How to Make a Juniper Bonsai Landscape

How to make a bonsai landscape from 90 euros juniper

Juniper Bonsai Landscape

Hi everyone. I have a challenge for you, uh. You know i have a challenge for today. I must work on these basic materialities, uh, juniper’s, tenancies and uh. What this has been in my webshop for around one year.

The cost of this tree is 90 euros, which is uh very cheap, but uh. Well, doesn’t look so appealing or i don’t know why, but for any reason nobody wanted to purchase it um. I think it’s time to make something nice from from the tree and well.

It will be interesting to work on it and and see what you can get from it and if, in the same step i can encourage all the beginners and those who must work on the basic material, i will be happy so stay with me.

Don’T go away. Don’T skip this video because it’s going to be good, [, Music ]. What is the first step when we are going to work in a basic material like this, and especially if it is raw material? Well, the first step is to uh find the nevada and why? It’S very important because we we need to study the tree.

I know how is it element on on it, so we need to remove the soil the surface and discover the main routes. So if you find a very tiny roots, keep continue, removing soil and cutting. I can’t cutting them because the roots are not flowing inside.

The pod in in some point are connected to the tree, and this is what we must find so the main roots and the nebari, because that will help help us to know exactly how the tree is. Sometimes the the trunks uh well are longer than we see and they are deep in in the pod or maybe we have a some interesting movement that we are not seeing or maybe it is too straight and we need to solve this problem or maybe it’s a Forest or maybe it’s a natsuranari or multiple trunk, so very important, always remove the the soil from the surface and find the environment [ Music ].

You see that the the nevada is deep. I haven’t found it yet, and i i dig something like like that that depth and well you see that i’m cutting many roots because uh what it’s obvious, that the tree hasn’t been reported in a long time and well.

I need to continue uh looking for for that whenever it’s important, i think i’m getting closer because the base is getting wider, but there is no clue about the small trees so well. I will continue with the same process and see what happens: [ Music ].

Now you see what i explained at the beginning and you can see now that the trunk was uh so deep inside the pot. But now i have the nevari it’s quite well developed and the roots are spread all around, but there is not uh many interesting routes connecting its uh trunk, so i think it could be possible to to break it in pieces and make a little forest or just Working on it like like that so we’ll see, and now i want to show you, how is a trunk structure and you see that it’s uh well, it’s uh formed by many uh big branches like a tumular and a cylindrical and with no tapering or movement.

So it’s going to be quite tough and i should put a lot from myself on the tree to to get something interesting because the water, the work on the foliage, is going to take quite a long time. I’M going to use the tape to keep the moisture inside the root ball, so i will.

I will wrap the tape all around to keep to keep it more moisture. So in case of repotting i should cut all these roots, but i want to keep the so. This is this: i’m not doing this to keep them but to keep the moisture inside and work more comfortably.

So, let’s uh, the basic idea to work on this tree is that i need to reduce it uh to reduce the because the volume, because it is too big – and it is like a big cloud or like a bush, and you know that this is not the The the shape or the ideal image that uh universities should bring to your eyes, so i’m going to reduce it a lot and i need to give movement, and that means that the most uh boring sections of the branches will be cut off and also i want To work with all the trunks um – and you know that in a kind of forest or multiple trunk, the smaller trees are in the back.

So i need to move the front to something like this. I don’t know exactly yet: okay uh, the most interesting trunk. Is this one? You see why because have some movement here in the base here and here, but after these two branches, you see it’s two straight cylindrical boring.

So i will. I will cut the cut it off and i will reproduce the same system in the whole tree. So i have some movement here, but but on the in these two branches, but not here so i will reduce reduce and i want to make something – not not so tall but but white.

So what you are just about to see is a massive pruning. [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], so [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ]. What i’ve done so far has been the the main pruning with a branch cutter.

But now i need to to make something more something finer with the scissor and i need to remove all these small branches in yellow color that are uh before this point. This uh division, when the branch turn from one in the in two smaller branches.

So i’m not going to work with this and i need to do that in the whole tree. So it’s a simple work, but it needs time [, Music, ], [, Music ]. There is not much to remove so most of the leaves that i don’t want are.

Are off of the tree and now what i uh? The next step is to create the jeans, because well a few branches was scattered and i let a piece of uh of branch to create a gene just in case, and maybe i will make some sorry in some branches uh this one, for instance, that i want To to bend a lot and i will open the the sari – and maybe maybe i will remove some wood from inside so and then well, i will decide during the process how to continue and what to do.

But after that, of course, we’ll come wiring and some improvising, [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] uh. Now i have uh some uh doubts about how to create a tree.

I mean uh my my idea. The beginning was to work with this branch and this and make something very small, uh after i well. I thought that i could also work with this. This line as a main trunk i’ll create the apex here.

So something like this on this, but i’m still not sure about what i’m going to do. Because of that. I’M going to create my first branch with this one and i will use my magic tape and then i will decide so i will.

I will make like a natural process, by which i start working with these two ideas that none of them make impossible to work. The other and i will see, as i said, something more intuitive and natural. Finally, i made up my mind and i decide that i will follow the first idea of making a small tree, and that means that the second is out and i’m going to cut this trunk with this branch and this branch [ Music ] come on [, Music ] no huh, [, Music, ], [, Music, ] little by little, i’ve been shaping the two main trunks and, as you may see, will have some interest and a nice movement uh.

You see this tree here that i tied uh. Well, the thing is, i’m not going to use it because it’s too far from the other trunks and i will uh, i will split from the main root ball, because after i will i i i my idea is to report the whole thing and uh.

Now i have to work in these two trunks that are at the back um, because i want to give them a nice movement in the trunk uh. I i will use my my tape, um and then i i’ll wire and well. I hope it give some other interesting points with these lines and will create not only the foliage but the back of the of the of the tree with more with more interest.

So, let’s see what happened, did you realize that i will keep four trunks and uh? You know that this is uh. This is a rule that i that is very bad. Are you afraid of? I could go to the bonsais hell, so please don’t don’t worry, because i will solve it in uh in a few minutes, with a little trick that i will use here to to stop this symmetrical image that i will have if i work with these four trunks.

[, Music, ] [, Music, ], [, Music, ], so [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ]. The work of the foliage is done. I could solve the problem with the with the four trunks creating a new and a new small trunk coming from the branch of the smallest tree.

As you may see here, i also give a lot of movement to the small trees like this, and this and and [ Music ] this. What yeah it’s created in fact that everything every tree have a lot of movement uh. You know that at the beginning the trunks were straight and the especially the big trunks uh was impossible to to keep that movement, but by pruning and selecting the right branches and also creating this effect here in the smallest trunks, i i could make the the flow Of the tree more on the trunks more like a snakey and with with a lot of movement, you know that’s that this is a trunk that i will split from the group so forget about this, and what i’m going to do.

It now is a repocket because well, the tree has been many years here here and there is a thick section of root here. That is stuck and very compact. So i want to give fresh soil to the new roots and now give some balance, because i reduce a lot of volume.

I also want to to give this balance to the to the roots, and i will uh for this reporting. I choose a new pot. Of course – and it is a stone’s lab from japan – and it will be a kind of land landscape, sorry, a kind of landscape – and i hope that this storm [ Music ], emphasizes the the feeling of of wind flowing and nature okay, you see finally, what’s possible to create something night from this basic material.

I’M very satisfied. I hope you enjoy watching the video and, of course i will like that, you could take ideas to work on this kind of material. Just to remind you to subscribe to my channel for us is very important well and we will keep working on new videos so see you very soon.

Bye, [, Music, ], [, Music ]. You

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