Herons Bonsai Nursery Walk on a Winters Day

In this video I show you around the nursery on a grey and wet day to see what we can find to lift the spirts.

This is a grim winter’s day whenever i show my youtube videos in the summer with all these lovely maple leaves red and green and gold you think that the world is always nice and beautiful but i’m going to show you what is called warts and all that means the other side of the nursery or the other facet of the nursery which isn’t all that nice i’m not a person who often feels depressed but on days like this it does depress me although the picture may come out fairly clear but i can assure you it is really really awful the temperature is barely above freezing one degree and it’s been raining for the last 36 hours and the nursery is half flooded and my fingers are freezing cold and when you look around the nursery look at all these ugly mole hills i know that there are moles living underneath there and that’s the great big sequoia tree and my silver birch trees they’re all looking pretty forlorn and we’ve had a lot of fallen trees too great big trees have fallen in the storm so we’ve had to uh get the tree fellas in to fell the trees and uh tidy the grounds up just to show you what has happened i’m just walking towards a tree that has just been tidied up great big branches fell in the storm so this is what we’ve been doing so this is the side of the nursery or the other aspect of the nursery that you don’t often see and when it’s grim and miserable i’m not inclined to come out to do videos of herons but i thought i’d just show it to you i’m just going to take you for a walk around and let’s have a look and see if we can find anything that can lift our spirits i’m walking towards these great big garden points they’ve grown so profusely last year 2020 i didn’t have the time to go around pruning it but it’s time they were pruned they are grossly overgrown and in need of tidying up the space between the branches has almost disappeared and it’s time to restore them to our japanese style bonsai or garden trees this is the pond where we often take lovely pictures in the autumn you will remember the brilliant scarlet but despite the grim conditions there is a peaceful serenity about the place so i’ve just spotted something that might cheer you up and this is the nandina bush or the sacred bamboo i pruned it quite hard last year it was twice the height but despite pruning it it’s still i would say almost uh five feet tall and in the winter we have these beautiful beautiful berries i think they’re almost uh as beautiful if not more beautiful than the ordinary english holly there’s another japanese tree that has red berries like this and that’s the uh yeah japanese japanese holly it has red berries but it’s a deciduous tree so as i said if you look around you can find something to cheer our soul i don’t know how the fish survive there are fish in there i stopped feeding them from the end of october so they just live on their own body fat and by march april when the water warms up that’s the time i start feeding them again i’m not just going to walk into our field growing area that’s the area where we plant our trees and we are already thinking of what to plant in our fields because we do grow things in the ground growing trees in the ground does hasten this the growing process and i like planting maples in the ground so this is the area where we cleared half the orchard three years ago so we’re getting ready to use this patch to plant our young maples in here and we leave them here for three or four years and hopefully during that time the maples will get thick [Applause] this lockdown has been quite grim and we have a restaurant or pub next to us called the wiremill inn and because of the lockdown they’ve been shut for many many months and i don’t know how they survive but of course the other lovely side of the lockdown is that the lake has been a very quiet place and it is ever so peaceful i’m just going to point the camera over my head to give you some idea of what lies behind the nursery [Applause] pardon the shaking of the camera but at least you can get some ideas to what we have and that is the beautiful lake the wildman lake is a 10 acre lake and that lake is used for fishing and water sports like water skiing but when there’s no one there it is absolutely peaceful and quiet and turning around this is the orchard [Applause] so this is the rear view of our nursery so we are surrounded on one side on the southern side by a 10 acre lake i wish my property went up to the shore but uh at least i can get some view and the beauty of this place is that everyone can enjoy it so you must be wondering why all these pots of scot spine have been blown over we’ve had this terrible storm so the wind has just blown everything right over i shan’t bother to put them back because they’re more storms forecast and until all the storms subside i will just leave the pines as they are these are great big procumbents junipers and i just grow them as ornamental plants you must be wondering why there is yellow grass here we do spray some of the grass to kill the weeds so we do control the grass in this fashion we do use some herbicide but not a lot these are the great big squamata junipers and these are maples waiting to be made into large bonsai these are very long term projects 20 and 25 year old trees that have been growing in the nursery forever and they’re only just starting their final part of the bonsai training these are maples that we grow in the ground these have been growing here for four years from one and two year old plants so already they’re about one to one and a half inch thick so this is what ground growing involves now i’m just taking you to another area i hope the light is good enough now these maples have been grown in the ground for the last 15 years so they’re about three to four inches thick so there are maples in all different stages of being developed and these ones are much older trees but they have been lifted up in previous years and they will also become bonsai one day so we don’t look for immediate selling bonsai is a long-winded process if you can’t stand the long journey then i don’t think you should join it and in case you’re wondering what this is this is my own privet hedge we grow perfect like this we keep it trimmed but we grow them just to get thick stumps so this is what i mean when i tell you that it’s not as pleasant as during the summer because you don’t see the leaves everything is looking bedraggled and it’s cold and my fingers are absolutely frozen these are the scot spines these will all become garden trees some people buy them for large bonsai so what a pity our visitors can’t come to the nursery because during lockdown we’ve shut the nursery down but hopefully if things get better in the middle of june i may have an open day when we will invite people here and you can enjoy the place and you might get a free tree or two let’s hope for the best so here’s my little tour today which is the 14th of january and i hope this will be a nice new year 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