect bonsai I respect the owners choice of keeping the two in front but it still looks tree-like so let’s keep it like this and there you are are you happy with this solution okay so it’s you to choose whether you want to put it in the pot now or be a bit patient greater fairway and put it in this pot there’s no chance of it succeeding meanwhile if some fertilizer baby goes in here it’s okay it’s okay we can still do that I won’t cut my food but it will still be okay but ideally you should wait till February do it okay but I’ve shown you the pruning okay so that’s that you actually dug it out and how thick was the trimmer and you know about finger tick tick okay so that is what we call collecting from the world so conscious about the environment from the world unless you have the owner’s permission or whatever but most of these wild trees you can see why people are so fond of getting trees from the wall because you get these beautiful gnarled trunks and they’re going completely natural so parents like this which are shaped by nature in effect very charming in their own special way and I believe you’ve never done any wiring to this okay most people would regard this as a body side but again I’m not saying it’s not a bonsai but you can improve it and for those for you know more sophisticated in homes I would look at the tree differently for a start because these mounted plants tend to creep and crawl on the mountainside it’s growing long but you see what I did just now I just propped it up change the angular changed angle by about 20 degrees so rather than look at the tree like this where you can’t see the trunk remember what I said to you about the trunk the trunk is what defines a bonsai if it doesn’t have an interesting tongue it’s not an interesting tree and if it has an interesting trunk why do you want to hide it so I want to show the trouble ball and to show the trunk more the tree should be planted like this agreed you can see the trunk much better so that is your trump line but with most of the so-called collected trees there are different possibilities if I want it to be really radical I could get rid of 90% of the tree this is the famous bag fit so I’m just showing you the possibilities if I want you to make a small bonsai and just have that bit can you see see that would make such a cute bonsai look at that just that bit with a lovely thick trunk I’m just trying to show you how your mindset should work when you approach bonsai it is all about a mindset we always say that bonsai is interesting is like a problem-solving exercise one of the other activities we have we have large corpus that send us staff for staff bonding day and one of my clients does bonsai seriously and he bring them here because it’s a problem solving every tree is like a problem and like all problems there is never just one solution there’s always more than one solution could be two or three solutions so what I showed you just now is one solution to this tree making it light up okay just that the other more of your solution is to follow this trunk line and you see pull this up a little more so you get the traditional S shape hmm so that is one solution and then this would come this way another solution if you want it to be even more radical to have the classic cascade in which you make this branch cascading down and then this part coming up and that would take I think about two or three days to be I couldn’t do it in to us we would do it like this and put it in one of these tall pots you know this pots cascading down so there are many possibilities to this one because it’s such an interesting tree don’t rush into it you know take your time to decide what you want to do it is too nice a tree to waste the cascade solution would be very nice because you would have this as the branch let me show you this entire row here so that trunk would so that’s the Cascade style you know coming down like that so this trunk is going to be like this and this is going to be bent down and that is going to be the top and then we will probably have to sacrifice that unfortunately so those are the options you have with our neat series at suffering this is a drift for disability so it’s got to come down so that’s going to be cascading no I couldn’t do anything in one day it would take it would take some weeks to do it would take a lot of time to do and unless you’re competent to do it yourself I wouldn’t waste this tree I would take time to do it this is a strong tree but it would be a shame to do it all in one afternoon it won’t convert in one afternoon there’s a lot some of these trunks have to be split because sometimes when you get a very thick trunk you may have seen on some of my videos you can split a trunk and bend it you know make it like plywood so a thick branch will be split into two parts so that it becomes easier to bend so that is the option the beauty of this tree that it’s very healthy very very earthy tree so whatever you do won’t damage the tree it won’t die you’ve got a nice bronze for a head nice one going one on it it’s all there it’s all there but it takes a long time to do so this is a very beautiful piece of material it’s very good for something true so you can see the options you have many options for this tree I think this back so interesting even as an ordinary tree is interesting but so this lots of long-term work and lots of heavy heavy wiring to take that would be interesting I think it is what bringing even just to do a YouTube video in one day I could probably do it about what this tree presents as potential lots of attention unfortunately within the space of our path we will not be able to do now these 49 pound fine these trees are all about 10 years old very interesting tree and they are better than the Japanese white pine the Japanese white pine is quite sentimental tree so these are European type plants now don’t worry about the needles by plucking the needles you will get walk back budding and I’m clearing the needles because I want to show the trunk remember that showing the trunk is the single most important thing in creating a bonsai remember the trunk the trunk line is the most