Growing Bonsai Trees Myths And Misconceptions

A road trip with Connor and Xin results in a car full of new trees, how did that happen?!!!
I show an update of Tiger Bark Ficus that I worked on 2 years ago at a Toronto Bonsai Society meeting. A first look at my new European Buckthorn bonsai and finally, we continue the bench tour of Connor’s trees.

Mystery Plant I believe is a Holy Basil, Conner has a tremendously amazing bonsai collection, I couldn’t imagine the opportunity of having a place to do my own thing!!! So amazing!!

Video Transcript

hi there nigel saunders here you might notice that i’ve got two new trees surrounding me here one is mine and one is for auction here’s a look at the first tree this is a tiger bark ficus and it was purchased by the toronto bonsai society for a demonstration on tropical trees and i did the initial styling on it reducing it from a very tall tree down to a more compact tree and that was in january of 2020 so quite a while ago and the tree in the meantime has been repotted once and it’s really filled in up top and it’s starting to look quite nice this tree will be auctioned off to the toronto bonsai society members at this year’s meeting in december so my goal is to get the tree all cleaned up and looking really good let’s go back in time now almost two years ago and i’ll show you what the tree looked like initially and what it looked like after the first styling and now you can see what it looks like after growing for almost two years i’m at the toronto bonsai societies meeting this is the ficus i’m going to be styling tonight so we’ll check in and see what it looks like after here’s the after i did all the work on the ficus there’s even a little bit of wiring on it very unusual for me quite a change to the tiger bark ficus it’s really matured in the last two years and really filled in it’s looking good i won’t be working on this tree in this video i’ll be doing a separate video where i just concentrate on this tiger bark ficus making it look as good as it can i’ll move the tree into a nice sunny spot until i’m ready to do the work on it the other new tree i have here is a european buckthorn a very large one this was collected off private land these are considered an invasive species in north america and you shouldn’t propagate them if you do let the tree get the little berries on it you should pick them all off before they ripen so the birds don’t reseed them elsewhere because it creates a lot of havoc on our native force systems and the wildlife here’s a look at the buckthorn and as you can see it’s it’s quite large but it’s also very well developed i’ll rotate it around so you can see it from all angles so i don’t know where the front will be i would think somewhere in the direction you’re looking now maybe i think it has the nicest trunk line but we’ll see so yeah quite a large mature and well developed tree zinn connor and i went on a road trip yesterday and we were given several of these buckthorn trees zinn has two of them and i think i have two maybe three i’m not sure we couldn’t fit them all in my car so i’ve got some at zins that i’ll have to pick up at another time but uh yeah they’re quite well developed as bonsai and the former owner wasn’t happy with them uh getting a lot of branch die back and i don’t know what they’re like to grow as bonsai i have a small one in my front garden and it’s not very reliable uh you prune a branch back and sometimes instead of it you know getting more ramification on that branch that branches dies back and then it sprouts a new one from the trunk of the tree so i think they’re quite a difficult species to train as a bonsai uh i think you kind of have to go with the flow of the tree uh it’s kind of in charge i believe of the styling and you’ve kind of just got to guide it gently guide it in the right direction and i think that’s about all you can do so if you’re after like a formal structure to the tree or you know you want a branch there and you want that branch to be really developed i don’t know if this is the tree to do that with it’s not like a maple that’s fairly reliable so it’ll be a challenge i’m sure the first step is to restore this tree to really good health it was lying in a compost heap so it wasn’t in the best of health when we picked them up but uh i think they’ll live they they look healthy enough that uh i think they’ll do fine my first step will be to get it out of this grape box and into a pot where it can recover and gain health and then i’ll put it in full sun i have this concrete pot that lewis from the bonsai at the royal botanical gardens made and i think it’s the perfect size for this tree it’s even a really nice color i