Hiroaki Suzuki Bonsai demo – BonsaiKunst

Hiroaki Suzuki Bonsai demo - BonsaiKunst

Team Suzuki creates a Bonsai from impressive yamadori material. They style the tree, repot it, and then Shinji Suzuki explains how to display it in a tokonama.

The tree is a Japanese Red Pine and the demo was created bu Bonsaikunst Hamburg.

Team Suzuki is located in Obuse, Nagano, Japan. There the famous bonsai master Shinji Suzuki and his two sons Hiroaki and Takehiro run one of the most beautiful bonsai nurseries in the world with their employees and apprentices.

Hiroaki Suzuki was born in 1991 in Nagano as the first son of Shinji Suzuki. During his school days he was a very successful baseball player. After high school graduation he went to bonsai master Masahiko Kimura’s nursery in Saitama for a seven years apprenticeship and afterwards, in 2017, he returned to his father’s bonsai garden in Obuse. Hiroaki Suzuki is one of the rising new bonsai artists in Japan.

With many thanks to BonsaiKunst Hamburg for creating this online demo!

Produced by: BaumRingeBonsai
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