Herons Bonsai Growing Field – How to Grow Bonsai

Herons Bonsai Growing Field – How to Grow Bonsai

Although i’m in my office looking at something that i had done over the weekend that’s the point that i was tidying up it’s going to its new home so that’s been sold but you must be wondering what i’m doing today today is the 27th of february and we always talk about the british weather it’s not even the climate it’s the weather two weeks ago we were covered in snow you saw pictures of it and today the 27th of february we’ve got temperatures of 17 degrees centigrade it was a full moon last night and everything was clear and there was a bit of frost even but then the temperatures climbed to 17 degrees what a crazy country we live in

but as you can see it’s absolutely glorious and divine and it’s been so nice that you can’t blame me for not working non-stop tirelessly all day and i always say that i regret not videoing things that i’m doing but i was so carried away that i didn’t have time to stop and think that you would like seeing some of the things it’s so warm that i’ve put on a display of some nice trees so those are nice trees look at them gorgeous some critics have said to me oh you never show your good trees because you don’t have them you can’t make them well there you are we do have them we do have them they’re all our own creations

but this is not the point of this video because i’ve been working in the field on pines and i’ve spent all morning from 10 o’clock in the morning till now it is four o’clock in the afternoon and i’ve been working non-stop for six hours not even stopped for lunch because i got absolutely carried away pruning my boovernances and ordinary scot spines so i will take you there you can see my long shadow the sun is casting the shadow and with the warm temperatures the camellias have started blooming look at these lovely flowers absolutely gorgeous oh it’s spring is here spring is here it won’t be long before we will have hot sunshine and hopefully too the covered pandemic will have eased off these are the pine trees i planted when i came here in january 1986

in this field i planted one thousand pines they became so big out to fell about two or three hundred of them one of them developed a trunk which was three foot in diameter only 30 years ago and i cut this tree down five years ago look at that trunk and these are the pines that have been left to grow in the ground and they’re about 60 feet high the point of showing you these big pines is because there were some pints that i didn’t leave to grow in the ground the ones that i didn’t leave to grow in the ground are of a manageable size the trunks are only like four to six inches this is one of them this has got a six or eight inch diameter trunk so that’s being trained as a garden tree

now this tree which has got like a five inch trunk this has been left to grow so this is going to become a big garden tree but these are my bhuvanensis pine or the dwarf scotch pines and i’ve had a field day pruning i’ve been going through each of these trees i must have about two or three hundred of these they were grown from small most of them were dug up about 10 years ago and put in pots and there you are i’ll just show you some of the pruning that i’ve been doing

as i say it’s very hard to strap a camera to my chest to do it but look at the prunings here look at the prunings from the boveda nancy’s pines this was a very shaggy bonsai and i’ve thinned it because it’s not against the white background you can’t appreciate the beauty of this tree but believe you me this is a lovely tree this is an absolute beautiful tree and i’ve thinned it out got all the debris out look at all the debris that i’ve cut out from the tree and making it look nice again and this is a juniper this is the robusta green it’s bursting the pot the roots have gone in the ground and this is a source of air layering

so i do lots of air earrings from that i think i did show you some of these trees that i was pruning last summer so they have to be constantly pruned as you can see you think it’s almost like a battlefield all the prunings on the ground this is what we take off chunks of it absolute chunks of it the more you look around the more you will find so this is all in morning’s work and there are some beauties here

i will show you one of these days how i set about making them i have already earmarked certain trees to be shaped into bonsai and these are the big pines that i was pruning this morning to become big garden trees as i say it’s difficult to show them on a cluttered background if they were against a white background you will begin to appreciate the beauty of them so this is all the prunings the pruning is on the grass so you can’t see it but there are lots of prunings that i have been cutting out from the pines

so in the next few days i’m going to take a few of these pines out they may not seem likely candidates for bonsai but believe you me when i worked on it you won’t recognize it so these are long-term jobs that i’ve been doing there’s my long shadow it’s getting late in the evening and i’m going to show you over the next few weeks what we can do with some of these points all these are going to be like three four foot high bonsais bonsais everywhere and some of them are so old you see the old crusty bark this is how they start off life and they will become nice bonsai in time

so this is a short video to show you the results of my work today unfortunately i couldn’t show it to you while i was doing it but it would have been difficult to understand what i was doing because i worked so fast and i was literally snipping away without any thought of uh you know doing these as youtube videos everywhere you turn you’ll find a nice pine this is a black pine that i grew from seed 35 years ago and being shaped into a garden tree so i hope you’ve seen a glimpse of what we have here and looking at the hedge let me take you to the hazel it’s a type of hazel and because it’s spring end of february look at these beautiful catkins nature’s glorious

so this short video of eight minutes i hope you have enjoyed what i have shown you and this is what we say looking forward to the spring so another aspect of heron’s bonsai nursery

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