think it’ll match the trunk color quite well on this tree so my first step is to get it into this pot i think i’ve got to get the health and vigor of this tree restored so i’ll do that i’ll place it in a nice sunny spot i’ll water and fertilize it carefully get it through this fall protect it well in the winter and then in spring i’ll continue to take good care of it so the tree gains vigor gains health and then once it’s you know full of leaves and really healthy looking then i can begin the styling work on it some pruning and deciding what branches to keep what’s the front and all that kind of good stuff while i’m getting the pot ready to plant the european buckthorn i’ll show you some clips from connor’s place we uh kind of filled the cards on the camera last time we were doing the bench tour at connors so we just had a little bit left so we finished the bench tour yesterday it is early in the morning and i’m heading off to see zinn and connor today it looks like a really nice day today nice and cool all right we’ll be taking the micra today so off i go someone wants to play well i’m here at connors hey everyone how’s it going how’s it going good good so we never did finish the bench to our connors we filled the cart on the camera so we’re going to go over and do the last few trees on his bench it gets pretty yellow green you want to play you want to play tug of war do you yeah you like tug of war hey you like tug of war [Music] you’re gonna be on youtube you know that yeah you can be on youtube i finally got a brass uh nozzle from my house where did you get that from i uh my uh girlfriend’s sister was in ireland for a little bit so yeah so it’s right from england actually is it made by haws yeah yeah as you can see here uh because i’ve been looking for a reply oh yeah it says haws on it oh it’s genuine i’ve been looking for one of those this is the one with the small holes right the big holes the big holes yeah but there’s more of them so i think oh that works really nicely doesn’t it wow and then check out that i don’t know that’s good so this one isn’t a genuine haus no it is as well oh it is uh it’s oh yeah like this one is their fine and this one is the extra fine okay but i think the fine one works a little better okay it gets just a little finer but it gets clogged easy and i don’t have a full barrel it’s better with more pressure right right yeah so you got the big four liter is that four liters uh yeah five or five yeah okay yeah we have one of those at home where’d you get yours from um this was from lee valley i think okay it’s from lee valley oh i didn’t know they sold the big one yeah i think they’ve started they’ve discontinued most of their hot stuff i’m clear pulling on the ring that’s why the camera is probably jerky that’s good awesome connor i didn’t know you could get replacements for those yeah they’re they’re hard to find here because they won’t ship to to canada from the uk okay you kind of need to know someone someone yeah in the norway yeah yeah everyone back to the benches so we’ll just finish up the last couple trees here uh this is not a tree this is a a vine it’s a virginia creeper uh wow that’s kind of upright and look on it yeah it’s gonna be cool maybe like a wind swap or like a definitely a semi cascade of something they get nice fall colors yeah just around the corner i think kind of deep red but growing really strong that is awesome connor and where did you get that from um i think a nursery stock okay uh brussels nursery wow i’m surprised they sell one with a trunk like that on it yeah yeah they’re mostly like a lot of whips yeah um that’s cool decided there’s a burning bush i think we ended up somewhere here so okay um we were talking about maybe uh this spruce and birch combination yeah i have a little moogle pine oh it’s rooted in there well let’s come down here yeah oh yeah a little tiny one twisty mm-hmm nice yeah it was from home and then you guys have seen this before i’ll pull this out that’s your time right yeah variegated time mm-hmm wow you’ve had that a long time haven’t you yeah yeah it’s it’s really nice it came from a little pot uh but you can see i kind of cut it really hard and shallow oh yeah and uh just a ton of a ton of grease nice yeah oh i always keep it so we always have a cupboard full of time yeah but uh ma the moss is just really luscious um you had that in the kw show at one time i think yeah long ago when you first got into bonsai that is so cool yeah so a nice uh really wide canopy on that moss is looking good isn’t it yeah overflowing over spilling over the edge um this is my big uh jade i think it’s just a regular kind of jade wow that is quite the trunk eh there’s my