How I Make Bonsai Soil

Everyone will tell you that you do wrong and that you should do it their way basically soil is the bonsai version of pasta sauce everyone’s grandma’s version is best morality is they’re all probably read this video is going to be a quick explanation of what I was showing you when I started and what I do not suppose I saw coming made up a mix of organic matter such as these these tend to hold water and then organic matter such as these these have various levels of water retention but in general they hold press you should watch Appalachian bonsais video about soil water retention it’s really useful nothing could be below Stein you to the side how you mix and blend the two it’s totally acceptable to just use 100% of one or are using a lot of different components all mixed together it really depends on what you get hold of what species you have and what you want from the soil the main goal is that you mix the whole just enough water to keep the tree happy but less the rest of the water drain away and also has to have enough little gaps in between the particles to have a good amount of air I’m not going to get into water tables and drainage columns or stuff like that or even pot size or material particle size that’s for another day and really not important than – you’ve got some serious good specimens when I started back in spring 2014 I didn’t know any of this I bought a bag of compost and just planted everything in that did everything live yes this is pure compost maybe hold about too much water and merely no have enough aeration I think so some on spring 2015 approached I went to a shop and bought some more compost along with some perlite and some Kenny later I done some reading and it also seen some other people use these and since then I’ve been using them nights by these bigger bags it’s more cost-effective this will ask me a good while and it’s mixed up and put into a big box so I can you come up with your own mix the simple answer is research and experiment you need to really start studying your local weather throughout the whole year you need to learn what your species of trees likes and what it needs something like a dryer than others you need to think about how much youth and water if you’re not gonna be around every day to water you’re gonna need more organics new sort of the people little bit wetter for longer this is what I use basic multi-purpose compost I also have this ericaceous compost for my azaleas they like a more acidic soil and it’s compost provides that [Music] perlite which is very lightweight what color is annoying what mechanism [Music] the motor clay also stole this Kelly data this is a big clay that holds some water [Music] there is video by beats by Erik you need to watch to see what happens when you buy the wrong plan the kitty litter and how to fix it the link will be below and mix these legal parts in the floodway success service notes if there are anything if you see any video where I meet audit or a mission from blue soil it’s never over a waterlogged but it doesn’t mean dumb for a few days I don’t know if the water daily this showed up my crazy work life in London perfectly the only exception is I grew my succulents and just paralyzed an order play I don’t want any water retention moves so I just need some compost ugh as you may know I moved away from London not long ago and this move really highlights how you need to study your environment and your trees needs as well as experiment and tweak of your soil mix I’m gonna have to change a few things come spring this is my well oh it loves being wet actually having a tray of water at all times I could probably add more organic material to its mix it would probably really enjoy that this is my olive its from the Mediterranean and makes to be slightly drier this one lives inside it’s the exact same soil as the water looking willow but I control the water so I can judge how much to give it when so it’s never overwhelmed with too much however this olive leaves outside and I get a lot more rain than if they don’t lived in London this also in the same soil but this one struggles and I feel I feel it’s too damp especially over winter I can’t change the weather but I’ve placed this word over the pot to try and stop so much water getting in the seam is happening here with some shells on this you that prefers it to be drier as well luckily I can repot them all soon and I can add more normal organic soil so we want to add this grit it doesn’t absorb any water so it should help balance out and stop it being some damp all the time I’m not sure how much I’m going to add but I’m sure I could use for further comparison this is Aussie bonsai bloke you should check out his channel the links below he has some epic olive trees but he plants them in this pre-made mix it’s mean up of composted bark and sandy loam still quite loose but looks very very composting to me especially compared to my soil which is only one third compost but my point is history’s love it and I’m also certain mine were Jonathon days have I used it this is solely done to the environment it’s very hot when he is his average winter days are actually warmer than my summer smallest days he needs the extra organics they they work for him as mix he says perfect for his environment alternatively I think if he used my mix it would just dry out too fast in heat he would need the water his trees like 10 times a day it just wouldn’t work for him Sufi this helps explain a bit about experimenting with your soils that your trees needs trying to find a bounce all over with the conditions you have our pots are quite small and we just want to find that optimum balance one so now the next time someone on internet tells you your soil is wrong you can happily ignore them as they have no idea what your weather conditions are like just use your common sense and you’ll be fine thanks for watching see you next time you

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