How to Create Your Own Bonsai Glass Greenhouse

Martin comes over to help me, and the assembly of the Bonsai Greenhouse begins!
Thanks Martin!

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You’re doing an amazing job on this project. I’m glad you take the time to show a lot of the work you do on the channel. I appreciate the approach you take with trying new things and I find it amazing how patient and calm you are when you work on difficult tasks. I aspire to be more like that on my projects.

Video Transcript

hi everyone nigel saunders here tomorrow i am going to start work on building the aluminum frame for the greenhouse assembling it i have the instruction manual so i hope it goes quite smoothly i got the two custom sized blocks cut this one and there’s one down the other end they charged ten dollars to cut them so i thought that’s all right so i’ve got to mortar those in place and then tomorrow isabella’s husband martin is coming down and he’s going to help me assemble the aluminum frame for the greenhouse because i think i’ll need two people it’s uh probably a little tricky getting all the walls up and the roof on and everything hopefully it’ll go well it looks like the aluminum framing for the greenhouse can all be put up and then the glass or the glazing can be put in place after so that’ll be nice to be able to build it all and then take my time putting the glass panels in i still have to go down and pick up the putty the window putty it comes on in rolls and you peel off the backing stick it in and then place the window in place i’ve never done that before so another new thing for me to try out the the two shelves that will run down each side of the greenhouse are being made so i think they’ll be ready in about two weeks is what she said so i’ll have to drive down and pick them up perfect okay on with the mortar okay here i go my gaps about right looking good a little high here a little high here okay i’m gonna pop that down okay i think that’s good so now i need to fill in my cracks with the mortar all right i’ll let that set a bit before i smooth it out okay on to the next block down here so right after i finished doing this work last night all my mortar work it poured rain and it was the hardest rain i’ve ever seen and i thought oh my goodness is all my mortar going to be washed away but it wasn’t it was okay it certainly cleaned the blocks off that’s for sure yeah it was a hard rain thunderstorms rain and i think we’re getting more more tonight so i’ve gotta bring my succulents back into the greenhouse tonight before i go to bed okay this one’s going in place line it up get my gaps even that looks pretty good right there ease it down okay that looks good i’ll let that set and clean it up i’m going to look around and see if i can find some kind of a seal for the bottom between the cement and the aluminum frame of the greenhouse you can get those rubber seals for garage doors they’re quite long that might work i’ll also have to secure the frame in place so i’ll have to you know drill into the concrete and put some screws just to hold the frame so it can’t lift out in a strange wind or anything just to secure it to the foundation it’s been a beautiful day today a high of 28 degrees celsius or 76 degrees fahrenheit i’ve got all the upper capper blocks done on the greenhouse foundation so tomorrow i can start assembling the aluminum frame i’m really looking forward to getting the greenhouse all built and assembled it’ll be really cool it’s getting very late in the evening the sun is set it’s getting dark out we’re expecting a big thunderstorm tonight hopefully it’ll rain overnight and tomorrow will be a nice day to work on the greenhouse so i’ll see you then well it’s 10 o’clock at night now and we’re definitely getting the rain [Music] [Music] here’s a look outside now and our power is out it looks like it’s out all over the neighborhood maybe even the city so it’s just steadily raining there was a chance of hail but it doesn’t look like we’re going to get any at least not at this time hi everyone it is the next morning after the big thunderstorm and the power outage martin is over helping me put up the greenhouse frame he is isabella’s husband hi martin hi yeah just a little over thirteen five aren’t we about thirteen five and a quarter pretty close i think that’ll do for now i think so because uh it is flexible like it’s not super rigid once we’re screwing it down will be more critical yeah we went to the hardware store and we got the gator drive concrete screws so that’s going to hold the greenhouse frame into the foundation so it won’t blow away in a windstorm over here you can see that the frame has holes in the base here so we’re going to use those to drill down into the concrete and bolt the frame down once we’ve got it perfectly lined up and centered on the foundation martin and i searched around and found the right pieces that sit on top here so we’ve got the three pieces for the frame and the two that go each side of the doorway here so we’re gonna screw those in place now there we go we got our hardware on these pieces already down here this one will go on the other corner here just like that wow does that ever fit nicely we could we can actually we can actually probably go and see if we can like take the tape measure yeah just to be sure it’s coming together yeah it’s exciting it is exciting so after much trial and error trying to find our corner posts we finally got the right ones martin figured it out so we’ve got the angle at the top here and they are labeled but it was just a matter there’s so many pieces to look through that it it’s tough to find the right section and eventually your your brain figures it out and martin figured it out so we’re just putting those in place the four corner posts and then we’ll have to brace them and then i think we’ll be completing the side walls that’ll be next we have the four corner posts in place now so you can start to see the volume of the greenhouse at least in my mind so this is really exciting getting it together we’ve got some dark clouds rolling in but we’re just going to ignore that pretend it’s sunny out so here’s the progress we’re starting to get up the right side wall all the vertical pieces the cross braces down here we’ve almost got both walls up so we’ve got to put the top pieces across here and then we’ll be starting on the a-frame for the peak which will be quite challenging we have the top plate across the wall in place now so we’ll start on the one on the other side then we’ve got both of the top of the walls in place now so moving forward the next step is to put the central peak across the roof with the two triangular braces each end it’s going to be really tricky we’ll have to get out the stepladders i think so here we go we’ve got the roof peak out and we think this might be a three-person job two of us to lift the peak with the end pieces on it the rafters and then one person to secure them to the sill plates here so hopefully it’ll go well [Music] [Music] so our next step is to put all the rafters along the roof there all the different panels we got two more to go on the roof it’s starting to look like a greenhouse yeah not just a pile of aluminum oh [Applause] [Music] we have his and her side of the your side myself nice that solves all problems now i cleaned up the other one yeah now let’s see how that works out this one doesn’t have oh let me get this one hold on okay okay now our next step is the front and rear blade header bars so there’s vertical posts that go up there’s a series of holes there now we’re gonna get this in the bottom [Music] there you go martin is framing in the door here we’ve got the two verticals at the back in place it’s getting pretty strong this uh structure as everything gets bolted together the sun is slowly setting over here but we still got uh probably a good hour maybe an hour half a day like we’ll keep going as long as we can still making progress on the greenhouse getting more of it assembled amazing martin and i have finished up for tonight the sun has set long ago so we made a lot of progress today i was really really happy so there’s still a lot of finishing details like framing to do for the doors um yeah a few more panels figuring all out but basically the structure is up really happy with it it looks amazing here really nice to have a fantastic greenhouse here’s a shot of the back of the greenhouse so the door is going to face the other direction it’ll be towards the bonsai area and the back will just be glazing back here so that is it for tonight got the greenhouse framed up thanks to martin and julian monica helped and laura a little bit so yeah that’s the hardest part of this work done i’ve just got to finish the assembly the doors and everything and then put the windows in i’m standing inside the greenhouse and that is all for today i’m nigel saunders thanks for joining me in the bonsai zone [Music]

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