hand for size yeah so this was one of the first uh trees i brought into the club and uh nigel we made the there’s some big hard cots here right yeah um so i was three four years ago so this is these are the new branches and then cut cut and repeat basically and you were saying this pot is from uh yeah he is a potter in france yeah um i forget the exact name but by the time i get to the comments i’ll post i’ll put it in there yeah uh but he’s on facebook and he has some really nice uh cool paws that really suits the jade doesn’t he it’s just amazing wow yeah so it looked really good i think um like the old leaves are pretty big and stuff but the new ones are coming up so i think it’s maybe time to cut off the big leaves yeah and i think it looked good for a nice shot uh just developing more and more ramification at this point that’s really cool it’s looking good really thick isn’t it yeah yeah so what did you think when we first did those cuts did you think that was a little severe or yeah well it was tough especially because there was no no leaves yet led and that’s a big first step to do yeah but i think the uh my favorite part about bonsai is when these come back in yeah so i’ll show you one of my old uh and show everyone an old ficus over there that i had to completely defoliate okay uh so i think last when we were here we’re still full so we can show it okay that’d be cool to see and it’s just starting to pop out but i think that’s my favorite part uh beside it we have a a small little wild apple oh that’s nice thing that has some cool roots and a nice base and it’s just do you think it’s a crab apple uh yeah yeah so i i forget exactly what kind of crab apple but i’ve i’ve mistaken it as a pin cherry okay but i think it’s an apple okay um but it gets a really small uh cherry-like cluster of red flowers that is cool no sorry red fruit and white flowers red white flowers yeah um some other stuff creeping in here this is the same grass uh from david oh yeah yeah doing really well uh i have a lamb’s ear yeah which i’m going to try for kusumono [Music] this is a kind of i forget the exact species but it’s a it’s an alpine willow oh okay and it has really nice flowers it’s all done flowering now um but we can there’s a there is a sneaky kind of cool trunk in there somewhere oh yeah yeah yeah so that’s a project for next year wow a little bonsai yeah yeah i think so um did we talk about your birch forest yeah i think so we did okay yeah but it’s it’s that’s the mixed forest here right the spruce and birch yeah yeah so nice small leaves yeah they cut back well on them but uh i didn’t keep up with it over so so i’m just these are just runners once the leaves fall you can prune it in here um i found uh i don’t know you know the birch dieback yeah they’re known for it i saw i’ve i’ve had really good success with only pruning after the first flush okay let it flush out yeah and then prune it so i think the birds are in like a in like the energy negative state for a long time i see uh through the winter and and uh stuff so i found that a safe period so i’m hesitant to go outside of that so you like to keep some leaves to cut back too on it is that yeah yeah so over here um like so if i was going to cut uh this this branch yeah and if i wanted to bring it really down i could bring it down to these these buds yeah um but you can see here this is where i i’d prune yeah and then uh more buds would spread or then i prune it’s tough i’m not getting exact like bifurcation every time no no but you get some yeah slowly builds yeah but like the leaf size here yeah compared to down here is much much different as it gains bigger they get bigger don’t they yeah very cool yeah i’m really excited to get that going yeah uh this is a little uh korean horn beam oh yeah uh with some nice little branches oh nice nice trunk on it yeah yeah so it’s just growing i’m probably gonna uphold it next uh next spring yeah really try to grow the and thicken out the trunk get a nice little pot for it yeah yeah this is fun uh this is a uh a hackberry a native hackberry i it’s occidentalis a celtus occidentalis maybe okay um but it’s kind of a whimsical and tall yeah and uh there’s a little bird here that uh sprouted out okay so oh yeah i get them all over the place but this is i guess a uh was there i think a cocoa cocodama okay like a moss ball yeah i just grow it on the top of a foiler’s uh coffee pod yeah but you’d show it without uh anything in the bottom wow so nice the moss is really stable just growing them off they like growing in the moss don’t they that’s what i found yeah yeah and it’s coming out the bottom there yeah it’s doing really well i haven’t had to repot