How to Create Bonsai Display Ideas

Bonsai Display Ideas

To make something beautiful and impressive, with the time the knowledge and the money that you have, I want to show you how to create bonsai display ideas.

So why do people use bonsai, stand or bonsai display for bonsai trees? This has to do with the overall composition and, together with the bone side part and the tree itself, the stands work as a complementary art.

You will not go to famous exhibition or a bonsai show without seeing bone size them. As a matter of fact, the bone side table and the bonsai displays can be very expensive, especially something called root.

Stand root. Stand is practically a trunk with nice movement that someone carved out in a way to look like roots. So, with all this information said, I’m, going to show you guys what kind of a table you should look for and how you can make a bonsai display for practically no money at all yourself.

This is the table that I bought guys. It cost me about eight dollars that’s, no price at all for a old table like this with, but still the finish. Looking good, I’m, guessing it from the 1950s or 60s by the way it looks and by the size of it, and it’s.

Innovative Bonsai display

Two levels here in here. This part needs to come off. We’re going to take this part off because we’re, going to saw the legs of the table summer here to make it a nice more display, looking table, it got some marks and it ‘

S got some where from H, but nothing to really complain about now. This particular size of a table – and this particular age of a table is what you should look for when you’re at your flea market. If you’re at the garage sale, if you’re visiting your local, the Red Cross store, this is what you should look for.

It’s, got the right age, it ‘ S got the right appearance and small tables can actually be difficult to find. So when you see one make sure that you bargain with the seller and get one with that said, let’s, get to work

I think that’s, going to work pretty decent so I’m. Just finished sewing all of the forelegs and the turnout kind of decent. I think I got them about the same height. Every one of them might be in a millimeter up or down and differential, but it’s not going to make it big difference.

You’re, not going to be able to actually see that and also it looks very balanced and stable, no Wiggly, no wobbly. It’s, absolutely solid on all four legs: that’s. What we want it all right – and I got this dark oak, color, hair wood, stainer and that I got from the garage – and I actually use this in a previous woodworking experiment.

It’s, something similar to the tone that the tree actually had now on the top and on the legs. So I think it’s going to work out, and perhaps I actually will make another layer when it dries, because I do not want people to have their eyes be drawn to this part.

This cannot. This part cannot be lighter than this part. It’s actually better. If this part is darker, I want every eye to be drawn to the side here and on the top, and the legs of course, and bonsai display is a part of the artistic composition.

I don’t want any elements that will stand out, so I do not want people’s eye to be drawn at that. I want that to be gone, and I think that this is something important to have in mind when you’re dealing with complementary design as the bonsai stand, Akebono, flowers, accent, plants or so say key or anything like that.

It is not supposed to take away the power from the tree. The tree is always the main attraction it’s, the center of the design piece. Let’s. Do this! This will be the second layer of the wood stain that I use

Ladies and gentlemen, we are starting to get finish with our phones. I stand it turned out kind of good. I like it all the feet. All the legs are same color and there are some places where, where the paint won’t go in with the wood stain would not go in and that’s.

The places where the glue has been put on so there’s. Nothing to do about that. We can’t do anything about that. Maybe we can polish it down if you want to and then reapply wood stain, but I’m, not going to do that.

I think it’s. Fine as it is and as I turn the stand the bonsai display. I could see that we have damage, we have worn here from previous owner, and this is the lick here and the scar here. This is something we’re going to deal with.

We just going to put the same wood stainer in this and we are going to rub it out. So it looks natural. The best way is to just throw away the excess paint right away the excess wood stain err. It dries so quick, it soaks.

So, quick into that the wood, so that’s, a good tip all right. So here’s, the table all scrub-down to get a perfect finish all painted with a wood stain. I took some smaller displays out. You have to have you something to show in comparison:  you that’s, it.

I hope this video inspires you to go out there and try to search for old tables that you can make to your own beautiful bonsai display. If you liked the video show me some love like and subscribe. What are you waiting for? Let’s.

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