importantly once you get a nice trunk line then it becomes an interesting bone sight I can guarantee you that these are very helpful trees look at all that beautiful root we buy them small and grow them on there’s a nursery that grows them for us and look at that beautiful trunk underneath here and this is just a pit type soil and the tree is going really strong those of you who watch my youtube videos know that my approach to do in bonsai I know that with experience you’ll get the courage to do things and for most people they find it hard to decide what to come with me yeah now this tree the bass starts there but I won’t need all of that tree and if I do a cut you may gasp but you’ve got to be a bit bold now let me just prop it up in one of these flower pots so that I remember that you have an angular shape nice trunk line it becomes interesting as a bonsai so I think I’ve given the game away by saying that I have to cut so with this tree can you see this line here you got to think laterally are all right I can make it a tall tree by wiring all the branches okay I can do that and get a nice tree that way and take the growing tip off you don’t want it to keep going towards the sky if I just do that I would get a very nice spawn site by wiring but I think I can also get a very interesting tree by cutting that off if I haven’t done anything else but to show you how to think when you make bonsai I will have achieved something today for you see this is called a bag trick if I do that and cut that off can you see how interesting the trunk line is can you all see mm-hmm can you see so I’ve got an interesting trend line by cutting that off so don’t be afraid you see I’m cutting off about 1/3 of the tree shall I do that anyway if you don’t like it you can take another one okay I’m going to cut that off it’s great fun you know okay these small things we probably don’t need them this is the same type of this recent Mughals this guy would reckon is about 50 or 60 years old you can tell by the Bock without doing anything already it looks like a bonsai I haven’t even wired it I haven’t even wired it okay so that’s how you look at the tree let’s improve it a little bit by wine I like to do it you want to do a shadow you can practice on loved one but you can have this one you’re not finished so don’t forget the principle of the to branch principle wiring two branches with one piece of wire every time we always say that there’s no real difference between the size of the tree whether you work on a small tree or a big tree the work is the same it’s just that you got more of it to do so you’ve done your youth reborns our large tree bonsai this is no different you’re going to do is exactly the same principles just simple wiring and then we will watch some more if you don’t want the wire to mark then I think in about a year’s time it should set the branches so it doesn’t need to be put too tight after we are not wiring this for an exhibition we just worry you to give it the basic shape do it for watcher and I can assure you that none of these Mughal clients when they are done well they are better than some of the Japanese white points of the same size and a much harder they make beautiful little bonsai if you work fast and do what I’ve done just now it should probably take you no more than half an hour to complete a tree like this so that’s the basic shape and all we’ve done is remove that single branch once that’s all we removed and you see the shape some of the upward pointing once we can get rid off and then you can prune the ends as I said with the points you just prune the cameras off or you prune the tips off it will bud back budding back means that you get new shoots like this further back into the trunk so how easy is that at this time of the year because this tree is got such a lot of roots we can put it in a training or plastic bonsai pot would do quite deep and then you’ve got a very nice little tree like that okay so if that gives you ideas as to what you can do so these things you can buy in garden centers one and you can make nice bonsai from that okay now that tree you what I can we can improve that all bonsai never stand still as they grow they tend to lose the shape and you can improve the shape this is a Chinese larch again this is what we call commercial bonsai where it’s just grown in a bush without any regard to the shape and form but you can improve it so if you want it to be really meticulous you see that that branch really should taper that to many things so it’s just growing in a bushy sort of where it’s not what we would call it classic bonsai that is getting to take lose the shape of that tree daddy stop so they just chop the tree let it grow bushy but to make it more classical you can do some more wiring as it grows but just keep it that nice conical shape there are no pretenses to make there’s a classical bonsai it’s not meant to be like that and just keep chipping away and do the odd bit of pruning so that’s how you would look after this tree so it’s not a classical tray but you can improve it slightly if you wanted to really make it classical then there are too many leaders here you see this this leader that leader that can be confusing usually when we create a bonsai it has one leader one single growing tip like this you see so if you wanted to make the classical bonsai then you have to deal with that leader somehow you probably have to cut that bit off and just leave that to grow as a leader and then retrain the tree but if you do that you’ll have to wait very long for the branches to go again so just happy with the nice bushy tree then just leave it like that and enjoy it so this is my approach to bonsai I don’t insist that people take it to the classical extremes where you have to wait here you have a nice looking tree and you enjoy it that’s what matters a few crossing branches don’t matter you know oh is that cool so only you’re enjoying the tree watching okay just keep it well watered don’t let it dry out this is a Chinese lodge as opposed to our Japanese which we did today but they’re quite nice trees you

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