it yet so we’ll cross that bridge when i get yeah i guess you just kind of wire it to the base maybe and then put the moss around and until it re-grows into the roots yeah i i’ve seen that you could try to get like a sheet of moss so you try to like pull it off a rock get as much as possible and then you kind of wrap it around okay um with either some like thread or some raffia that will like eventually decompose and it’ll just hold the ball together okay that’s a good idea cool um beside them i have uh my collection of uh oh i’m gonna get this wrong um i think they’re either hokkaido elms yeah they’re hokkaido right yeah um so these are all from nursery stock which is pretty uh pretty fantastic yeah um they’re all kind of you can see they or at least the ones i have they’re these like almost clumpy style yeah so i don’t know i’m there’s the front of that one this is the nicest one really cool but you can see they grow in this really like i didn’t have to do too much work this is my most advanced one yeah but it only has like three prunings under it spelt right so they’re slow growing are they yeah well slow growing but also they they they form this kind of natural canopy really easily like i’ve only pruned this one time from from nursery stock so they don’t tend to grow vertical they’re more kind of yeah so you can see um growth yeah so if we zoom in here they they put out shoots like this oh okay and uh it kind of is really cool it looks almost fractal when uh you get it yeah but when you yeah so they keep subdividing and yeah and then so you can see there’s really really tiny buds these are the smallest elm leaves i think in existence but if i was like a prune i’ll just prune or maybe i’ll just pinch this one for example uh and then you’ll get two buds coming out from the side and how much would it grow per year like about a centimeter um yeah this is this is this year’s growth pretty much okay so yeah a little over a centimeter yeah i’m quite bigger you can they also like are notorious for putting out buds along the trunk so these are all bud sites i see so you have to rub them off i’m hoping the bark will eventually encroach but you can see it on the mature one more here so they’ll get bushy really quickly if you don’t yeah yeah so i’m constantly rubbing the the the trunks and branches down to avoid that because uh yeah once you get i think once you get a lot of this uh the bark is going to take a long time to go over that or it may ever yeah right i’m not sure and then it gets hard to see what’s going on if you have too many branches i guess wow so i have three of them yeah i may put them in uh i’m thinking i may want to do like a really long big wide open kind of that would look nice yeah because this is the smaller one and they all kind of have a similar form yeah they’re all very clumpy this one has a kind of like a twin trunk this one’s three this one’s three this one almost looks like a miniature version of the larger one exactly right yeah i think so it’s it’s nice to have the three together yeah so you can get some good perspective in your planting that looks really cool thanks thanks uh behind it is my mixed uh large and spruce forest larch and spruce forest dwarf alberta spruce yeah and uh american uh large very cool so weeds are uh way overhand out of hand um is this the back we’re looking yeah yeah this is the back of it right yeah so most of my trees on i keep the front to the the fence yes so you get the light okay and i’m not that good at rotating the video i should rotate them wow but you can see here uh i’m pushing the growth so hard that uh it split the trunk wow so uh you can see it here too they’re always it’s splitting yeah yeah so i’m putting i’m pumping water and fertilizer getting a lot of growth it’s so fast yeah so the bark can’t really keep up yeah but this is uh i’m gonna put the two ones that you guys saw in the other videos i just pruned them so maybe we can go back and check those out too yeah yeah but they’re gonna go in these kind of open spaces and uh bigger that’ll look good that’ll look really good yeah if you can get a bigger potty yeah so that’s gonna be a trip to chris henry’s probably oh my goodness um behind it this is a nursery stock uh a cut leaf uh so kind of one of those uh genetic crosses of a lilac oh i like really interesting right that is i’ve never seen that before that is cool yeah it would be a fun project it’s got a bit of a trip yeah i think it’s a nice plum style trunk or something uh it’s growing pretty strong grows fast yeah wow that’s cool uh in front of it this is a uh a seedling of the uh uh paper bark maple oh it’s not a big one we’re lucky to get those in yeah well