Herons Bonsai Evening Walk


Today is the 15th of June and it’s 9 o’clock and evening and the days are long and in another six days time it’ll be Midsummer’s day when we should have had the bonsai fest but that’s not happening this year let’s hope it may happen next year who knows but things are returning to a bit of normality it’s not often that I go around in the evenings taking videos but since it’s fairly quiet I’m walking around listening the birds sing and in the evening light I thought I’d take some photographs of what is around I know that you folks like these little walks in to us so let’s walk around I’ve just come out of the office here’s a bogan vilya they’re not grown for the beautiful trunks but I draw them for the pretty flowers so that’s a nice one these are our little old plants and small horn beams that we sell for just a few pounds these are all the small bonsai that we have during these days of lockdown I haven’t been doing much to display the nursery nicely because most of my business is on the Internet look at that beautiful fig in another two weeks should be ready to eat unless someone buys that bonsai I repotted this great big see the forest I put them in much deeper and larger pots because it seems to do better for the tree since the 14th of March I counted down the days of my calendar we’ve only had three days of rain so we’ve had a very very dry spell so the bottles are really suffering and they’re getting a bit sun-scorched but all is not lost some of them are doing very well those of you who purchase on our Internet these are two to three foot high common juniper and some of them are sold and they have berries on it we sell ten of these for just twenty five pounds it’s an absolute bargain so we’re trying to clear those and they’re not many left I’ve changed the location of some are my trees this is my pride and joy this is the best tridon maple on the nursery I brought it to the front that’s the one with that beautiful nebari it’s almost like a frog leaf trident this I bought from Terry kucik Otto in 1993 it took me three years to persuade that gentleman to sell me this tree he wouldn’t sell it to me for three years finally my wife I think flashed eyelids and got him to sell it that’s a ton tanuki blows juniper it fools anyone and a rare sight indeed there’s a plane flying overhead I think in the last nine weeks I’ve only seen three planes flying so things may be getting back to normal I always curse the planes but it’s a welcome sight that’s Norwegian Airlines probably flying to Stavanger Oslo so things could be getting back to normal we made a big display of all our nice trees for the weekend and I displayed two of these big Satsuki azalea’s one of them sold I’ve got one left we’ve got lesser ones this great big Satsuki which has this massive great big trunk look at that but the flowers are fading I think we have to accept the bonsai in all its different stages and phases of growth it’s all very nice to see a bonsai which is in full bloom it’s like the flush of the youth one never stays young eighteen or twenty-one for the rest of your life you do get old and the flowers do fade so this is what’s happening to these trees so when I look at bonsai I look on it very much as part of living we go through phases we turn all the floors drop but next year the files will come again this is where I think the trees have an advantage over us they do regenerate and get lovely flowers now this beautiful Mountain maple it’s hard to believe that within the last past two weeks I’ve had three offers to buy this tree I shan’t tell you how much I’ve been offered for it but believe you me it’s a massive tree that trunk base is every bit 12 to 15 inches in diameter when you look at those panels they’re that timeless 3 foot and that pot is more than 3 foot long I’m going to put it in a better pot I think I may have sold that tree so let’s take a walk around as I say I haven’t displayed the trees to their best effect because this is not a time when we sell trees from the benches it’s just late in the evening it’s getting towards dusk but this wonderful iPhone camera takes beautiful pictures we sold about three or four Satsuki azaleas over the weekend so that will keep the wolf from the door still Satsuki is coming to bloom they all fly at different times of the year so when one fades like this one fading the other one is coming to flower so there’s always something to see look at this one they are an absolute joy the variation in color in the flower this is the famous one called Sun of corene so this is finished I’ve got to deadhead it but look at that one that one is coming into bloom full bloom that one’s got a massive trunk as well excuse the weeds but we haven’t got time to do everything the soil is so rich that the weeds grow better than the plants that’s the shishi gashira specimen that we have and I think that one too has sold over the weekend so I won’t be seeing that for a long while but it’s going to a home where I maintain this customers tree so I will keep seeing it once a month many of the good trees