How did I turn Old Wire into a Beautiful GLOWING Bonsai – Let me show you

I love bonsai trees I always have ever since I was a little kid but I’ve tried growing them throughout the years and I always end up killing them so I figured why not make one that won’t ever die. So stick around to the end if you want to knowI’ll show you how to turn some simple wire, a salt lamp, a hatchet and a unicycle into a beautiful glowing Bonsai sculpture. I hope you like it. And if you did, please give it a “like” and subscribe. Also! If you want a chance to win the “baby” bonsai sculpture.

I made this fire tree out of fire I can’t even believe it and you believe it no because because I can’t even believe it lupus is I want that well then I think we should make that I love bonsai trees I always have ever since I was a little kid but I’ve tried growing them throughout the years and I always end up killing them so I figured why not make one that won’t ever die also stick around to the end if you want to know how you can win this babbitt one that i prepared earlier Before we jump into it I have a friend that’s going to tell you a little bit more about bonsai the Japanese word bonsai literally translated means planted in a container although most people think bonsai was started by the Japanese it was actually started by the Chinese the Chinese started creating miniature landscapes over two thousand years ago during the Kamakura period seven hundred years ago the Japanese adopted the art form and from that moment on a distinctive new style emerged instead of entire landscapes the Japanese started growing individual trees these trees are what we know today as bonsai bonsai has nothing to do with any variety or species of tree it’s all in how the tree is trained to grow there are also many different styles and ways to train bonsai there’s room for more upright informal upright slanting cascade literati windswept double trunk forced root over rock and many more I’ll be focusing on the informal upright root over rock haha thanks David that was very cool okay stop that thank you now that you know a little bit more about bonsai take a look down here alright today I’m going to focus on informal upright also known as Moy yogi and the root over rock which is called SE ki jo Joo I think say ki niala – anyways in formal upright starts with the nebari or root formation it’s supposed to flare out and to imitate a mature tree you want it to go from wide at the base narrowing and having a flowing motion as you go up usually there’s going to be a branch on the outside curve of the trunk not on the inside curves but you don’t want it to symmetrical and perfect you want it to be sort of varying and natural-looking I know that’s super crude but that’s sort of you’re going forward with an informal upright we’re gonna now put it into wire okay here are some of the tools and materials you’ll need some aluminum wire tiny poles Mod Podge epoxy some green stuff for modeling a bag of moss the hatchet an assortment of wire cutters and pliers these are round nose wire bending pliers and they are very useful a unicycle a bucket about this size and another bucket about this size to start off you’ll want to take your wire and start wrapping it around the larger bucket I found this method actually quite handy put a weight in the center of the wire and then just turn the bucket like the air go ahead and remove the wire and cut it right down the middle on one side now you have a whole bunch of wires all the same length now on to the next step okay before we go any further I must warn you that my a D D definitely shares in this video it’s more or less a look into the way my mind works so buckle up okay let’s get to drilling okay the reason I drill those holes will become apparent in just a moment once you get all the holes drilled go ahead and thread the wire down through each he’ll lock via [Music] you can see all the wires up under there these will be the roots by the way I have no idea what I’m doing okay the reason for the hills is so that the root section does not pissed with the trunk hmm I want to twist it even tighter so I’m gonna go get a tool alright I’m back I’ve have this it’s a pair of pliers and I don’t want to damage the aluminium so I’m gonna wrap it with this towel you twisted it to about right there I don’t want to go much further because I’m gonna start putting out a branch where my first curve is gonna be so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to wrap this with some electrical tape that will stop it from unraveling like Vienna now I’m gonna pull out some strands twist it up again that will be the first branch coming out right here put a little bend in it pull those out kind of back and forth and just keep going up okay like I just said I’m peeling off a section and that will be the first branch as I go up I am separating off more and more branches twisting up the trunk and adding some electrical tape so that it does not unravel I actually feel this may have been unnecessary I also gave it a haircut because I felt the wires on top were just a bit long beautiful this is taking forever you know what is way more exciting than twisting up wire for hours on end it’s great shadow legends and thanks so much to them for sponsoring today’s video forget everything you know about mobile games because one of the most ambitious RPG projects of 2019 has just been released and it’s going to change everything introducing braid shadow legend playing braid is the most immersive experience you’ll find on a smartphone and it can 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twisting up the leaves just remember that branches are kind of like fractals for example