gave me this and he said he’s because they don’t germinate for stink like no they’re not tried too really good but i think it’s kind of cool that has like this root along the soil yeah so i’ll maybe i’ll bend it back and have some kind of interesting so did he find that as a seedling or no i think so someone he had some success and gave a few to hong so he passed one on to me because we’ve been talking uh hong had a couple of these and back in the day yeah and uh not too successful with them but they have spectacular fall colors right yes and obviously the stunning uh paper bark so and they stay fairly miniature they’re not a yeah so they don’t grow into a giant tree do they yeah so people they don’t like the trif fully leaf type so there’s technically has three leaves yeah uh but you even when they’re small it’s still pretty acceptable yeah so this one is uh in too wet of a soil so you can see it’s very yellowing i see so that’s gotta get we gotta get that out of there in spring okay um last or a couple last ones here this is a really dwarf uh hemlock oh wow so uh superior kind of densest pygmy ice cream wall extreme hand lock um so you can see most of it didn’t make it through the winter yeah uh but i just still have some so there there’s hope yeah and there’s some backpacks they’re alive and you got some dead wood on it yeah yeah exactly natural dead real real small very cool uh speaking of dead wood this is a uh a rosemary which uh that’s a good trunk on that one yeah and then this is just from like a convenience store in in the city really like one of the ones that have like a lot of plants and and kind of interesting things in it um that was nice yeah so it was much bigger right like uh i’ve tried to chuck it down there’s some really big um branches here uh but rosemary’s are one of the uh kind of stranger deciduous trees that you can have like dead wood and stuff on them they have hard hard wood and they’ll stick around um so i’m gonna i’m gonna gin this whole side yeah and then grow it as a really uh strong cascade or some cascade oh that’s great good structure to it yeah so this was uh pruned and repotted in the spring and just been growing all summer nice nice really nice uh last we have here is another nursery stock uh this is a unique tree this is a fringe tree our native uh fringe trees okay [Music] so technically really not native to like this part of canada but native to uh like eastern uh northeastern united states like new jersey and stuff yeah um but it produces a really nice fringy flower okay and has nice berries but it’s uh i forget the word i think it’s diageous well you need a male and a female to produce fruit yeah uh and this is a male or maybe only the females produce fruit and then the males produce more flour but yeah cool it’s it’s a really soft bark uh but i i was hunting for the trunk so i picked the the nicest trunk yeah um yeah [Music] very cool connor well we have some updates over on the other side of the benches right yeah look at that settle down hi appa hello just coming by here uh so here we are this is a jackpine and i just want to point out that uh it’s it started to lose uh last year’s needles yeah or maybe two or three years needles ago to these are last year’s needles so basically what this is telling me is the tree’s telling me it’s now it’s time to needle plug so i can easily come in and uh start cleaning up building these up yeah yeah so that’s this is a good example of the tree telling you what what time i’m going to be doing that to my austrian pines soon yeah i’m just waiting till a little i might as well get the whole growing season and then once it starts going dormant i’m going to thin the needles right down to like maybe five per branch tip yeah and then that’ll get light to the branches so hopefully it’ll back bud more oh cool yeah i can’t remember but i think these uh three are recently pruned i’m not sure if the four yeah i don’t think i saw these like that yeah fantastic yeah so these are the the two uh lead trees of the forest that we just saw the spruce yeah large right bruise and large so um wow they look great yeah i picked i got a front and then i did a lot of trimming oh yeah um so i think that was looking really nice that is it’s got a really like the cathedral top yeah it looks like an old growth tree doesn’t it yeah and uh very cool like like nigel mentions on his forces i just tried to get them as as tight as to the trunk as possible yeah yeah you’ll never regret doing that yeah you can always grow them out wider yeah and you got to do it and you got to keep them that way and aggressively prune or because once they get too far you’ll lose you lose the brand yeah