that we sell go to customers that are very discerning and they do ask me to maintain the trees so this is why I like certain customers because they appreciate bonsai and they know what it takes to keep them in good condition unfortunately not all customers are like that some are more casual to put it mildly and they just keep the trees don’t do much to it and when they find that it is going down here they called me in or bring the trees to me and asked me to rescue them but this is a part of their enjoyment I don’t criticize them everyone has their own way of keeping bonsai as I’ve become old I’ve learnt to respect and tolerate customer’s views it’s no good scolding them for not doing the right things this is area also is going to its new home very soon this big beast look at the trunk this has been sold over the weekend and look at the bees still pollinating the Satsuki’s I remember when I used to go to Japan with my wife we used to go to all these Satsuki azaleas in the first week in June and most of the Satsuki grows if I remember were beekeepers because the bees used to absolutely flock on the Satsuki azalea falls look at that one absolutely brilliant so even if I don’t sell these trees I have the pleasure of enjoying them while they’re here everywhere I turn there are beautiful trees that’s the privilege of being a bonsai nurserymen you’ve got to love it if you don’t love it there’s no point being in the business this is a rigid er group that I have had for more than twenty years or thirty years one of these trees in this that’s the raft this needs a prune I usually let them get strong and healthy before I deal with it so it may look a bit unkempt but they will be tidied up pretty soon I leave the trees to get strong before I work on it if you keep working on it and keep pruning it they doesn’t get a chance to get strong this is an English Elm bonsai and this was dug up from my hedge and made into a bonsai years ago while I’m in this area I’m just going to show you some of these horse chestnut or conker trees you will see hopefully a video about the conker trees are spawn so we’ve got lots of them and you see how small the leaves are so these are conker trees and most of them did bloom this year we’ve got both the white one this is a white one that’s the red one slightly different leaves and we’ve got a hybrid one which is a yellowish cream color this is my great big a layering which I made four years ago the bag is still around the trunk and it was an air layering which I took and routed in six months this tree sole that parts of the branches are fused together I deliberately don’t cut it because it’s an interesting feature not everything has to be in these classic Japanese styles this is our weird tree and I like that weird style some people may like it so from here I’m now going to walk into our back greenhouse I’ve just watered the back greenness I water the back greenhouse in the evening at about 8 o’clock it is now about past 9 o’clock so it’s getting quite dark but I will turn on the lights I will show you what I call watts and all this is where we work so things are not always tip-top spanking clean let me just put on the light and I will hopefully show you some sights in here so it’s always nice when you’ve just watered the plants you can see the wet floor it’s got a lovely smell like rain falling on a hot summer’s day so everything is growing so intensely look at that white pine with all the needles I haven’t pruned those candles because I want that tree to get bigger and stronger I will just show you some of these YouTube projects this was a you that I pruned way way back maybe a year or 15 months ago look at all the new growth that’s the lodge which I proved again pardoned the weeds so many weeds going the horse pipe is still on the ground and these are hail earrings this is a hornbeam air layering believe it or not picked earlier which I took last year and there it is if it was a tree going in the ground it would have to close but aliens have Tyndall’s this is an elm alien from last year and that’s doing very well well I must do a video of all the projects that are done I’ll just put it out of the pot look at that look at the roots look at the roots you won’t believe it that is an heirloom and those magnolias are earrings they’ve all taken now these white pines have been growing in these boxes I’m going to put them into deepest pots because they didn’t seem to like shallow pots so I had to resuscitate these pines in this back greenhouse and as I said to you this back greenhouse is like a intensive care unit of a hospital the damp and humid atmosphere in here makes the trees come on a treat so these Satsuki’s I’m reshaping and pouring heavily I’m going to prune some of them hard but meanwhile here they are I just want to enjoy the flowers look at those gorgeous flowers and that’s either spruce that I grew from a cutting 1986 I made about 200 cuttings I still have the plants they’re all huge and this is my large discharge of maple which a customer is interested in very large tree about 120 centimeter tall