Where to Buy a Bonsai Tree – a Guide to Choosing Bonsai Trees for Beginners


I’m going to show you how to select Bonsai Trees

There are a few things that need to be considered while selecting a Bonsai Tree

I guess the first and foremost thing to do is to establish for whom are you buying the trees it being bought as a gift or is it being bought for you perhaps the next question is do you or the person, getting the tree know anything about bonsai has he green fingers can he manage trees would they be able to manage a more advanced tree I think the next question to ask is where would the trees be grown will it be grown indoors or will it be grown out doors if its grown outdoors you can get more-or-less any native tree species to select as a bonsai if its grown indoors you are kinda limited to a a few options

When you are looking for a bonsai you will invariably go to a bonsai nursery and you have hundreds of bonsai to choose from with many in the same price range but not all of them are the same (quality) You have to start looking for attributes and features in the tree that, for one, you are attracted to and, two the general bonsai world kind of appreciates as substantial traits in the tree so; the tarits to look for is, for one, aesthetically, what appeals to you err, some people like, bonsai that have straight trunks, other people like bonsai that have more, S-Shape, or Serpentine kind-of-shape you look first of all at the pot and the root to see whether the root has a nice root flare or Nebari as it is called in Japanese

You look at the soil to see if the soil is fairly compacted in the pot, there is moss on the soil you can be sure its been in the pot for a while and has been properly looked after the next thing you then look at is the branch structure; are the branches evenly distributed in the tree are the branches, fine in the tree or , is it all (with) big gaps in the tree and it looks obviously, not loke a tree the thing to remember, is that if, a bonsai looks like a tree its a lot more valuable if it look like a bonsai, well, its not yet quite there so now that you have decided, have found a tree with the right trunk and right kind of shape and the branches are in the right place look at wether the branches are finely ramified, which mean that there is lots and lots of little branches on the tree you then need to check to see if the leaves are kind-of nice and small and more or less in in sync with what the tree should look like

The next question to see (investigate) is that you should generally be able to see through the tree if it is too light all the way through then the tree is not yet mature enough it most probably needs pruning err… so in which case you will have to look closely in to the tree to see that there is not much dying back in the crown of the tree so check the roots, check the trunk check there is good barking on the trunk, Check that there is branches and there is good spacing of the branches check there is pads or leafing on the tree and check that the overall tree looks pleasing to the eye and that’s how to choose a bonsai tree

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