especially in a forest you got to keep them really tight and this is the large yeah the the pairing large so it it it has like this one long characteristic branch yeah i haven’t decided if i’m going to keep it or not but there’s some bar branches going on here so if i get i’m going to get rid of one of these okay in the design yeah you’ve got a lot in that one area yeah and i’ve kept it like both of these kind of have too many branches yeah and that just gives me some more freedom to put them in the forest wherever i kind of want them yeah you might arrange them and then decide although you don’t need that branch yeah yeah yeah like if if this tree ends up going on like the very right side of the forest then this long branch to the outside won’t make a lot of sense yeah so you’ll decide then what you keep yeah it’s all planned yeah exactly that makes sense uh and then lastly down here um i wanted to show you guys i don’t think this was perfect here’s here’s the willow leaf it’s still struggling to come out i know i don’t know what’s going on with that if anyone has any ideas it just kind of sat dormant all summer yeah that is unusual isn’t it but they’re gonna be coming out they’re they’re plump they’re they’re back like they’re still pushing stuff along the trunk so i’m like in here scrubbing it off but they just won’t spread out or just a small amount yeah so i’m spraying it with my soap and water here i i’m still leaning towards i think it’s some sort of bug or maybe something in the roots or maybe i’m keeping it too wet because there’s not a lot of leaves so i i’m kind of at a loss yeah it’s yeah i would say it’s something with the roots that it’s just saying i don’t push the leaves out yet or because it’s certainly not the weather is it it’s been fantastic yeah interesting yeah so maybe like you’re really jose did that for a couple seasons didn’t it just went backwards we had some dormancy periods and good weather yeah so maybe when i bring it in the indoors it will pop back up like a spring i don’t know i’m going to keep it a little drier i don’t think we showed this one connor so this is a willow leaf that connor’s spread out yeah it’s like an octopus style i guess yeah so it’s almost flat to the ground yeah so that’ll be really interesting and actually there is you can see the central trunk here oh yeah um and there is actually a trunk um so i i kind of wanted to speed up and make like a really you know those uh i’m gonna call the mangrove forests yeah but like the the the uh the ficus forest that put out those aerial roots yeah and it was one tree but it looks like it’s like many forests yeah so that’s my goal here so that’s why i pegged all these uh branches to the ground and in hopes to stimulate roots going down down and then they’ll become aerial yeah but like the actual nabari of the main trunk is is way deep probably deep down here i see um that’ll look really good yeah and small too it’ll look really yeah really cool so this thing this one kind of suffered the same and uh it actually is all my willow leaves because the one i gave in is is like that too yeah but this one you can see like this side opened up really nice but still kind of the same problems on this side yeah i don’t know i’m coming at a loss interesting [Music] we’ll just keep them healthy and uh and keep an eye on them yeah um so this is what i want to show you guys i did some of the severe pruning on my on both sides yeah so we’ll start with this one this was the thumbnail on the one video yeah got a lot of views too wow so that got cut back yeah yeah so um maybe nigel if you could see put like the before next to this um yeah but the the branches were really long and with no uh movement or or taper or no branching so it has really nice uh like kind of i would say primary and secondary branching but then it’s tertiary branching god grew too much yeah uh you needed a cut back yeah so basically everywhere i needed to prune there was no there was no leaves yeah so you did a hard cut back yeah i i find you have to do that on ficuses that they just get too whippy looking so you gotta cut them back hard regrow all the branches yeah but this is uh i was saying over there i think this is my my favorite part of bonsai now is after taking off all the leaves and then you you get to see if if successful all these nice little green uh shoots coming out and it’s really really rewarding when they when they do come out they look awesome for about a month don’t they and they start getting bushy again and uh this was i don’t think i there’s a couple i’ll definitely have some die back but i think overall very successful it looks really strong yeah it looks really successful