my lemon trees have just repotted and just a quick view of all the maples that I grow intensively in the screen off the whole greenhouse is full of maples so I obviously love maples now this tree this is a dish Oh Joe this is the second flush of leaves now because we have thousands of trees on the nursery this particular tree got missed when we were watering so all these dried leaves from forgetting to water I won’t blame the staff for doing it because they’re far too many trees but two weeks ago they dried out I rubbed all the old leaves offices of the oldies are still there and when you rub the old leaves off you get the new root properly so don’t worry they will grow again these are all our rigidus with all the new growth and let me show you these lovely mulberries mulberry osborne sighs look at it beautiful they are so sweet just eaten one and they’ve got massive trunks look at the fruit on that look at the lovely fruit covered in fruit I don’t have the heart to prune the long shoots because the long shoots are what carries the fruit when after fruiting I will prune it back they are being restyled this is a tree farm that a good customer of ours didn’t want in the garden so I had the benefit of receiving this and I’ll just leave this to adorn my greenhouse I love strange plants and there are more and more trees I am going to show you two major major junipers these two junipers are every bit 4 and 1/2 feet tall and these were imported from Japan maybe I think 16 years ago maybe 2004 could be even 2003 and they are absolutely enormous absolutely enormous look at the size of that trunk look at the size of the trunk with a lot of driftwood it’s come back here for servicing I’ve got to work on it and there’s another major juniper at the back it’ll be that one that one is also due for servicing and we do work on it I’ll show you the video we’re not done it I’m just walking around showing you unusual things on the nursery now this is a pecan nut tree this was grown from a nut by someone I knew and I was given this tree so I’ve had this in this greenhouse for over two years now two or three years this is a grapevine that I purchased it was from I think the South of France but the top has died but the rest of the tree is still alive so I’ll do a great big bonfire with a lot of driftwood on that so I’m experimenting with this and this is that great big maple that I showed you in the video that tree was more than 15 feet tall to cut the top to fit the greenhouse and that’s an air layering look at it that alluring has taken so well I will pull it out of pot and show you what it looks like sometime there are so many interesting trees here that this one although you can’t get a good view this is the very famous John NACA juniper group the John Rocker made when he came to the UK in 1976 I will show you that as a separate YouTube project but believe you me you’re in for a treat so these are all the trees that have just been watered in this greenhouse other plants that I have these are Connolly’s Japanese quince some of them suffered from vine weevil but I managed to rescue a few of them so they will be used those are my larches so we just now walk out of the back greenhouse into our Japanese garden area and hopefully we will just enjoy the birdsong the birds sing a lot and Dohrn which is around 4:00 4:30 in the morning and in the evening this is now called 9:30 till about 10 o’clock the birds will be singing those are our big tried maples big cedar of Lebanon bonsai in the background this is a dawn redwood that I’ve been making for the last 15 years I’ve taken about five aliens on the top of that tree that tree was eight feet tall it’s now down to about three feet and in the summer I bring my junipers and Pines out to give them a lot of sunshine but many of them are being grown in deep flower pots just to resuscitate the trees so here you have all the trees which are recuperating or being restyled this is a beautiful maple I think it is Orido Nishiki or it could even be Asahi suru I can’t remember what it is but it’s a massive tree which I bought from Japan many years ago and it’s in that great big three-foot diameter pot I haven’t got the heart to turn it into a bonsai because it’s such a lovely tree it’s every bit about six or seven foot tall because we haven’t had rain for the last three months the level of my pond has gone down two feet and I’m desperately short of water I’m just walking to some of these Japanese irises because the first couple of weeks in June is when the irises flower both in Japan and in the UK unfortunately most of the irises in our garden have finished but there are still one or two very lovely ones and in the distance you can see the irises there which have all finished flowering so that’s the sunset they’re a lovely way to end a day so even when there’s no one around the nursery that is the best time of the day to enjoy the nursery so this is real birdsong it’s not artificial in any way so let’s listen to the birds that I will say good night [Music]

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