How To Make Bonsai In Glass Jar

How To Make Bonsai In Glass Jar

Create Aerial Roots on Banyan Bonsai

Mini Bonsai Making And Basic Works

Lemon Tree Bonsai

How to make Bonsai

How to Branch Selection in Lemon Bonsai

Save Your Bonsai In Winter

Bonsai winter Work

Mini Bonsai Growing Process

Mini Bonsai making At Home

How To Create Mini Root Over Rock Bonsai

Mame Bonsai Timelapse

Root Over Rock Bonsai Timelapse


Hello Friends ,
I am “Kalicharan Gorai” (UDAY) and welcome to my youtube channel “Bonsai And All”.

About this video :-
Friends aaj apnader dekhabo winter e bonsai er ki kaj korte hoi,
abong full bonsai tutorial r bonsai full work kore .

📀 Tools :-

Bonsai Wire

Bonsai Tool Kit –

Bonsai Scissor Kutter –

Bonsai Knob Cutter –

Bonsai Concave Cutter –

Branch Pruner –

Garden Tools Kit –

Wood Carving Tools –

Water Spray Gun –

Water Sprayer –

Garden Watering Can –

📀 Soil And Fertilizer :-

Bonsai Soil Mixture –

Cocopeat –

Cow Dunk Compost –

Varmi Compost –

Bone Meal Powder –

Neem Cake Powder –

Saaf Fungicide –

Rooting Hormone –



📀 Video Making Accessories :-

Camera –

Camera Lance –

Tripod –

Mic –

My some other videos :-

(1) Bonsai soil making :-

(2) Bonsai pot making :-

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(8) Garden sprayer making :-

(9) Bonsai wire very low pric :-

(10) Professional bonsai soil :-

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How to make bonsai

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