How to Make Pomegranate Bonsai Tree

How to Make Pomegranate Bonsai Tree –

Learn how to make a Punica granatum Bonsai! In this video we show you how to prune and wire a Pomegranate bonsai of about 8 years old.

Bonsai Empire is dedicated to share the living art of Bonsai – we created this video as a DIY tutorial to help and motivate beginners.

Video Transcript

This plant is a Punica granatum,  also known as the Pomegranate. Right now it is fall, so you can actually  see the fruits hanging in the tree. Here, and here as well. What we will be doing today is some mild styling. There’s a few branches that need to be pruned, for example branches like these –  very long and grown into the tree. And we’ll do a bit of wiring as well. The tree is about 7 to 8 years old. This is what the tree looked  like, before it was styled. After pruning and wiring, this was the result. For styling this Pomegranate, we’ll use a twig  shear, a concave cutter and a wire cutter. First we’ll prune these long, straight branches  that grow towards the center of the tree. With most multitrunk Bonsai designs,  you’ll notice the branches grow outwards, towards the light – which  looks more natural and realistic. The apex of the tree is very dense,  and therefore needs to be thinned out. By pruning the apex, we are also redirecting  growth towards the other parts of the tree. Next we’ll wire a few branches, so  that we can bend them downwards a bit, giving the tree an older appearance. We will also use the wire to add some  movement to the mostly straight branches. Alright so we have pruned and wired this tree. The wiring was mostly on this side, to fill  up some empty spaces and also to give a little movement to the branches,  because they were very straight. And most of the pruning was done at the  apex of the tree, which was very full. Now it is a bit more balanced. This is the front of the  tree and that’s it for now. Learn how to create your own Bonsai trees, by  enrolling in one of our online Bonsai courses. We explain techniques like  pruning wiring and repotting, and you can ask questions to the teachers.

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