How To Start With Bonsai – A Beginners Guide

How To Start With Bonsai - A Beginners Guide

How do you start a bonsai tree for beginners?

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Good eye there, nigel saunders of kw, bonsai i’d like to welcome the students of macquarie college in australia. Today, they’ve requested a special video top five tips for people beginning in bonsai. My tip number one is don’t listen to what people say.

Um! You might start a tree that you’re going to make into a bonsai tree or a miniature tree, and people might tell you it’s not a very suitable tree to make into a bonsai tree. Or you know, if you start one from seed they’ll say: don’t bother starting one from seed you’ll be too old before it ever turns into a bonsai tree.

So do whatever feels right to you, that’s my tip number one. My tip number two is: do listen to people listen to what they have to say. Listen to experienced people, who’ve been growing bonsai for a lot of years.

They’Ve gone through a lot of hardships, listen to what they have to say: tips on growing trees, do’s and don’ts. My tip number three is to have realistic expectations. Don’T expect to grow a pine tree like this in five years from a seed you have to enjoy the process of bonsai starting from seeds, cuttings nursery plants trees dug up from the wild.

They take time to develop. You need to grow your bonsai, shaping with wire making instant bonsai trees is just the beginning. There’S always refinement if you live in a warm climate. Growing hardy trees that come from cold climates won’t be easy, just as if you live in a cool climate, growing tropical trees isn’t easy.

Is a bonsai tree good for beginners?

It can be done, though, so that’s my tip number three have realistic expectations of the process of bonsai. My tip number four is get lots of trees, you’re going to need more than one tree to make bonsai a hobby.

If you have one tree, you can prune it one day and it’ll probably sit for three months before it needs pruning. Again, it’s not much of a hobby if you spend half an hour every four months on the tree, so get lots of trees, get lots of varieties of trees find out which trees work for you and find out which trees don’t if you’re away on vacation a Lot you’re going to need a succulent bonsai, something that can survive not being watered for weeks.

Some bonsai trees need a lot of water. If you’re away a lot, you can’t water them. They’Re, probably gonna die on you so find out which species work for your lifestyle. My tip number five study, trees, look them up on the internet, discover where they grow the climate they grow in the hours of sunshine they need.

Trees are really fascinating, they’re essential to life on earth so enjoy studying all about them. So that’s five tips for people who are just starting out in bonsai, so i hope that helps the people at macquarie college in australia.

Good luck in your bonsai adventures, nigel saunders of kw bonsai. Do something green today think about the trees before you print anything on paper, thanks for watching and we’ll see on the next video

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