doesn’t it yeah this is a tiger bark ficus yeah yeah wow it’s looking good connor really nice and then uh oh okay the rumpy yeah this has changed a lot yes but um so this one’s a little slower and i was a little more conservative so you can see i left uh or it had i would say i guess there was leaves lower back yeah so i could cut back to a leaf yeah uh but it’s the same thing same principle and this one’s a little slower but they are they’re all popping out yeah i can see there’s a bud there and there’s buds up here isn’t there yeah i found i cut mine back um probably a month ago and it’s got all these strong buds on it but nothing’s pushing out yet so maybe it’ll wait till i bring it inside when it gets warmth yeah and then it’ll push the flushing leaves out i think i got to my religiosa sooner than yours but this is also pushing out new growth oh yeah look at that eh i cut this one off that was a big strong leader wasn’t it and this is all new in the last like month or since the last time you were here that has really grown since i gave it to you isn’t it yeah super vigorous looks good yeah really good connor uh yeah you cut your shiflera back too oh yeah that was a big bush when i saw it last time so here it is here you can start to see the structure in there wow that’s going to look fantastic wow and that’ll be sort of like that mangrove or you know banyan’s banyan style yeah aerial roots and multiple trunks and yeah that’s looking really good completely inspired by yours and your videos on it uh online i recommend everyone try a project like this it’s pretty cool fun and rewarding yeah i like that yeah but it was really starting to get uh like all really radial and yeah yeah it’s it’s looking really good so what is this car i have not a clue oh this is that mystery one yeah i remember it was just naked last year yeah yeah it’s uh it’s some sort of succulent um look at the flowers it’s super cool yeah really nice and i think it’s it’s likely getting this purple tinge from the cooler nights okay um that’s what i would i would think is that ever cool i like that yeah very nice uh but this is what i want to show you here in the back okay you can see this uh look a little quince flower popping out if you ever grow a cutting off of that one i’ll take it connor this yeah yeah for sure that’d be cool i’ll try because it grows like really really straight okay um so i kind of it has that nice uh pyramidal yeah kind of thing now that’s really cool a nice pot look at that potty it was from wayne like bam he made this no no it was a i think it’s a japanese pot yeah yeah oh it’s never cool very nice but i think i also uh pruned and recruited this since last time i think you guys it was in a big nursery container is that a quince yeah it’s a texas scarlet quince okay wow and you can see from the pruning it actually sent out some later flowers yeah which is a little interesting amazing yeah here’s conor’s hibiscus the uh we don’t know if it’s like fire and ice or snow queen or what the variety is but it’s just cool it grows real fast he’s got a fantastic drug i find most of the hibiscus do yeah that once the roots get established they just take off like that cutting you gave me yeah well that’s what this is this is i had started from the same cutting okay uh and i think this is three three years from from a cutting that i the same caliber i gave you wow so this is your future yeah i can’t believe how fast mine is growing like yeah i put it in too small a pot in spring thinking it’s going to stay small and then it’s it needs a bigger pot for sure yeah they’re very vigorous yeah wow that is looking good connor and is yours floured yet uh no but i’ve been doing a lot of pruning okay um so they like to flower oh no that’s done that’s another leaf but they flower off their extensions so yeah yeah okay very cool let’s check out that pot oh wow that has got some texture on it doesn’t it yeah it reminds me of uh coral reef yeah yeah it does so there’s his chop and i’ll i’ll link it in the uh okay in the comments there foreign and french is in uh quebec france oh no france france yeah so i made uh an order actually sorry i gotta show you guys because i know you want to put this uh green island ficus yeah because i think it will really give you like a seaside yeah uh feel with the pot and this kind of funky pot um kind of matches the gnarly trunk on it yeah it’s kind of yeah that’s pretty cool yeah so still a bit big for the the tree but it will get there eventually yeah yeah like just grow fairly quickly that’s a nice tree yeah very good styling on it yeah i really like it it’s good stuff okay [Music]

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