How To Save A Dying Ficus Bonsai

How to save a dying ficus bonsai | The Bonsai Supply

Hi Jerome, thanks for the tip. I have the same problem with my fig trees. The winter was quite cold after all. I was told that the trees are hardy … but unfortunately that was probably not quite right. The trees are just starting to get back very small buds on the healthy wood. I should have cut back the brown branches much earlier. I will do it right away. Probably they would have recovered faster if I had done it right away. LG from Germany your fan Stefan

all right what’s up guys jerome here from the bonsai supply and today we’re going to talk about what to do if this happens all right so let me tell you what happened to these two pre-bonsais willow leaf ficus and the green mountain ficus so maury and i we went on a little trip and it was really warm when we left at home and it was also warm at the destination place we never thought to think about the temperatures back home and what happened was that the temperatures dropped below 40 degrees fahrenheit for a couple of nights it actually went all the way down to 32. so when we came back we saw this site one tree completely defoliated itself and the other one is a little half half it shed some leaves but it also kept some leaves so now let’s see if we can salvage these two trees by now it’s important to know that not all of the trees that have turned brown can be saved however these two trees are ficuses and they’re very strong so i know that we have a really good chance here now this tree over here that has lost almost all of its leaves we need to make sure that it is salvageable and we can do that by scratching the bark actually so when we scratch the trunk here and you see how they’re still green under the first layer of bark that means that this tree has still a really good chance of being safe also when i touch these new leaves here and new leaves the old leaves that were damaged they fall right off so that tells me that i have a really good chance to go ahead and save these two trees now what i have to do first is i have to remove all of the leaves on both of these trees to a complete defoliation because these damaged leaves actually hold the tree back because the tree is still trying to save these leaves so we’re going to go ahead and defoliate it and help the tree alone all right so once you finish the foliating uh you want to make sure that you remove all of the red leaves take them all away from the tree even from inside the soil here around the base remove all of that leaves because they actually attract insects and we don’t want that and so after removing all of the leaves what we want to do is as you can see on this first tree we have a lot of black branches up here the tips have turned completely black right and that’s probably because there was water inside here the tree was actively growing the cold came and in here with the cold snap this started to die back and underneath here is actually going to be black and what we want to do is we want to chase this back this brown stuff here and go all the way back to hardwood and weights as well green so let’s start out with this branch right here so chase it back so now as you can see this difference the wood there’s a nice difference from wood from here to this one here you see where this one is brown all the way down to about here and that’s where you want to chase these branches back to if you don’t cut off these branches here that are brown what happens is they continue to slowly die back all the way and most likely take the entire tree with it so that’s why we want to go ahead and cut all of these tips off throughout the tree now you also see here we have some branches that are starting to turn brown but they still have a green tip also remove those as well that’s very important all right so now on this tree we need to do the exact same thing we need to go ahead and remove all of these brown branches here that have died back and as you can see they fall right off and this process really helps to reset the tree and now hopefully within just a couple of weeks both of these trees will be leafed out again and be healthy and happy [Music] all right so i moved the trees out into full sun and i’m going to keep an eye on the watering now make sure not to over water them until they come back i’m also not going to fertilize them and i’m also not going to repot them they have been shocked enough and i don’t want to go ahead and shock them some more by repotting them so now i’m going to go ahead and clean up this mess before i get yelled at by mari and i’m going to show you an update on those two trees very soon all right so as you can see both of these trees are on the road of recovery um so the next step now would be to go ahead and remove all of the dead branches and limbs and just clean the trees up a little bit so i hope that you guys enjoyed today’s video if you guys have any questions or any comments please leave them below in the comment section make sure that you subscribe to our youtube channel and i will catch you guys next time [Music] bye

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