we’ve got it twisted up like this and then two of each will be twisted see how we’ve got one that divides into two that divides into two and then these will bunch up into the leaves and the way you do the leaves is you take your wire and your wire bending pliers and you bend a loop in it lark Dyer then you bend another loop but have that loop go on top of the other one then keep switching directions so one loop is resting on top of the other one and so on you will find that it will naturally want to cave on you and that is actually a benefit you want it to twist up that way it will create the little bunch of leaves lot diet let’s do it [Music] all right gamers remember the unicycle from earlier well that is mandatory to have because we’re gonna have to take a break from twisting up some of those wires were off somewhere pent-up energy [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] what I’m doing is you can see here once I twist up all the wires and make the little branches the way I want them then on each end I am cutting these off at different lengths that way the little clusters of leaves will all be different sizes as you twist them up so it adds you know more a little more realism a little bit more of a organic feel to it that’s how we have it at the moment it’s looking pretty juicy all right let’s carry on [Music] guys I think I’m losing it all right now that we have it to this point what we’re gonna do is some initial styling of the branches so essentially what I’m going to do is take my little pliers and make the branches look natural so not all flat that have like a a weighted look to them because that will make the tree look older also positioning the leaf clusters so that it will reveal as much of the branch structure as I can so let’s do that [Music] here’s all the extra wire that I ended up not using it’s all the little bits that I cut off and you know some extra pieces but don’t worry I’m not gonna throw it away oh no I’m going to put it to good use okay it’s not perfect it’s not completely finished honey honey we need to pull it out of the buggy and then start shaping the roots so let me show you how to do that by the way when I say let me show you how to do that I’m saying let me show you how I’m gonna figure out how to do it because I’ve never done it before if you just put your mind to it and realize that it’s gonna take some dadgum time you can do it too because I did it you better do it behind just kidding I love you [Music] [Music] okay we’ve pretty much got our little bonsai to where we want it as you can see here turn around okay the roots are mostly done what I want to do now is I want to put this on here but this is too big this is one of those magical ionising salt clamp things it won’t fit in the pot you can see there it’s a little too big so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take this base off I’m gonna use the LED that’s still in there but I’m gonna try to break it down to make it a little bit narrower and maybe a little shorter so that way we can still wrap the roots around it and then it will fit in our little comb so we’re gonna take that base off then we’re gonna go in the garage and let off a little pent-up aggression [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] now that the epoxy is dry let’s cut off all of this excess root [Music] okay now that we have all of that done we need a way to secure the bonsai to the pot and also create kind of a mound of dirt that we’re going to cover with the moss and what I’m gonna use to do that is some stuff called millet putt it’s a two-part epoxy clay sort of stuff that you mix together Part A and Part B in equal amounts smoosh it together until it’s one color and then weld it it’s just like a clay but it hardens without baking it so what I’m gonna do is use the black and the terracotta color it comes in different colors I’m gonna mix these together hopefully it will create some sort of a brownish color and then once that’s hardened which you will in like a couple hours we’re gonna put on the moss on top and then it’ll be done [Music] hey guys [Music] [Music] [Music] now that my masterpiece is complete let’s ship it to Ian [Music] you I need you to make sure this makes it to mr. Dubbs it’s very important oh okay man I would pick us go that’s awesome okay thanks dude thank you [Music] [Music] it’s perfect all right guys thank you so much for making it to the end of the video and remember all you need is a little creativity some aluminum wire assault rock a hatchet a unicycle and you can make this – I promise it’s just twisting wires also I never asked this because I don’t know I just never think about it but if you would be so kind as to hit the like button on this video if you liked it and leave a comment what it does is it helps tell the YouTube algorithm that people liked this video and they should share it more so it helps me out it helps you out I’m not really sure how and now what you’ve really been waiting for if you want to win this all you have to do is is go follow me on Twitter it’s at Bobby Duke arts I’m gonna post a link to this video all you got to do is retweet it and what I’ll do is out of all the people that follow me and retweet it I will just randomly select one of you it doesn’t matter where you live in the world I will ship this directly to you free of charge a one of a kind the Bobby Duke cause so go ahead and like that smash button subscribe and go check out rage shadow legends okay bye Hey watch out watch out whoa you just talked to my girl like that and not have any consequences oh hey no all right all right oh I gotta prove your move shut up okay okay

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